Sex in woods

I(Jenny) and my best friend (Tom) had snuck out of college, we had another boring lecture and on a nice summers day, we decided it would be good to do something different, rather than stay in class. We weren’t a couple or anything, just good friends we had known each other for years and admitted that we found each other attractive Tom admitted that he thought I had a nice body even though he never saw it naked and I said the same to tom, he wasn’t muscular or anything but he had a nice torso and bum we kissed before on new year but nothing seemed to come of it. We decided to hang out in the woods for a while as it was quite and we didn’t want to be caught by are lectures skipping school so walking out of the main gate was no option.

We were walking through the woods slowly just chatting about random things when Tom asked me if we could stop because he needed to pee. He went behind the tree and I felt tempted to peek at his cock as a joke, a gave him a few seconds before creeping over I then jumped out around and saw his cock. it was roughly 5inc nothing huge like some people claim to have but for my first cock it looked good. I felt myself getting wet and a feeling I haven’t had over tom before. He looked up and saw I was watching he looked embarrassed and tucked himself in. He then stormed off; at that point I knew I may have crossed the line.

walking quickly after him I called to him " stop I was only messing around" he stopped and turned to face me " why did you look?" he said I looked around and replied "I don’t know thought you would laugh" Tom replied " Jenny it wasn’t, now you’re probably going to tell everyone that you have seen my dick" at that point I felt annoyed " you think I would do that? I’ve known you for ages" Tom replied” no you wouldn’t, but.. I suppose it’s not like everyone saw, or you took a picture"

We continued walking a small distance I was still feeling horny so I thought maybe it’s his turn to look. We stopped and even though no one else was around I whispered into his ear and said " do you want to see something of me?". Tom looked stunned "what you mean" he pointed to my boobs. “if you would like" I said.

Tom looked around and said " ok but not here theirs a more discrete area down this way" feeling aroused and excited I followed Tom down the path were we came to an small tucked away area surrounded by trees and bushes. We both got on our knees and I unbuttoned my shirt, and removed my bra. Toms face lit up and I could tell he was beginning to get horny, I didn’t know how far this would go when he was a virgin I sex once with an ex but that’s another story. I knew he was curious about trying new things. “What do you think" I said, he didn’t reply but I could tell by his face what he thought. I lifted up his hand and placed it on my boob; he began to squeeze and fondle it.

"do you want to mess around" I asked Tom replied " yeah" he pulled his trousers and boxers down to his knees and got his cock out, he then took off his top and we started to make out he unbuttoned my trousers and put his down my pants, and began to rub my slightly shaved fanny. I put my hand on his bum and squeezed it before putting my hand on his cock and began to wank him. Tom then put his fingers inside of me and I let out a moan of pleasure.

I pushed Tom back so he was laid down he took his hand out from my trousers and felt my boobs again I began to suck on his cock he lent his head back as my tongue flicked against his tip, I never felt so horny in my life! After a few minutes of sucking I laid on top of him putting my boobs in his face. He began sucking on them and rubbed his hands over my bum, I held on his cock and was going to put it in me, when he stopped " wait" he said " I don’t have a condom" I smiled "I’m on the pill" I said " and don’t cum in me take it out when you’re about to" Tom rested back again as I slid his cock inside me. We both began to moan softly as I bounced up and down on Tom.

shortly after I got off him and laid on my back with my legs spread so he could be on top, he went down me at first and began to lick my juices from inside of me, he was no expert at oral sex but for a first time he wasn’t bad. He finally began to shag me and I could feel his cock thrusting in and out of me we were both moaning loader and breathing heavily. I was almost ready to cum and knew he would be soon by the way he was nibbling my shoulder. I whispered to him “would you like to cum on my face?" he smiled once more and nodded. He got off me and I knelt up he began to wank again. It didn’t take him long for his cum to squirt on my cheek and into my mouth. I spat the cum out as I hated swallowing. We got dressed and checked around before leaving the bushes.

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a good start
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nice one