Becoming a Cuck

I'm a submissive guy who takes orders from my wife and mother-in-law. Both are dominant women and used to having their own way. My wife makes the decisions, controls the money, makes the rules and sets the punishments for violating them. And violating them usually means Nancy administering a good ass-beating with a leather paddle until she thinks atonement has been made. I've been in a cuckold situation since before we were even married. Women were dominant in Nancy's f****y with one of her Aunts, Judy - taking this dominance a bit further by routinely having affairs with a series of men. These weren't secret affairs by any means; she was quite open about them, even to the point of screwing her boyfriend while hubby did housework. She'd tell him that he had no choice, she didn't give a fuck whether he liked it or not; he couldn't satisfy her so she was going to get her satisfaction elsewhere. Judy's outside romances were well known within the f****y and with out. The women would always ask for the “juicy details” about her latest lover and those details and sometimes a few pictures were always forthcoming. Outsiders were always criticizing her behavior but she was sure they were jealous!

Now when we got engaged Nancy told me that she wanted her sexual freedom and intended to have “outside interests” like Aunt Judy. I didn't know what to think of this – I knew that my cock was on the small side but didn't thing I'd see the day when Nancy would follow Judy's lead. Well, I didn't have time to wait! Judy was screwing some muscular guy with a steel-hard 8” cock, Ralph. I'd seen this guy at the gym and, since I'm bi-sexual could really appreciate why the women were all crazy about him; I'm sure they all wanted to ride his cock just as much as I fantasized about sucking the damn thing! Ralph could have had any woman he wanted and he wanted married women, preferably women with money or, as was the case with Aunt Judy, women with husbands with money.

Now Judy talked up Ralph's big cock and told Nancy that she could share her lover some day. Someday came the following weekend. We were visiting Aunt Judy and, as usual, I was put to work doing housework while the women socialized with some liquor and cigarettes. Raplph came over unexpectedly and he and Judy went to the bedroom to screw. Nancy was invited to join them. I was cleaning the other bedroom and Nancy came in, stripped, touched up her make up, and slipped into a pair of long, lovely suntan thigh-hi nylons. She slipped back onto her heels and headed to join her Aunt and Ralph. As she left the room she smirked and said “you can't do a thing about it”! She was right, all I could do was watch her enter the adjacent where she immediately caught Ralph's eye. Judy had been sucking Ralph's dick and Nancy joined her in servicing this amazing 8” of hard, thick manhood. I could hear the slurping, licking, sucking, and giggling. Ralph moaned loudly; some of this due to his pleasure and some of it due to his desire to let the other men in the house know that he was having sex with their women. Ralph then commented to Nancy, “Let's see how you fuck now”. Nancy showed him by mounting and riding his cock; she moaned loudly and came multiple times before letting Ralph roll on his side with Aunt Judy and finish off by loading her cunt with ample quantities of think load. They all laughed and the women giggled and lit some cigarettes. Nancy soon emerged from the room, her hair messed, her nylons run, and her pussy wet. I was now a cuck but didn't regret it at all. I understood how much She enjoyed him and wanted to eat her pussy but she disappeared into the bathroom to relax and take a bubble bath. I took her smokes and a mixed drink and wondered whether I'd get my chance to share Ralph with Aunt Judy... I met Aunt Judy in the hall; she was leaving the bedroom wearing only a badly run pair of nylons and told me, “You'd better get used to it because that's the way things are in this f****y”. Her hubby told me the same thing. He was content to be a cuck and so was I. As for my chance to share Ralph with Aunt Judy, well it never came but I did have other opportunities...
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3 years ago
What kinky women, I need to move to Buffalo
3 years ago
i want to be a cuckold hunbby so much
4 years ago
Great story would like to other storeies of yours thanks