My Not So First Day Of Sixth Form

Please note this story is not real and is a fictional fantasy made up with no element of truth.

This is a story I wrote a while back and found it and put it on here to share with the world! I hope you guys enjoy and please comment below with feedback, Thanks!!
This is the story of how I lost my virginity. I am 16 years old at the moment and this just happened very recently (a month ago to be precise). I am gay and I knew I was since being a young k**.

It was a warm autumn day and I woke up with probably the biggest boner I’d ever had in my whole life! I had a shower, got dressed and grabbed a banana and shot out the front door. My mum neither my dad were home as they went on holiday and were meant to come back before I start school but their flight got delayed and so I essentially have the whole house to myself for an extra week, ROCK ON!! My parents trust me to stay home alone as I have been doing so my whole life as they both are often away on business trips and meetings across the globe.

I reached my school with about 10 minutes before the day was “officially "meant to start. I was very surprised to see no students walking in the building. At first I thought I must be too early but then quickly changed my judgement think I was late. FUCK! Late on the first day of bl**dy school!! I ran inside and to my astonishment there was nobody there in the reception or hall. I then legged it to my form room and didn't see anybody in the neighbouring rooms. I then saw a teacher in my supposedly form room. I took a closer look and saw he wasn't any old teacher he was a bl**dy fit, young and handsome teacher!

I could feel my cock getting bigger and harder and now have to change my observation as this boner was the biggest I have ever had! He had long blonde hair and some stubble across his face. He had a gorgeous smile. I then stopped daydreaming for a second and realised he was smiling at me! Why I thought? He waved his arm and signalled for me to come inside. I opened the door and asked him where I was supposed to be. He replied at home as I stupidly misread the date I was supposed to start, which was tomorrow!! BOLOOOXXXX! I was never this embarrassed before in my entire life nor felt this stupid. He smiled at me and said don't worry everyone makes mistakes and now that you're here you can help me out with some stuff. WOW! spending one to one time with a fit teacher, darn right I was going to help out! I replied yes. He replied back that he was joking and told me to go home. I knew I wasn't taking no for an answer and didn't back down. So I stayed and helped and I also learned that we are the only two people in the school (excluding the caretaker and the head teacher who were in their respective offices on the other side of the school).

I followed him to the ICT room where he went to photocopy some sheets. He couldn't get it to work and bent over the machine sticking his arse in front of my face. I silently swooned and adored the view of his bubble but. I tried so hard to not get a boner but it was impossible. He called me over to collect the copies and I used the cardboard box as a shield to hide my boner and I collected the sheets. We went back to his classroom and while I was stapling some pages together he got up to me and whispered in my ear. “ you do realise there was a massive mirror in the ICT room.” He winked at me and said,” you have my permission to put that stapler down and to have some fun with me.” We both smiled at each other and for a bit I thought I was dreaming until he took off his shirt. I stared at his pecks and the way the light reflected off his chest and golden brown hairs. He came closer and took off my trousers and underwear and stuck his tongue in my hole. It felt great, his warm wet tongue slithered around my hole giving me a stunning feeling. I moaned and groaned every second that tongue was in me. I whispered to him that I was a virgin and he replied” you won't be when I am done with you” and winked at me. I winked backed and smiled at him.

Part Two Coming Soon ;)
Stay Tuned........
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2 years ago
Good beginning. Will be sure to read next part. Thanks.
2 years ago
LOL thanks for pointing that out Harry, its and old story so I am not surprised to see the mistakes!
Thanks for taking notice
2 years ago
"fictional fantasy "