World of Confusion

I first fell in love with transexuals when i first stumbled on a video called world of confusion, at first i was like oh yeah! this is gonna be a good porn one guy and three girls awesome, so then at first the guy is jerking off then all of a sudden these three females come out i was like about time now suck his cock, so this one female goes down on him then the other female start playing with the other females ass fingering it i was like oh yea! this is getting hot then out of nowhere he grabs one of the females by her g-string and starts pulling her panties down and then starts licking her pussy, but then he started sucking it like a lollipop i was like wtf huh? oh shit this chick has a dick how wth is going on at first i found it disgusting but then the next night i watched the rest of the video and started jerking off i was like what is wrong with me, then after a few weeks of jerking of i realized i liked this type of porn then i looked up chicks with dicks and found out they do exist & there fucking hot and they turn me the fuck on, a couple of years later i tried watching regular porn but something was missing because it just doesn't turn me on anymore and i found it boring these chicks fake moan a lot and they have no cock, so i became bi-curious, then bisexual and now i like TS cock and ass and tits especially young,hot,sexy TS. The End. True Story about me i was 19 years old when i discovered this attraction to TS.
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Posted by Ray3
3 years ago    Views: 983
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2 years ago
yes ray we are the best cock sucker in the world
3 years ago
Thanks for the comments & thoughts
3 years ago
Wouldnt mind giving that a try... But there's none around where I live.... I think.....
3 years ago
same here. starts with a thing you know it's a full on monsoon. I can't get enough
3 years ago
Same thing here; I love them!