Using You - Part Two

Intermission is over. It is time to get back to working you over. I am pleased that your tits are still well coloured and your nipples are swollen. I have had time to think over the next sequence of events in order to provide a diversity of pain and pleasure. I start by having you stand up with legs open so I can again access your depraved cunt. I am pleased that it is still loose from the previous activities and yet again I work my fist into the big hole. Just a few thrusts though, in order to ready you for the next onslaught. I grab your tits and start to rope them up – a total of four tight loops surround each tit. I make sure there is plenty of rope left as I then tie your wrists behind your back with the remaining rope. It doesn’t take long for your tits to start to colour up again.

I then get some fragrant oil – sweet smelling, but there’s a nasty little surprise. There’s red chilli in it. You scream and squirm as I oil up your engorged tits with the chilli oil. Because you squirm too much for my liking, I put some on your cunt as well. You quieten down a bit when you see the riding crop. The top of your tits cop it and you struggle to stay upright as I land some blows land on your exposed cunt.

“What do you have to say for yourself?” I ask.

“Sorry Sir, I made a mistake by moving too much. I am grateful for the attention that you pay me and the way you make me feel.”

“Will you make the same mistake again?”

“No Sir, I will not.”

“Deeds are more important than words, now show me how good you can be.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Your task is simple. I am going to oil up my foot with the chilli oil and you are going to fuck it. I want you to take my foot deep into that big cunt of yours.”

“Yes Sir,” you reply without hesitation.

I lay down on the bed and command you to straddle my foot. I see you wince as the chilli oil does its trick but you do not shirk your task. It is a significant struggle to get my foot in, but eventually it is in deep enough for you start fucking my foot. Your eyes water – no doubt with the burning intensity of chilli oil and the straining of your cunt to accept my thrusting foot. Slowly more of my foot lodges into your cunt with every thrust. As you drive down with your cunt, I drive up with my foot. I command you to fuck my foot faster. I enjoy the sight of your swollen bound tits – now thoroughly purple in colour which adds to the view of my foot ramming into your cunt. I also see the effort it takes you to maintain your balance with your wrists bound behind your back as the foot fucking gets more vigorous. I am pleased with your efforts – you have redeemed yourself for now.

The foot fucking is short but brutal. I have you stand up again and I wipe the oil off your bloated tits and put the clover clamps back on those bulging nipples. It is time for something different. I decide I am going to blindfold and gag you. The gag is a really big ball gag. I have you stand up and I let you stand there for awhile before I commence my new torment. I plug in my purple wand and start to zap your tits, mildly at first, but it is something you obviously weren’t expecting. The clamps magnify and spread the charge. You never know when and where the wand will land. I leave your tits alone for a little while, only to zap your belly and then repeatedly zap your inner thighs before I start to torment your clit and then start to slip the wand into your cunt. The sensations must be devilish. You shake and shudder repeatedly and I see you bite your lip as I electrify your sex organs.

I spend about ten minutes zapping you with the purple wand, but the wand is only an interlude before I get back to stretching your cunt.

“I am going to bust your cunt,” I tell you nonchalantly.

I take off your blindfold but leave the gag in. I lay down on the bed and have you stand above me with one foot either side of my chest. I clasp my fingers together and work all eight of them in. I have you fuck my hands as I work both fists into your gaping cunt. It takes some effort, but my fists lodge thoroughly in your bulging birth canal. The noise of your marvellous wet cunt straining under the pressure is fantastic as you repeatedly f***e yourself down on to my fists which I drive up and in. I tell you that you must orgasm, and you do............

Your face visibly reddens under the strain and your eyes roll back in your head as you flop and flail with the exertions. I feel your cunt pulsing vigorously against my fists. I do not relent; my fists continue to drive in, even as your orgasm starts to subside. Onwards I drive into you and you obediently accept the obscene stretching. It is only a couple of minutes of extra fisting, but I am sure this treatment seemed much longer to you, as I devilishly deprive your cunt of post-orgasmic respite.

Finally I order you to very slowly extract yourself from my driving fists. I marvel at your wrecked cunt. It pulses and hangs open slackly. I decide though that it can take more. I remove the gag from your mouth and start to untie your tightly roped tits. The rope has left a nice set of deep concentric circles at the base of your tits. You look down at them momentarily, before I blindfold you and tell you what is going to happen next.

“Your cunt is now wrecked, but it can take more punishment for me. This is what I am going to do. I am going to insert a number of sick objects into that cunt of yours. Your job is to guess what they are. Failure to guess correctly will result in 10 hard whacks on your asschecks from my ribbed paddle. Failure of your cunt to accept an object will result in 20 hard whacks.”
I guide you to knell on all fours on the bed and to spread your cunt. I have 15 items to jam into your cunt. The first is a simple one – a large banana which you guess correctly and quickly when I prompt you for the answer. I fuck you with it for a little while and notice it barely touches the sides of your now cavernous cunt. The second is a little more taxing but you guess correctly, perhaps the scent gave it away – it was a bar of Palmolive soap that took a little effort to get in there, but in the end it slid in smoothly. The third and fourth objects you guessed correctly too – a wickedly shaped large shampoo bottle and an egg whisk, both of which I use to stretch out your cunt even further. I knew the fifth one would be difficult for you and indeed you failed to guess the very firm, ridged and tapered vegetable that I managed with some effort to wedge into your hole – a choko. You couldn’t even offer a suggestion so I dealt with your asscheeks as I had outlined – ten very hard strokes that leave clear marks. The sixth item is a big thick long salami which you guess correctly and I fuck you hard with it – withdrawing it all the way out before bottoming it out in your cunt. You fail on the seventh item – a pair of door wedges that I use to splay and hold you cunt open. Ten more strokes of the paddle are delivered to your asschecks which are now positively glowing. You correctly guess the next three objects – a cob of corn, a toilet brush and another style of egg whisk. You failed to accept the eleventh item – a massive eggplant so I deliver 20 hard whacks to your asschecks that are now vibrantly red. The twelfth item was a rolling pin which you failed to guess – earning another ten whacks of the wickedly ribbed paddle. You guessed the next two correctly – an orange and an apple.

I had something special for you for the last item, which I unwrapped from some cling wrap. It wasn’t as big as some of the other items, but after a pause you knew instinctively what it was – ginger root – a pared finger of it to be precise. You start to moan and scream helplessly as the gentle warming builds into a deep burning sensation that overcomes you as I slowly jam it in into you. When it is place, I hold it in your cunt and spank your ass with my other hand – forcing you to jerk around. Not content with that – I start to fuck you with it. I can see that you are determined to accept my ginger offering – but the sensation overcomes you and you start to writhe. I hold the ginger in place and enjoy your writhing. When I am satisfied, I withdraw the finger of ginger from your burning hole.

As you recover on the bed, I ask how that little game was and you give a deeply thoughtful answer.

“I am happy to have served you Sir and accept my punishments for my mistakes.”

“How does your cunt feel,” I add.

“It feels totally wrecked and it is still burning a little bit, but if you need it to take more for you, it will take more,” you answer dutifully.

As we are talking, I survey my handiwork. Your asschecks are a deep red. Your tits have lost most of their colour, but a light hue is still present and the rope marks are still clear. Your cunt is a swollen void. I am not finished yet though. I still have more torments in store.

I did so like the look of your tits with rubberbands on them so I thought I would repeat the dose. This time I use a series of four pairs of rubberbands to make your tits stands out like torpedos from your chest. I then twist a pair of small rubberbands and use them to constrict both of your nipples. It is your job to stand still while I use a flogger on that beautiful pair of distorted tits. I periodically stop to f***efully pull, twist, squeeze or bite your constricted nipples.

With your tits still choked by the rubber bands, I cease flogging them and have you lay down on the bed with legs spread wide. I then go to work on your already tormented cunt with my pussy pump. Your big red cunt virtually fills the entire cup. I inflate your cunt slowly five times and then release the pressure – each time your thoroughly tormented cunt gets even more engorged. On the sixth, I inflate it to breaking point and then tell you I am leaving the room for a little while and that you are not to remove. I go down to the bar for a drink, all the time thinking about you left alone with legs spread, tits bound and pussy pumped. I wonder if anyone in the bar realises what I have been doing. After my drink and a quick visit to the nearest convenience store, I return to the hotel room and see that you are as I have left you. I can see that your cunt is a purple mass inside the plastic cup. Pleased with this, I release the pump. Your cunt is completely engorged and it almost seems to be visibly throbbing.

It is time for some new depravity. I get the banana from before, peel it and f***e it into your totally engorged cunt. I then jab my fingers into you and mush it up. I have you push it out of yourself into a bowl. Then I fill your cunt with blue berries and have you do the same again. Then I produce a chocolate ice cream on a stick which I carefully work into your cunt. I gently move it back and forth, and it starts to melt quickly. I have your cunt expel the thawing treat into the bowl and then remove the stick.

“Here is a little snack for you – a cunt smoothie,” I tell you.

Without hesitation you start to consume the messy snack that you made with your cunt. I monitor your consumption to ensure that it is all eaten. I am impressed by the way you devour it.

To begin with I would like to slowly tease your naked body as you stand perfectly still with your legs slightly apart. I would sensuously stroke your tits, lightly circling your nipples, and slowly trace the outline of your slit – for as long as I considered necessary. I would get you wickedly wet. My attention to your tits would slowly start to change. I would start to squeeze, twist and pull your nipples. Without warning, my light touch on your cunt would be cut short as I start to slap your cunt – short staccato slaps.

I would order you to put your hands behind your head and then put a pair of nipple clamps on you – joined together by a short chain. I have you hold the chain in your teeth. The length of the chain means that your nipples are dragged upwards. I expect you to be perfectly still and you are. I then add some clamps to your cunt lips – two on either side. I have a series of weights for them as well. Three sets in all. It is a strain for you to remain still while they are being applied. Finally all the weights are attached, and your cunt lips are dragged down. I set the weights in motion, watching your cunt lips twist and drag as they swing. You nearly buckle at the knees.

I relent and start to unclip the weights. When that is done I remove the clamps from your cunt and allow you to release the chain in your mouth. I have you lie down on the bed, hands behind your knees and your legs spread wide open displaying your cunt perfectly too me. I admire the marks the clamps have already left.

After spanking your cunt half a dozen more times, I decide to use the pussy pump on you – the nice long cylindrical one. I pump your cunt up half a dozen times and then release the pressure. I then pump it up hard – extremely hard, and then seal it off. Your cunt is visibly engorged within the clear tube. I leave it on. I straddle your face and feed my cock to you. As I do, I yank on the chain that is still attached to your nipples. I pull them up as far as they will go, just before the clamp is about to tear free, and then relent a bit. I watch your cunt become more engorged in the tube.

I eventually decide to take it off, and admire my handiwork. Your cunt is vibrantly red and swollen. I grab it and then spank it – a dozen times, may be more; before I put the pump back on and repeat the dose.................

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