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[Story] Department Store Slut

I had went into the local department store, winding down at the end of the night after working a long and tiring shift at work. I had just picked up a movie and a book, hoping to enjoy one or the other as I lay in bed later that night. I went through the one open line left in the store, placing my two items on the counter to pay. The lady at the register started ringing up my items, and that was when my attention was drawn by another woman.

She walked up a few feet away from me, about the height of my shoulders. She had on a grey t-shirt with writing on it in blue, wearing daisy duke jean... Continue»
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one of my fantasies I want to try

So i've seen some people post fantasies they have, so I figured I'd share one of mine.

I want to be woken up by having my cock sucked. After a few minutes of enjoying that, I want to have my hands tied behind my back and laid on my back in my bed. Then I want her to tease me by dragging her nails up and down my body, then up and down my hard cock. After that, I want her to tease my cock with her tongue while rubbing my balls softly with her hand. Then, I want her to straddle my face and demand me to make her cum with my tongue while she slowly sucks my cock, taking it in her mouth and thro... Continue»
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[Story] Super Store Bathroom Fuck

"Another late trip to the supermart" I reluctantly said to myself. It was where I liked to go to whenever I was super bored and felt like I needed to get out of my apartment. Television nowdays had nothing but terrible reality shows involving fat people losing weight or people having crazy addictions. It was enough to give ANYBODY a reason to get out of the house. So I decided a trip to the supermart was better then nothing.

I walked back to the electronics to browse, it was my favorite area to look around. Mostly the movies to see if there was anything new in the five dollar bin. I... Continue»
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