The Wedding Journey

Katie could not believe that her b*****r’s wedding day was already here. Six whole months of planning had flown by. The wedding was taking place at the Village church where she grew up. Katie was told that three generations of her f****y had been married there; so to keep the tradition alive, her b*****r decided to get married there.

Katie had moved away from home after she left uni, at twenty four years old she settled down roughly fifty miles away from where she grew up. Her car was in the shop so she had no means of travel, apart from train which would have been a nuisance, plus being rail works there was a chance of delay. Lucky for her, Danny, her b*****rs old work colleague was passing through the city to get to the wedding and it had been arranged that he would swing by and pick Katie up.

Katie felt uneasy about this bloke; she had never met him before and had no idea of what he was like. It was the day before the wedding and Danny had just pulled up to the sidewalk, Katie peeked out the window just to get a glimpse of what he looked like; matching a face to character. Katie was surprised to see that Danny was quite an attractive man. Slightly long brown wavy hair, bit chunky but not huge, and dressed rather smartly. He approached Katie’s door and rang the bell. Katie was beginning to feel flushed; she had no idea of how attractive this man was.

Katie looked at herself in the mirror “god I’m a mess” she muttered out loud. Katie quickly rushed down the stairs, noticing on the way all the mistakes with her outfit. Top slightly big so people can see down my cleavage, shorts perhaps too short making me look like a tramp. Katie got to the door took a deep breath and opened it.

Danny stood and quickly spoke “Sorry are you Katie, Martians b*****r?” Katie began to nod franticly like a lunatic and replied. “Yes, yes I am, Danny right?” he smiled and said “yeah”, he reached his hand out to shake Katie’s, which she grabbed like she was snatching a handbag. He turned around and led her to his car.

What is wrong with me Katie thought; he could be married, she looked at his hand, no ring. He opened the front passenger door of his flashy sports car, Katie got in and the journey began. Katie couldn’t believe how attractive this man was, they sat their talking about random crap, like work and the wedding, Katie’s eyes were focused in on Danny’s body and she noticed his eyes darting a sneak peak down her top. Does he like me? Katie thought, perhaps he is single, should I ask? Katie braced herself and was about to ask, she then stopped herself and thought, no, let’s not spoil the moment.

As time went on the conversation and collapsed and a silence took the car, Katie use to remember the games she and her b*****r use to play on long journeys of eye spy. Involuntary Katie mumbled to herself “eye spy with my little eye” Danny smirked and said “something beginning with..?” Katie went red with embarrassment “oh god sorry, I use to play that all the time with Martian in the car.” Danny laughed and said “well do you want to play?”Katie raised her eyes and said “really?” Danny shrugged his shoulders and said “why not” Katie’s sighed and said “ok then I spy with my little eye something beginning with T” “trees” immediately replied.

This continued for roughly ten minutes with less and less to say at each time, until Danny said “I spy with my little eye something beginning with Y and N. Katie searched around everywhere “K N” she kept muttering with no obvious answer she said “I give up” and Dan said “your nipple” Katie gasped in shock and looked down her top to see that her nipple was poking out from her bra. She was overwhelmed with embarrassment. “how longs it been out for” she snapped shoving it back in” Danny replied “since you sat in the car, you know you shouldn’t distract a drivers attention” he laughed. Katie replied “not very gentleman like of you to look” Danny shrugged and said “bit hard to resist a pretty girl like you” Katie replied “ well it seems that you have been very naughty and could do with a spanking” both Katie and Danny grinned at each other cheekily. Danny said “you wouldn’t do that” Katie bit her lower lip, pull over and we’ll see. Danny laughed assuming Katie was joking though from her face he knew she wasn’t.

Danny turned off at the next exit and said “fine then let’s find a quiet spot, do you wish for my trousers to be down or up” “down” Katie snapped. She couldn’t believe she was doing this would it really happen? Danny found a an dirt path which led to some woods, he then said “I hope your serious, I have diverted from the route” Katie lent over placing her hand on Danny’s groin which felt hard and pulled her bra down reviling her boob with her second hand she whispered “ what do you think.” Danny quickly pulled over in a discreet area and Katie felt a rush of excitement. The engine was turned off and Danny stood out of the car. Katie followed and they both glanced around to make sure they were alone. They were.

Danny undid his trousers, turning around and pulling his trousers down his bum, he bent over and Katie stared at his firm cheeks before spanking them. His reactions were great making Katie wet with lust. After the final spank, he stood up and began to kiss Katie. Their arms rushed over each other Katie’s still clamped tight onto Danny’s bum, rubbing his crack with her finger. He shoved his hands up Katie’s top grabbing her boobs which he took out from the bar and sucked; licking her soft erect nipples.

Katie pulled her shorts and pants down to her ankles showing off her shaved fanny. Danny did not hesitate as he sprawled her across his hood and put his six inc cock into her dripping wet fanny and began to pound away, grabbing her boobs and kissing her neck as she moaned , trying to keep them quiet just if anyone was in ear shot. It didn’t take long for Katie to climax, having the deepest most satisfying, exotic sex she has ever had. She felt Danny thrust harder, though didn’t want him to come inside of her. Instead she whispered in his ear “let me taste your cock” Danny took out his cock and had a quick suck of Katie’s boobs and kept her moist with his fingers. Katie than got on her knees and Danny put his cock in her mouth. She began to suck and lick Danny’s great cock covered in hers and his juices. Danny began to face fuck her and Katie chocked every now and then as her gag reflex was not great. Danny then shot a river of come onto Katie’s tongue; she gulped it immediately feeling it gush down her throat.

The wedding went well. Danny and Katie engaged in two more sexual encounters a second time in the car though that was only a play and blowjob which led to a facial. Than once more at Katie’s house after she had been dropped home, this time Katie had Dan’s cock up her bum that led to a come explosion in her ass, across her bum cheeks and crack/hole. Truly it was a great time. Katie never spoke to Dan after their encounter, though Katie would never forget it. All she could think about once work and reality started again was to her next sexual adventure.

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