Using You - Part One

The Hotel is upmarket and quiet – I use it frequently, and you know it well.

You enter the hotel room and kneel before me – wearing a demure cardigan, blouse and long skirt. I like the idea of you travelling to meet me looking like everyone else, but being so much more. The idea, that people on the bus that you have caught think you are just coming home from work, when in fact you are going to a rendezvous to have your tits, cunt and anal cavity variously tormented.

I stare deeply into your eyes and see the desire to serve, to give over mind and body to me, to use as I so desire. I am impressed by the obedience, the stillness of poise. In my mind, I have choreographed a ravaging – a long and slow torment; a tumultuous mix of pain and pleasure. As I stare into your eyes, I know you are wondering what I am going to do, but I also know that you trust me to do what needs to be done.

It is time to get started.

I stand behind you and start massaging your tits through your clothing – lovingly. I can hear the pace of your breathing change as I do it. My fingers apply just enough pressure through your clothing to arouse you; I feel your nipples harden and I pinch them lightly through the fabric.

The lightest of moans escapes your lips as I do.

“Take off your cardigan and then your blouse,” I command.

Wordlessly you respond - prompt and efficiently. I notice that you are wearing the stylish bra that I sent to you.

“I am pleased that you are wearing that bra - you are a good listener and a thoughtful subject,” I comment.

“Thank you Sir,” you respond, bowing your eyes in servitude as you do.

I continue to work on your tits for about another 15 minutes, this time with more f***e. I use the palm of my hands and push them flat against your chest and watch the tit flesh bulge out the side of your bra. I push them up fiercely, stretching them at the base as I do. I grasp the nipples through the bra, making you yelp meekly, and twist and turn them. I squeeze your tits relentlessly. Until I move over to my suitcase and extract a nice ball gag. You open your mouth knowingly as soon as you see it and I put it in place.

“Take off your bra,” I demand.

Your tits are now bare. I can see they are already slightly reddened, but that is nothing compared to what is to come.

I peruse your lightly hued tits intently for a second before I command you to stand up straight and put your hands behind your back. I reach over into my suitcase and take out my leather cuffs and I cuff your hands behind your back. Content that you are standing straight and motionless with deep focus, I start slapping your tits - lightly and rhythmically at first - underneath to begin with, then the sides, and then the tops. Sometimes I slap them simultaneously, sometimes one at a time. I revel in the sound of flesh on flesh that resonates around the room. When I am happy with the deepening and even hue of your tits I stop. I am impressed by your focus, barely a whimper as I warmed up your tits with my hands, but of course there is much more in store. I reach in to my pockets and pull out some large thick rubber bands – a dozen in all. First one rubber band goes around the base of your right tit and then another one in the same place. Another pair then constricts your tit about half way along and then another pair towards the nipples. I meticulously repeat the dose to your other tit and then I momentarily remove the ball gag.

“What would like to say to Sir,” I ask directly.

“Thank you for slapping my tits and putting rubber bands on them. I am very lucky,” you answer sincerely.

“Are you aroused, would you like to orgasm?”

“Yes, but only if Sir wants me to,” you reply.

I am happy by the submission so far and I decide I will be rewarding it handsomely. I do stop though to admire my handy work – a pair of bright red and engorged tits. To top the sight off, I pull a pair of clover clamps from my suitcase. I waive them in front of your eyes.

“You know where these are going don’t you,” I whisper mockingly into your ear.

“Yes Sir I do?

“Will it hurt?”

“Yes Sir, it will,” you replied without emotion.

I place the teeth of the clamps on first one and then the other nipple. You wince and groan deeply as they bite in. A thick chain runs between the two clamps and I tug on it playfully.

I decide to release your wrists from their restraints, and then direct you to remove your skirt. You let it fall neatly to the floor and step out of it. You stand in front of me, resplendent in your vibrantly white panties. I reach into my suitcase and hand you a pair of scissors. You initially look confused, but then understand what I want. You cut the sides of the panties and they tumble to the floor. You will not be wearing them when you leave.

“Get up on the bed on all fours, and put your ankles on the edge.”

You dutifully obey. My gaze initially focussing on your tits – they are like torpedos due to the rubber bands and they are a lovely deep shade of red/blue.

I then focus on your exposed hairless cunt.

“Let’s do a little cunt work shall we, but before that, I have one more addition for those tits.”

I clip a heavy weight on the chain and you groan deeply as your already tortured nipples are dragged down further. I delight in swinging the weight and your groans become guttural as your nipples are bent sharply as the weight arcs hypnotically.

I start on your cunt by delivering a thorough spanking directly to your vulva. I vary the rhythm and f***e, keeping you guessing. Each blow sends the weight attached to your nipples swinging wildly. What started as a slit will end up more like a cavern. I start with an inflatable dildo and spend a considerable amount of time repeatedly pumping it up and then deflating. At the height of its inflation, I try to withdraw it, but it stays deeply wedged inside your cunt. I think about trying to drag you around the room by it, but decide not to. Maybe next time.

Since I have been happy with your servitude, I decide to give you a present, your first orgasm for the session, but of course there is a catch.

“Put your face down on the bed, and grab the chain on your nipples with one hand,” I announce.

“I am going to let you cum. I am going to vibrate your clit with the inflatable dildo wedged into your cunt, and spank your bum cheeks with a riding crop as I do. When you are reaching your climax, I want you to yank that chain and keep yanking it,” I explain.

“Yes Sir, thank you Sir,” you respond.

It doesn’t take long, probably less than a minute of the buzzing little vibe on your clit and you start to head to the edge of orgasm. With your cunt filled to capacity, a vibrator on your clit and your ass being whacked with a riding crop, you climax, yanking hard on the chain attached to the clamped nipples of your constrained tits as you do. Your screaming is primeval under the multiple assaults. You are a flailing screaming mess.

Your body visibly slackens as you slide over the orgasmic cliff, but I keep the vibe going and command you to still torment your own tits. Only for a little while, but I am sure for you it feels much longer. Finally I relent; I remove the vibe from your clit, grant you permission to stop tormenting your own tits, and then deflate the dildo and remove it from your birth canal.

I have you sit up and I then allow you to remove the clamps from your nipples, and tell you to remove the rubber bands from your tits. I remind you of how the throbbing will get worse as the bl**d flows back through your tits as the rubber bands are removed. As you sit on the end of the bed, I grab you lightly by the throat, and give your poor tits a bit more slapping. I look into your eyes deeply as I do, and your gaze does not stray from mine. This though is just a brief interlude before I return my attention back to your cunt.

I direct you back to the bed in the same position as before, but command you to spread your ass cheeks open and keep them open. Without much ado, I lubed up my hand and quickly slipped in three and then four fingers into your moist cunt. The inflatable dildo had done its job – your cunt was accomodating. With only a reasonable small amount of effort, and a little shriek from you, which I remind you is unnecessary, my thumb joined the four fingers and my fist sinks into the willing hole. I started off slowly and deeply, and then built up some speed slowly. Nearly withdrawing my fist all the way out before plunging it back in, stretching the entrance thoroughly as I did so. I enjoyed the sight of my fist further stretching you hole. Infinitesimally, each time I pulled my fist back out, I did so just a little more until finally it vacated the now vacuous hole. I was not done yet though, I plunged my fist back in and repeated the dose. The next time it popped out, I was convinced it was time to really go to town. I plunged my fist back in, bottomed out, and then whipped it right out again, as fast as I could. Over and over again I did this, as various squeals and grunts emanated from you. By the time I was finished, your reddened cunt hole hung openly slackly.

Pleased with my work, I have you stand in front of me, legs spread slightly.

“Tell me how you feel,” I request.

“Very grateful Sir. Very grateful that you have opened my cunt up with your strong fist. I am also very thankful that you have looked after my tits. I am very lucky to have a Sir like you.”

I am well pleased with the response.

“Put your hands under your tits and hold them up,” I command.

I reach into my suitcase, and bring out a flogger.

“Do not take my gaze away from mine.”

With that I flog the already well used tit flesh. Not for a long time, but just testing that your resolve has not waivered, making sure you do not flinch and do not take her eyes from mine.

Happy with the obedience, I extract a huge conical dildo from my suitcase and place it in the centre of the only chair in the room. I command you to sit on it with your tits facing the back of the chair. I could see that it took you awhile to adjust to the girth, but I was patient. When you were still, I place your tits on the back of the chair and use a black rope to intricately bind them. The colour contrast of the black rope and your red skin is stunning. I start with the rope from the base of the chair and with four tight loops, I encircle your left breast, forcing the remaining flesh out into a firm globe. With more intricate loops, I encircle the base of the right breast, which then of course also bulged out into a firm globe. I then secure the other end of the rope to the base of the chair as well.

With you firmly fixed to the chair by your tits and a huge volcano like dildo over-extending your cunt, I give your tits another hiding. First with my hands, then with the flogger, and then with the riding crop. You make far too much noise for my liking so I am f***ed to reinstate the gag and whack them harder.

Finally, I relent, and decide it’s time for a little intermission, before I get back to work on you.............................
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11 months ago
I really like this story
1 year ago
This is a great story, I will have to read the others
2 years ago
I really enjoy your stories
2 years ago
fucking a
2 years ago
V sexy
2 years ago
loved this, is there any more?
2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
Superbly written and very erotic.
2 years ago
yes Sir, please dont stop