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Body type:Slim
Height:5 ft 0 in (152 cm)
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Hair color:Black
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I don't have a webcam, and I'm not interested in meeting up.

I rarely add new friends, and I'm not usually interested in chatting with people I don't know.

Turn-ons: Girls! Exercise (endorphins - makes me happy!), dancing (also good to watch), massage (giving and receiving). Handcuffs, chains, shackles, collars, leashes and cages. Licking things (breasts, pussies, dicks, whipped cream, jam, melted chocolate, boots etc. etc.). Being spanked. Also, paddled, whipped and caned. Being tickled! Public nudity and public humiliation. Enforced chasity (chastity belt), or enforced orgasms (use your imagination!). Being naked outside. Feeling the breeze on my skin and the grass under my feet. Denim. Cold water (rain, shower, hosepipe). Snow is cool too!

Turn-offs: Guys with dick-avatars!! Anal sex. Blow-jobs. Bukakke. Ball-gags. Anything disgusting (I'm not going to write a list). People who take themselves too seriously

As well as looking at porn, I am a bit of an otaku, and I also like reading a lot.
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2 months ago
6 months ago
made the list...sweet....and nice favorites!
1 year ago
Thanks for the add
1 year ago
Dope favs and very dope galleries. Add if ya can and by all means, KEEP BANGING!!!
1 year ago
Excellent video collection!!
2 years ago
2 years ago
thank you for adding me. nice to meet you!
2 years ago
About the dish machine, you're fully right.
2 years ago
you are a comic lady. (dishwasher).
2 years ago

Tried to send you a message twice, it disappeared. Will try again in the morning.

Just very strange happens in the messaging center some times.
2 years ago
Thanks for your comment.

Greetings from Bavaria!
2 years ago
Thanks for your comment.
The views of my many galleries takes time.
Have fun in watching them and save the images that you particularly like ...

Greetings from Bavaria!
2 years ago
Dearest raziya,

Thank you for the invitation. I have enjoyed our private messages. Great pictures and great video selections.

Spanks and kisses,
Master Padraig
2 years ago
Your birthday suit? You mean the original one?
2 years ago
thanks for your comment...your pics look great too!
2 years ago
thank you again for your many comments and rich

difficult to answer on porn and its limits: myself, I participate in this circle "vicious" by watching and enjoying porn

I created two profiles: one that you have discovered, that I certainly represents the most, at least I hope so

And a second profile much more "hard" but still very close to porn and its current criteria - I try to stay within limits I set myself, all is not acceptable in porn, far from it

and yet when I look at what I asked, I have the feeling of having gone too far already

I'll stop torturing myself and mind

wonderful evening
2 years ago
Thanks, many thanks

"cook an egg" yes, it's a french expression ("allez vous faire cuire un oeuf") - this means a more poetic : "will make you look elsewhere", "fuck you "....

no worries for your posts, the site having some technical problems that make your comment does not appear immediately, which makes you want to repost (it happened to me this morning too...)

regarding the future of the porn industry, I do not know, I'm not as optimistic as you (I'm pretty pessismiste nature)
maybe, but it will take so much time...

have a good day !
2 years ago
Thanks for the comment - glad you like the gallery
2 years ago
surprise afternoon nipple tweak!
2 years ago
Glad you liked the video. You have a beautiful profile and avatar!
2 years ago
Simply... thanks

and thanks for your invite, with pleasure
2 years ago
oh, many thanks to you !!
3 years ago
Thanks for the add baby xxx
3 years ago
wave @ you - hello
if your profile pic is typical of your everyday life, you are living the dream some people have.
3 years ago
Thank you for your nice comment .....i gues ur a hot woman i need of a master!!!
3 years ago
wow fantastic channel!!!
3 years ago
you're in for outdoor and wild nature, even for torment devices..nice and helpful, just in case of occasionally meeting during climbing or trekking..
3 years ago
Thank you for your nice comment on my profile page.
3 years ago
Thanks for your comment on my profile.

"Priest Kings" is one of the longer ones, but tells some of the secrets behind that world.
3 years ago

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