Sex with the foreign neighbor down the hall

I would come home every night from work around the same time. Which is around 11:15pm. And I would always run into stracy. Yes her name was stracy. Which I thought was really cool and unique for such a sexy looking gal.

She was always, and I mean always, doing laundry down the hall that we had in our apt building. There were 4 floors. And each floor had a small room enough to space 2 washers and 2 dryers and a folding table. And as I would come home, I would walk pass the laundry room every night only to hear and see stracy humming as she was folding cloths and listening to her music on her headphones.

I would always wave and say hi. And she always would respond back with a smile and wave. Stracy could barely understand english. But enough for us to communicate on a friendly level from time to time.

So one night I come home from work and I decide to do laundry as well. As I walked past the laundry room I could hear the dryers going but not the washers. Cool, I thought. There's room for me. And I also noticed that Stracy wasn't in there either. She must have all her cloths in the dryer and waiting on em I thought.

So I make a break to my apt quickly to get my dirty cloths and gathered them up off the floor. I was a young bachelor at the time so I could care less where I threw them once they were dirty. Yes my floor was basically the laundry basket at that time.

I come out of my apt and head to the laundry room. I walk in, set my laundry basket on the table. And open the washer doors only to find cloths in them. Great I thought. As I looked closer I could see lingerie of all sorts. My cock began to grow. I thought, this must be Stracys cloths. I picked one up. It was one of her underwear. It was a pink laced thong.

Suddenly I hear. Jue like what jue see amigo? I turn quickly to the door. Its Stracy. Shes standing there in this tight white dirty tank top. No bra on and her nipples are hard and trying there hardest to pierce through that ever so thin tight shirt of hers. Along with that, she's wearing these high but loose pajama shorts on which look as though they are giving her a bit of camel toe.

With a nervous crack in my voice I respond with. Oh hey stracy. No I was just doing some laundry and I noticed you still had your cloths in here. At that point I throw the thong back in the washer and shut the door.

Watch jue doing! She responded. Day are done, may as well take dem out for me hey? Oh ok, no problem. I open the washer door again slowly and start handing her, her cloths. As I do, she's looking at me with a smile and says. Jue like my
tong yes?

Once again I was nervous and only got out. Uh well.... Stracy smiles and laughs. Ah ha ha, yes, you like dem. Stracy is loving my uncomfortable-ness at this point. She takes the last of what I hand her and puts it in her basket. Then she comes up close to me. Close enough to rub those beg tits of hers on my chest. She whispers in my ear and says.

Jue like girl who wear dee's nasty cloths? Uh, uh, um, yeah I said. Jue a dirty nasty boy aren't jue? Come.... Help me wit my close. She grabs one of her baskets and tilts her head towards another for me to grab. Jue come follow me now. I grab her basket and follow her to her apartment down the hall.

We walk in and she sits the basket down in front of me having her ass face me. As she bends over the high pajama's she has on rides up the crack of her ass and that's when I realize no panties on. She looks back at me while still in the bent over position and smiles then says. Put jor basket here. Once again she tilts her head in the direction where she wants it since her hands are still on her basket. The place she wants my basket is right behind her.

I think. Well this is a strange place to put them. Gooood she says. As I slowly hand down the basket to the floor right behind her I am staring straight at her ass. Yessss she says... Jue like jue like. She begins to slowly shake her ass moving her hips up and down like a hula girl. I am almost in a trance now. She keeps whispering the words slowly, Jue like.... jue like... I am slowly shaking my head yes as I am bending further into her ass.

As I come face to ass with her. She pulls down her pajamas and says, now jue eat ma ass jes? Oh yeah I responded. I grab her ass cheeks and spread them and begin to lick her asshole.

Jes jue lick it good amigo. Lick it good. She is thrusting her ass into me. she then turns around and begins to undress me. She then pushes me back as she lays on the couch. And assumes the position much like you see in the pic above. Now jue fuak me amigo! Fuak me good!

I get on top and start drilling her hard and fast. Good jes jes! Don't stop amigo don't stop! I pull out and cum over her big juicy tits. She begins to rub it in. We both lay there for 10 mins not talking. She then gets up and points to the door and says... You go now. I finish close. I see you layder? Oh yeah, I said. So I get my cloths on and head to my apt and fell asl**p.

Come home the next night and realized she had washed my cloths and left them in front of my door. I must of totally forgot about them I thought. As I grab the basket I notice. There it was. The pink laced thong on top. And with a note that simply said. U good, we do again soon. Stracy
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1 year ago
1 year ago
Mmmm. Great story. I love it.
1 year ago
lucky dog. i love mills. wish i was nearby so u can show me her n i can fuck her