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Here's my "first time" story. (I know people always say this is a "real" story so as to prove that they aren't making these things up. Well, this is enough of a stupid k** thing, that you ought to figure out that it really happened. Who would make up this stuff?)

Boy Scouts, and a camping trip one summer. Two k**s to a tent - these old heavy canvas tents - with ugly and uncomfortable wood and canvas cots. The tents were set up in a circle around a central campfire area with rocks. One day, somehow, and my mind is of no use remembering exactly why, everyone in the troop except me and my tent mate were gone off somewhere leaving us alone in the woods on the camp site. We ended up playing cards, a kind of high card game where the bets were dares. I remember it ended up being a kind of "strip-high card" thing, and at a certain point we had to close the tent flaps as it became obvious that neither of us wanted to be caught by the rest of troop in that stage of undress. (Much less caught by the scout leaders!)

Eventually we got down to underwear, then nothing, and then the dares got into that sort of boy thing that happens: "If you lose you got to kiss my butt." "If you lose, you got to kiss my butt outside the tent." Then "touch my dick", then hold on to my dick" and of course, "kiss my dick." I remember that when it got down to "blow my dick" that I had no idea what that actually meant and when I had to do his dick, I put it in my mouth and puffed on it like I would have blown up a balloon. (Yeah well, we were just k**s...)

But here's the thing that I still remember. We were both "losing" equally, so whatever I had to do, he did soon after. But then I lost one dare that was "Whoever loses has to lay on their back and the other gets to stick their dick in their mouth." Well, I lost, and I remember laying on that uncomfortable cot and having him climb on top of me and put his dick into my mouth. He was about my size, so I remember his body pressing mine down, and having his dick pretty far inside my mouth and not being able to move my head for the weight of his crotch and legs. Almost immediately he jerks up and down and cums in my mouth. He got off real quick, put his clothes on and left the tent, never saying anything. I had cum before when jerking off, so I knew what just happened. I remember that it tasted funny, and was a bit "slimy" in my mouth so I spit it out, and got dressed myself.

We were tent mates the rest of the week, but we never said anything to each other about what happened that day, never did anything like that the rest of the week. I don't remember his name, I don't know where he is now. I do remember his dick (it had an odd dip downward right before the head) and I remember the feel of cum in my mouth. After that, for a while, and before I discovered that girls were equally fun when undressed and sucking on your dick, I spent many a happy moment jerking off and remembering that moment when he stuck his dick in my mouth and came.

It's funny when I think of that time, most of the other moments of that week are missing: how we ended up being alone with no one else around, how we felt so self confident that we wouldn't be discovered, naked, sucking on each other's dicks. But what remains has stayed all these years, the thrill of being alone, doing something we shouldn't have done, the taste of a dick and the feel of cum.

You learn a lot in Boy Scouts. Don't tell me it's all about moral leadership.
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5 months ago
learned how to jerkoff in Scouts and dipped my cock in a mouth at camp
1 year ago
been there. First couple of guys I sucked off did the same. Even I did when I had a great chance one night. I got off quickly and could not finish. I just felt dirty. Next day I just wished I had kept at it. Who knows what it could have turned into.
2 years ago
great story!