A Taste of Candy

He twirled around his finger a tattered piece of cloth, It was grimy and faded, the color of the sky when the sun is hidden from view by heavy, festering clouds pregnant with cleansing tears. As he smiled at me I caught a spark from his lower set of teeth, the upper lip he intentionally curled down to obscure the top portion. Perhaps this vagabond had been on hard times for so long he had lost a tooth and his vanity wouldn't allow me to gaze upon his ruined gums. His mouth did indeed look very moist. His plump, red lips were slick with his saliva and he licked them so often I thought it possibly a nervous tic. His eyes gleamed as my trousers fell revealing my dripping erection. He was beyond pale, to the point I could almost see the veins working just beneath his skin. The flowing mane of jet black hair that looked perpetually blown back by some unearthly wind fell in great plumes upon his slender, slightly pointed shoulders. Not one part of his body looked healthy by any standard. His age couldn't have been more than twenty years yet he had an air about him of someone much older, more worldly.

I didn't mince words. I had no time. I only met this young man by happenstance on my way home from the market and was due to report for work within the hour. I can't imagine anyone these days hitchhiking with all the loonies on the prowl, but that's just what this little bumpkin had been doing. Apparently for quite some time judging from his attire and lack of money. Still his fingernails (which were painted deep blue or black, hard to tell clearly in such low light) were immaculately kept, as was his flowing fountain of hair. I put it to him bluntly, "You wanna fuck me?". He snickered at my own shocked response to my forwardness. Couldn't be helped. I was horny and he was available. In no uncertain terms he wanted me. Even grabbing my cock through the trousers on the drive back to his destination (which I still am unclear of, exactly).

So here we are about to engage in a tawdry, roadside tryst. The kind I'm sure he enjoys frequently being such a rag doll of a drifter. I let my trousers fall and he very slowly rose from his seated position atop a large, smooth stone that seemingly appeared out of nowhere and exclusively for his comfort. My God, for a young man he moved like a geriatric. He seemed drained, exhausted, even taking a step caused him some discomfort. The look on his face, however, was one of pure bliss. He must want me so bad he can taste it, I thought. I opened my arms without realizing it (an instinctive reflex response?) and he glided forward to embrace me.

His mouth went immediately to my neck and he kissed me so hard I felt the sting of the impact, like a toothache, suddenly run down my back like melted butter. At first I was worried that in his enthusiasm he had bitten me, but after a brief check with my fingers I saw no evidence or trace. He lifted his head and looked me straight in the eyes. I could see the hunger dwelling behind them. He whispered for me to feed him. I only half nodded at his request while my body suddenly jerked forward giving him a very positive response. He knelt before me like a withered branch, every bone in his body voicing their displeasure with an audible pop as he did so, and curled back his upper lip revealing his secret.

I knew there was something unique about the lad and verily before my eyes lay the whole of it on display. His entire row of top teeth resembled fangs. Not long and sharp, but very thick and roundish. Where the points should be were instead large empty holes. The kind at the end of siphoning tools. His lips, already plump, began to expand as if being inflated with gas or air and formed themselves into a perfect O shape. Though I was amazed I nearly laughed at the sight of them for they reminded me of a certain primate's derriere when in heat. He was naked from head to toe now and his cock (which was long and slender) suddenly lifted skyward, becoming instantly hard as waves of fluids rushed into the shaft. Strange that such an erect penis would show no trace of precum. Not a total surprise, though. His balls looked sorely undernourished. He must have raisins floating around inside all that loose-hanging scrotal flesh. I watched his massive prick continue to expand even more, swayed by silent winds, almost hypnotized by it's motion. I finally looked up and my companion waved me to come closer.

At first I thought he wanted to give me oral, but instead he grabbed my hips and pulled me down to a squatting position. He put both of his feet under my ass and in one swift motion slid his pelvis beneath my butt lining it up perfectly with his, now tremendously hard, member. He sat straight up and embraced me. I looked into his dark yet gleaming eyes and slowly lowered my haunches to meet his throbbing cock. A gasp escaped my lips as the full length of his shaft pushed into the tight, smooth cavity of my rectum. I grabbed the back of his head and relaxed my anus to allow him full access. He kissed me hard as he pumped himself deeper and deeper into my sweating poop hole. I fucked away on his rigid pole, riding him like a cheap whore who had been promised a "treat" after a job well done. In my passion I almost didn't notice the curious feeling inside me. Yes, I was being filled up, but at the same time I felt like I was becoming lighter. Also, the strange reaction my quivering fuck hole was having to his hard pumping cock. I felt his penis grabbing at the sides of my rectum, kissing them kinda, sucking them maybe. I reached down to massage his pitiful testicles and a shudder went through my body. His saggy ball sack had somehow become fuller and I could feel his balls inside. They were like ripe plums and still growing, expanding, filling up...but with what?

I looked my lover in his smiling face and asked him what was happening. He only shushed me and continued his ravaging of my body. His eyes were closed and the expression on his face was almost angelic. Like that of a dreaming cherub. I hammered my hips into his lap, my body feeling oddly cold, and finally the source of my curiosity revealed itself. As I massaged his now grossly swollen nutbag I felt a large amount of my rectal mucus gathering up and about to spill from my vibrating sphincter when suddenly the entire mass of goo was siphoned away, sucked down, I'm sure, into the mouth-like pee hole of his pistoning prick. He laughed when he saw my expression. I was so puzzled and confused by the sensations and what they possibly meant that I offered no protest as he finished plunging my nether hole to his satisfaction. During the last minute or so I noticed how supple. smooth, and juicy his cock had become while my shitter now felt very dry and cold and parched. When he finally pulled his gooey, glistening cock from my crumby asshole I swear I could see flakes from my colon dotting the healthy pink flesh.

I sighed, a weary, defeated sigh and looked down to see my cock standing tall and stiff, still hard and ready for a fuck. He grinned at me almost apologetically. There was sympathy in his expression, but the hunger was in his eyes, voracious and unsatisfied. I lay on my back while he kneeled down to the side of me, his face hovering over my erection. He began sniffing the air wildly. Apparently turned on my the fertile smell emanating from my balls. To be honest my penis was covered with a thick coat of precum. Damn, so much! I must have been dripping the stuff for nearly an hour. The time it took my master to feed his balls enough of my ass juice to bring us to this moment. He laid his head on my stomach and turned to look at me. He made a kissing motion with his succulent lips and waited a good half minute, watching me with fire in his eyes. Then he opened his mouth wider than humanly possible and his lips ballooned to almost comical size. The bloated O shape I had seen before, now just barely concealing the empty fangs he was about to sink into my cock flesh.

He lowered that massive mouth to my pee hole and covered the tip of my shaft. Saliva flowed from the huge, puckering orifice as he squeezed my cock inside rolls of sucking flesh, his head dropping inch by inch, sinking his lips to the root of my cock. It felt so good. Unlike anything I had ever experienced. His mouth was tight, but giving. It seemed to pulsate, flowing like jelly all around my prick. When his nose began nuzzling my pubic bone I felt the first pop. Not cum, precum. A huge gob of it surged through my cock and was immediately vacuumed up by his hollow fangs. A loud moan of joy burst through his lips, the gust of it making my balls quiver with excitement. He breathed very hard and rapidly through his nostrils as he continued to feed from me. I saw that his head did not move an inch as he suckled me, but rather his mouth, which had taken on the form of a siphoning tube did the work. Ripples passed through his cheeks as his mouth undulated like a serpent devouring an egg, his impossibly overgrown lips gripping the base of my helpless cock, kissing the tops of my nuts. This was better than any pussy or ass or blowjob I've ever had. I didn't even have to fuck myself into the sopping wet void. The void was sucking me into it.

I could not hold on much longer. I felt the seed in my loins boiling inside me, begging for release. I grabbed one of his ass cheeks (his body felt warm and inviting now) and squeezed it as a flood of cum erupted from my penis. I came like a volcano. Scalding hot and bubbling. So much so that he had trouble keeping it all inside his bloated face pussy. His cheeks puffed out greatly as they strained to capture my essence then rapidly deflated as he somehow managed to swallow each thunderous load. I felt so alive and virile that I clenched a handful of his copious black mane and pushed his head into my pelvis, screwing my jizz-spewing cock even deeper into his tight, juicy mouth. He whimpered his pleasure with each thick, ropey spurt I unleashed. My nuts jumped and buzzed as he quickly regained control and finished suctioning out my living seed, filling his hungry mouth with the last trickles of warmth.

Suddenly I felt very tired and confused as if I were only moments from fainting. He kissed me deeply and passionately. When he pulled away I saw a single tear rolling down his face. I dabbed it with my finger and tasted the salt of his grief. He was so sorry, he told me, but that he needed to survive. Fresh water gathered in his eyes and I kissed each one dry. I told him I loved him and his countenance changed to that of relief. He said for hundreds of years all he saw in others were fear and revenge. This night, only this night, he found forgiveness. He wrapped me in his arms and suggested a way for us to survive the ages together. All I have to do is drink some of his essence. He laid my head in his lap and offered his stiffening cock to my lips. I made a kissing motion and after half a minute I took the head in my mouth. His penis tasted sweet, like peppermint almost. He grinned at me as I began to feed.

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excellent story