Cheating s****r in law and me

This was sortaa thing that just happend but just shocking because i didnt think she felt the same and was the kinda person to actually go through with it. I knew my s****r in law for many years since i was a k**. She has been with my older b*****r for years. I always thought she was sexy as hell. When she stayed over night at my parents house she would always tell me im very cute and when i grow up im gonna be trouble to a lot of girls. Sometimes my b*****r would go out and she would be over during the night and i would see her in some very sexy clothes. Sometimes i would see her come outta the shower with just a little towel covering her tits and ass and of course i would look because she had such a hot body and the towel doesnt cover her whole ass. My parents are always on vacation for months on end. We lived in a 4 story house so when my parents are home they would be on another floor and would never bother us. So many times she would catch me looking at her but it didnt seem to bother her she mostly smiled at me or would tease me and say "are you gonna say thank you to me for letting you think of something later when you jerk off" sometimes she would say "hope your picturing me when you jerk off a night i dont mind"

When i was like 16 or so and then turned 18 i had already brought a few girls home she also got more sexier and hotter. She comes from a very very rich f****y and would always have a lot of stuff like clothes nice car jewelry etc. SHe would always give me her name brand clothes and sexy lingerie that she never wore to me to give to my gfs. During those times my b*****r who is a player would always be out and i would cover for him and tell her that he is with my cousins or things like that. So there are a lot of times we would be chillen together watching tv movies or just talking. We got very close and got to know each other a lot and we told each other many personal stuff. She even told me a lot of her friends who are really hot also wanted to go out with me one night. These girls are all hot as hell into the fashion club scene so gorgeous long legs slim picture a stripper body. I was like hell yea but when she asked me if im interested idk why but i said no. She was like are you crazy why the hell not then i let it slip and said "well they arent you and i want you only". She of course was shocked and went silent but i saw her face and she was blushing but ofcourse i played it off and said i was joking.Then she said something that kinda took me by surprised. She said i was kinda hoping you would say that and said why do you think im always wearing such sexy stuff around you and letting you see me in lingerie and not saying anything when you stare. We played it off after a while like we was messing around.

A few years went by i moved outta my parents home went to university graduated. We kinda kept in touch and saw each other during holidays and f****y stuff. Now i was about 23 or so running a few business with my b*****r and they are about to get married. One day i saw her at a club and she was telling me she was nervous about getting married and stuff. She started crying and was d***k so i took her to the vip room to calm her down. Shoulda seen the mini dress stockings and high heels she was wearing i couldnt stop looking. At that moment i wanted to fuck her so bad and we where pretty damn close i had my hands on her legs and she was pretty much putting her tits in my face. Then my gf at that time walked in and i pulled away. I told me gf this is my soon to be s****r in law and she is d***k and wanted to tell me something alone. My gf was not really ok with that because i guess she could tell something was going on but i convinced her and said i left my phone in the car and can she go get it so i can call my b*****r to pick her up and i dont remember his number and she is to d***k to remember also. SO ofcouse i had to give my gf a kiss and hug etc before she left. After she left my s****r in law acted so jealous and was mad. It was funny but i was kinda happy.

So now they finnaly got married she later had a k** and i went through a rough break up during that time. So i started spending a lot of time with my f****y with dinners and stuff. One day we all went out to dinner and i didnt drive and my s****r was gonna drive me home but instead she said she would take me home.It was early but my neice was tired so my b*****r left first to take his daughter home. Me and her stayed in the restuarnt while everyone left since i was waiting for the bill to pay. I told her she looked amazing and look liked she never had a k** at all. She then said she was glad i am single again.
On the ride home she was telling me she and my b*****r are alwaays arguing about her k** slways asking about me and why doesnt he pay attention to her daughter like his little b*****r and also her. SHe also said i play and spoil her daughter more than him. I told her maybe cuz he is tired but she says no. I told her maybe he would and she said maybe. She then started to ask me if i was busy tonight and i said no and she asked if her body still looked the same as b4 and i was like yea like i said atfirst your still sexy as hell. She was blushing so bad and asked if she could come over my place to swim in my pool for a while. I said yes but asked if she had a bikini or something. Of course she didnt but she said she was wearing something like it. I kept looking at her body and legs and had a total hard on.

When we finnaly got to my place she slipped of her mini dress and stilleto heels right in front of me only in her black see through panties and bra with her perky big tits popping out. She then put her heels back on and said arent you glad i came and isnt this what you wanted. I said yes and she came over to me grabbed my hands and placed them all over her. My cock was so hard and she started to play with it and then started to blow me.She has the nicest thick lips for an asian girl. I asked her lets record this so she pulled out her iphone and started it. Later we fucked in all sorta way and i came all over her.

This happened a few times most recently i fucked her in the parking lot and she blew me during f****y dinner.

92% (34/3)
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5 months ago
k yeah I think I found her , made some comments ;) love your profile!! hopefully more to cum ;)
5 months ago
yea its Primrose got a few pics of her I think I got more on my other laptop gotta look
5 months ago
really love the story!! you hve pictures of her here on your profile?
1 year ago
Good story hope to read more of her
1 year ago
Forgot to mention this is a true story and @bluto i asked her if she still have the vid cuz i wanted to post it but she "said" she had to delete it from her iphone since her daughters play with her phone and she was scared they might see it. It was pretty hardcore and she was screaming like crazy but i think she knows i wanna show people or post it online lol cuz i did that before with an ex-gf. I got more stories about us im gonna post that gets better
2 years ago
2 years ago
We want the vid!