Date Night for Nancy

My Wife, Nancy, and I have an open marriage; she can have all the sex she wants to have and I can have all that she gives me permission to have. Nancy makes no secret about our open arrangements and openly flirts even when I'm with her. The other night Nancy, her mother, and I were at dinner when Nancy spotted a guy she was interested in. Her mother thought he was cute so the flirting was on. Eventually he came over to our table with some after dinner drinks for Nancy and her mother and a date was arranged for a few nights later.

The guy, Drake, is also married but that doesn't matter to Nancy or him. Last night was date night for Nancy and Drake and she decided to entertain him at our place; that meant that I had to go as Nancy does not want me around when she is entertaining a date; she feels it makes them uncomfortable to have another man around, even a sissified man like me. I usually go and walk around the mall and after that closed sit in the local McDonald's drinking coffee until she calls to say it's OK for me to come home. If all else fails I can sit in the garage or shed with the lights off. It sounds a bit unconventional but it's Nancy's wish and her wish is my command as we are in a Fem-dom situation.

I leave just before her date arrives since she wants me helping with the preparations; that is, making sure we have drinks, cigarettes, and that the place is cleaned up. Her mother is usually present, wearing lingerie and enjoying drinks and smokes. She also has some porn playing quietly on the wide-screen. Nancy will surprise and please her date since her outfit for today consists of nylons and a pair of high Lucite heels. Jewelry finishes off her look. She's spent the afternoon bathing, pampering, perfuming, fixing her hair in anticipation.

I leave as he comes into the driveway. He goes up the walk with flowers and is let in by my Nancy's mother. Now Nancy never tells me what transpires but her mother and aunt sometimes do and may have taken pictures with their cell phones. This evening there is some brief socializing, a mixed drink, and two cigarettes, then Nancy and Drake pair off and start making out. He feels her all over and runs her brand new nylons – “that's OK”, she tells him, “I'll send hubby for new ones tomorrow” - and she will. She undressed him and gives him a blow job before fucking him on the couch. He's muscular with a nice thick cock of about 7 inches in length; she likes more length but his circumfrence is more than enough to make up for that; her cunt will be well filled. He lays her on her side and he comes up from behind to enter her. Nancy's mother and aunt watch from across the room where they are devouring mixed drinks and chain smoking; occasionally one of them takes some pictures or video of the happy couple with her cell phone . Nancy takes a smoke break, not because she needs one but because she wants to prolong the fucking by giving him some respite. Nancy takes her drink glass back to the kitchen ; he follows her and nails her from behind bending her over the kitchen table, fucking her to completion and giving her a huge cream pie – Nancy loves heavy cummers.

They go into the living room where they are joined by the other two women. They drink , smoke, and talk for two hours before he's recharged for another try. He fucks Nancy on the couch giving her multiple orgasms; she finishes him off on her knees in front of him giving him the classic porn-movie blow job to completion. The two of them kiss and retire to the couch for more drinks and cigarettes. An hour later she walks him to the door, taking off her run nylons and wrapping them around his neck as a souvenir. Secretly she hopes he forgets about them and that his wife finds them. She likes to raise a little hell! Nancy lets me stay out for another two hours before she calls me and tells me it's OK to come home. I've had a boring night drinking coffee and reading a worn copy of True Confessions Magazine but she's had a good time and that's what counts. When I arrive home Nancy is headed or bed; she's very tired. She calls to me, “And, oh, stop at the mall on the way home and pick up some nylons for me”. It's not an unusual request, I know what she wants. Her aunt shows me some of the pictures on her phone – it's been a hell of an evening. The pics are a turn on and I sit on the couch and jack off in front of both of them; they love to watch me get off.
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