Cheating s****r in law and me (continue)

This is a update/continue from my first post.

So if you have read my first post you know that ive been fucking my hot s****r in law and its still going on and actually some new things has happend which also was unexpected.

I'll start from last years thanksgiving dinner. As always my parents throw a big party at their mansion and invites the whole f****y there (and we have a very big f****y). I have been on vacation for a month in Vegas for 1 week then Miami for 3 weeks well it wasnt really vacation cuz it was also for business. So i havent seen my s****r in law or really talked to her that whole time and she was kinda mad at me because she wanted to go with me but i said no since it would make my b*o kinda thinking wtf and she had to take care of her k**s. Plus she had the feeling i would be partying with a lot of girls while i was away. I told her i would buy her all the clothes she wanted and more so that made her kinda happy.

I got back two days before thanksgiving but didnt tell anyone except my god mother since i was staying at her villa for a few days because my place was still gettin renovated. As i was unpacking my godmother saw all the name brand clothes some really slutty lingerie and she ask who is all that for. I told her is was for my gf but she knew the girl i was kinda seeing wouldnt fit those clothes lol so she asked again.I then told her to stop being so nosy and she laughed then said you should call Primrose back (my s****r in law name) because she has been calling and asking about me and if i still stay over sometimes. So i was kinda shocked and kinda figured my godmother knew wassup but she didnt or wont care as long as im happy.

The day of thanksgiving dinner i showed up a little late because i had to drop of one of my cars at home because my godmothers place was running outta parking space for her friends when they come over. She is a very rich hot 44yr old socialite of sorts that has frequent dinner partys get togethers and my favirote pool parties with a lot of rich old and young ladies and some men. So i dropped my car at home and took the cab back to her place to move my other car in the guest house garage then she made me park all her cars in the main garage so the large front court yard and the round drive way lane to the main entrance will be empty. Then i took her everyday car which is a total pussy magnet lol a porsche to dinner.

So i finnaly get to dinner and the place is packed with cars in the front i made one of my guy cousin to move his car to park on the street, but instead he made another one of our cousins to move their car. As i sat in my car waiting for someone to move their car i suddenly noticed my aunts car drive up and not my couins car so i was like in my mind "why the hell did my dumb ass cousin make our aunt move her car for me now i look like the asshole". So i got out the car and was gonna tell her dont worry about it ill park somewhere else. When the car pulled up it was my aunts daughter who btw is hot as fuck about 5'10 tall half chinese/french 23yr old and a body like Jennifer Love Hewitt. She asked me to park my car then help her look for parking with her so she didnt have to walk back alone so i said ok ofcourse.

When we was walking back i couldnt stop looking at her she has the longest sexy legs and she wore this super tight skimpy white one peice dress with some very high stripper high heels. It was a cold night and you can see her nipples. We talked a little and she asked if i heard from her older b*****r and i said no not in years and she said he changed a lot and i would never recognize him. Then she brought up some old stuff and if i remembered what we did when we was young. My mother use to baby sit us and she would always be over my place for a long time so we spent a lot of time together growing up and a lot of time at her place to when my aunt would baby sit me when my parents where on vacation etc. We would sl**p in the same bed etc during those times. As we got older in our teens she was gettin so hot and sexy and sometimes i would take her out with my friends and as all k**s we tried stuff like weed X alcohol and stuff. One night she saw me staring at my s****r in law because at that time she would always be at my parents house like i said in my first post. Then she over heard Primrose my s****r in law telling me she knows that my cousin probably has a crush on me. I was taken back by that and said "no way we are cousins" then Prim said well i dont see it as a big thing her dad my uncle who is a big shot doctor have been trying to fuck a bunch of your other cousins my s****r and Prim herself. Then Prim said bring her to the pool house and see how it goes and she gave me some lingerie and said ask her to try it on if she says no then she will let me play with her tits. I said ok cuz it was win win i had the biggest crush on Prim and wanted her.

So this whole time Lori my cousin heard this and i didnt know So she was ready. Finnaly we where at the pool house and i pretended i found a bunch of lingerie and she can have it lol. She played it of pretty good like she didnt know. I asked if she wanted to go swimming and she said no and that she wanted to see if the lingerie fit so i said ok ill give you some privacy and go swimming. As i was in the pool i could see Lori trying the stuff on in the room and pretended she didnt notice me looking. Finnaly she stopped and went into the restroom so i figured she was gonna change back to her reg clothes so i went into the pool house to dry my self off then i yelled to Lori if she was ok and she said yes then asked me to come into the restroom and give her a ciggerate. When i opened the door there she was sitting on the make up table in Prims sluttiest lingerie red bra tight long stockings. SHe was so hot. She then said how do i look and in my mind i was like DAMMMMNNNNNN my s****r in law is already super hot but LOri body is so much better even at that time when we where teenagers everything was extra tight and her tits ass where popping out. I said your beautiful and she said you know i have a major crush on you and it doesnt matter if we are cousins plus i know you want me. She walked up to me and said i want you to please me and i will do anything you want. My dick got so hard and she started to play with it then i took her to the bed and started to play with her tits and then her tight little pussy. I made her suck my dick while i was fingering her and i was about to cum in her mouth so i stopped and she asked me to fuck her but then i got worried cuz i had no condom and didnt wanna cum inside her but she kept begging so she sat on my cock and started moaning so loud then all of a sudden Primrose came in and we stopped. Lori was damn near naked except for her stockings and her bra under her tits. Prim then said to us stop fucking because you have no condom and you dont wann get her pregnent so she told Lori to blow me till i cum. Lori was so scared that she started to cry and said to Prim to not tell on her. Prim was kinda amused and said dont worry baby but you have to finish him off or i will. So then Prim made Lori blow me until i came in her mouth and tits. After that Prim made Lori swallow and then told her this is her last time because i am hers.

So back to the main plot we where walking and she asked if i remembered and i said of course i loved fucking you and couldnt stop thinking of you and wanted you to be with me. She then asked y didnt i continue seeking her out after that day. My only answer was Primrose woulda gotten really mad and i woulda eventually cummed inside you and that we woulda wanted to be in a relationship which would of been kinda tricky. When we reached to the car area she stopped right at my car and said lets smoke a cig b4 we go in so i gave her one and she asked if she could sit in my car since its so cold. As we sat in the car she asked if im fuckin Primrose and i said yes we did a few times and she said anyone else i said yes my friends Tony little s****r who is black and sometimes my friends wife Irene who is Lori friend. She got kinda pissed of i can tell but then she said i look way better than them and i agreed. She then said i can do you way better than any girl and you can do whatever you want with me use me share me ill do anything for you if you leave the other girls and make me your gf. I told her i would love to but you are stil my cousin and i wanna cum inside you and have k**s one day. Still i wish we can be together i wanna fuck you so bad. She then started crying a little so i put my arms around her and she leaned over and then she started to lick my ears and then to rub my cock. It was so hot her dress was all outta place and i could see her panties peeking out and her sweet ass so i started to rub her ass and legs then her pussy. She was moaning and it turned me on so i pulled down her top and played with her big tits next thing you know i pulledd out my cock and made her suck on it while fingering her pussy and asshole. Then we started fucking when i was sbout to nut she said cum in me or i can swallow i then said let me cum in your ass but she no so i said fuck it im gonna cum inside your pussy as i almost did until i saw my aunt Lori mom come outside so i stopped and got out the car.

My aunt Jenny is also sexy as hell just like her daughter and i think she knows about her daaughter and me and also Primrose. When i walked up to her she told me to go inside. So finnaly im inside the place with a raging hard on also. The thing about my f****y is all the ladies dress really really sexy they are all pretty much rich trophy wives. I saw Primrose and damn was she hot. I made up an excuse that im gonna go to the guest house to grab some more wine and she followed me. When we got to the guest house she emmediatly got on her knees and started to blow me which was perfect cuz i was hard as hell from the car. I needed to cum so bad so i started fucking her rough as i was about to cum i made her blow me and told her to swollow my nut it was fun.

As we was finnishing up and Prim was wiping the cum from her lips and tits. My aunt shows up and im pretty sure she saw Prim putting back her panties and bra on when she walked in, but she didnt say nothing other than if i knew where her daughter is and husband. i said i have no clue and she asked if i wanted to come to her place on the weekend for a wine tasting party and she also asked Prim so we said ok. I asked if Lori was gonna be there and my aunt said no then my aunt pulled me aside and said probably not since its a adult party and she doesnt want Lori too see her gettin d***k and partying. I asked if i should bring anything and she said booze and party favors lol i was shocked.

We hung out in the guest house for a while watching tv and talking. After a while Prim busted out some Vicoden and ofcourse us 3 took some to chill. Then i had a phone call so i stepped out for a bit but before that i brought all the lingerie and clothes i bought from vegas to the room for Prim to try out. Not paying attention my aunt was there was kinda stupid. So i stepped into the other room and answered the phone and it was Lori and she wanted to know if i wanted to finish and i told her i cant cuz im with her mom and Prim but ill try to sneak around to get back at her if i can. As i hung up i hear Prim tellin my aunt that i bought all those lingerie dress shoes etc for her in vegas and some jewelry from Miami. My aunt said how you pull that off are you sl**ping with him. Prim said yes and told my aunt that im always there for her and the k**s love him. My aunt then said to Prim you know my daughter has a big crush on him and they probably been together and she found some picture of Lori and him when they where 16-18yr old. Prim played it off and said no she had no idea but she dont mind at all. Then Prim asked arent you mad and my aunt said she was actually kinda jealous at first but not much anymore because he stopped fucking her for you and also Irene my daughters friend. I was like wtf you tell her that for Prim hates Irene and Jessica the black girl. Prim then asked how does she know im fuckin them and she said well Irene is always over at their house and they would go shopping etc and Irene would tell my aunt all sorts of stuff about me and how i got Jessica to sl**p with my uncle. So yea my aunt knows a lot about me from Irene she tells her most everything and even showed her a pic of me in the shower with a super hard on.

I stepped into the room and pretended i didnt hear nothing and asked what they where talkin about they both said nothing much. So i sat down on the couch and lit a cig and i said to Prim so how do you like what i bought u are you gonna try it on. My aunt then said yea try them on and show us so she sat next to me. While Prim was changing my aunt asked me for a hit of my cig so she leaned over and sucked on it. She then leaned against me and put her head on my shoulder and i stared down her dress with her big tits sorta popping out i was gettin a little hard. I then put my arms around her and my hands was on her waist. Then we started talking and she said can you tell i work out i said yes you look just like your daughter and she smiled then said stop teasing and i said im serious you look realy sexy. She started asking about me and Prim and how often we meet i said whnever we can. Then she said that Prim knows that im fuckin Irene and Jessica so i said yea but i only take care of her those other 2 girls are just for fun. I then asked if Irene said anything to you about me and my aunt said well a few things about Lori and Prim and that she has seen pics of my cock and pics of me fucking Irene. I was like well damn lol so what you think she replied well i can see why these girls are so into you. Then she said Prim wants you to get her pregnent and i said thats fine she could still say its my b*****rs but theres gonna be some jealous girls if she does get pregnent. So we talked a little longer watched Prim strip and model for us and then Prim had to go back to my b*****r. So i was alone with my aunt until i had to leave and i told her ill be at her place the next day for the party.

I showed up at around 10pm with Primrose and my uncle came to the door when i knocked. We went in and already i can see my uncle checking out Prim. I asked where everyone is at and he said some are in the back yard and your aunt is upstairs and my cousin Lori is in the den. I first went to Lori and said hi to her. She was lying on her back on the sofa wearing just a bikini and high heels her big tits where just popping out. She got up and let me sit down then she laid back on the sofa with her head on my lap. I was already getting hard and she could feel it since her head was on my lap. I couldnt help but play with her sexy ass. She asked if i came with Prim and i said yes then i asked y is she dressed like this and she said her dad was taking pics of her earlier and made her pose i said what for and she said he wanted to show his friends. I said well we are alone now since Prim is here and your dad is all over her.

We started to make out and me fingering her tight pussy then i made her get on her knees to blow me for a bit then we started to fuck and she begged me to cum inside her as we where fucking i heard Prim looking for me so i stopped and made Lori suck me off instead since she gives some awesome bj. After i told her i needed to see her mom so i left. I went to the upstairs lounge thinking Prim would be there instead it was my aunt in her daughters lingerie stocking and heels. I was gonna leave until she said ive been waiting for you sweety.

She got up and walked up to me, She was looking so sexy just like her daughter. She started to make my dick hard and i started to play with her tits, She then put me on the bed and started blowing me and kept saying dont cum in my mouth, I kept playing with her tits ass and pussy and she was moaning like crazy. Finnaly we started fucking and then she asked me to cum inside her so i did. We fucked a few more times i came all over her tits face and made her swollow.

Primrose later found us and i fucked her also and i made my aunt eat Prim out while she was sucking my cock. At the end of the night both girls wherecovered with cum.

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amazing stories x
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fuck thats hot. lucky you! please write more
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Great story
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