My Best Friends Mother

It was 1980 and I was very young. Even before puberty young. And I had a best friend named Eddie. Eddie lived at the house next door with his mother Eve. Eve was a single mother of Eddies that struggled to makes ends meet. She was also the towns tramp. But for a tramp, she had a very good look that one could ever have for even being one. Her looks did not fit the profile.

She had long dark black hair, brown eyes, and was tall. Almost as tall as my dad. And he was the tallest guy I knew at my age. And being as young as I was, I only came up to Eves mid waist at most.

I like to compare people to celebrities to give them an almost exact idea of how a person looks. And Eve looked a lot like the actress, Madeleine Stowe. You may remember her from the movie, Unlawful Entry with Kurt Russel and Ray Liotta back in the early 90's. Except that eve was a little thicker. Not fat by any means. Just thicker...

Living next to her, I would see a different guy over there each weekend staying with eve. She didn't care. Or at least not to care enough to let it show. In fact, Eve didn't care much about anything. She let Eddie and I do as we pleased all the time. Let us stay up late, watch anything we wanted on tv, and so on. I thought she was one of the coolest moms ever.

So one day, during a weekday. I went over to Eddies house in the middle of the day to go play with Eddie. Eve answered the door. And had these really short jean shorts on. They were frayed at the bottom and she looked as though she wasn't wearing any panties. They looked like they were painted on, and her ass was hanging out of them. Imagine the shortest possible shorts one could wear. That's what these were. And being as tall as I was, I had the perfect view. My eye height was only a little above her luscious milk white ass.

And lets not forget the white tank top she had on, with no bra. Where you could see her nipples trying to pierce thru. And for one of the first times in my life. I witnessed a semi nude woman in real life and became very aroused. I remember how it felt so good in my crotch area. And how I wanted to see more of her.

She dressed like that all the time. But today, She was really pushing the clothing boundaries. She was actually one of the main reasons why I would go over there so much in the first place. Just to see what she had on that day was a gift in itself.

As eve was walking in front of me she headed off to the kitchen telling me that Eddie was in his room and told me not to mind the mess on the floor. Which I thought was kind of strange considering Eve never cared what I thought on how messy her place was. I was just a k**. My opinion didn't mean anything. So why now I thought.

As soon as I opened the door to Eddies room, there were dirty magazines all over the floor. Penthouse, Playboy, and Hustlers. Was this what Eve meant? Eddie was sitting on the edge of his bed looking at one. My mouth dropped. My heart began to race. I hurried and shut the door. Eddie! Your mom is right outside the door in the kitchen! Man if she catches you looking at those, your gonna get in trouble! We better put these away! Come on! With a calm voice, Eddie replies, I won't get in trouble. Shes the one that gave em to me.

Shocked at what I just heard, and still couldn't believe him. I responded quickly with. Stop lying Eddie now and come on! Eddie calmly looked at me as though I was an idiot. I started looking around the room slowly. She really knows about this? Trying to reassure Eddies word. Yeah Jimmy.... She knows.. Here, watch.... Hey mom! No Eddie, don't! Mom! Yeah, what is it honey? Come in here for a sec. She opened the door slowly. Peeking her head in. Yeah baby? What is it? I was sitting next to Eddie on the bed smiling at Eve as if I had just been caught doing something bad.

You gave me these magazines didn't you mom? Yeah, I said that you could have them. There just nude bodies. That's when she looked at me and said. There is nothing wrong with the human body is there Jimmy? Uh, nooooo? I replied... I was breathing heavy and beginning to sweat. Thinking I was gonna get in trouble. I was sure of it. Yup, gonna get a whippen when I get home for sure.

But eve tried to put my mind at ease, and said. Well do these magazines make you feel bad Jimmy? No, not really.. I mean um.. No, uh yeah, there ok I guess I was so confused that I just couldn't talk. But I was getting even more aroused at the idea that she was ok with all this.

She now came into the room. And she got right in front of me, turned around slowly... And bent over at the waist to pick up a magazine sprawled out of the floor. As she bent over, the short jeans were now beginning to ride up her ass. And the fray of the shorts were getting caught in her sweet crotch the further she went down. I looked over at Eddie, and he had his face planted in one of the magazines he was looking at.

I turned back quickly to look back at Eves ass. As I stared into what was erotic heaven to me I began to notice what look like black fray from the jeans mixed with the white fray, but finer. But it wasn't fray. My mind simply couldn't compute and put the two together. I was in such awe, that I hadn't even realized at the time it was her pubic hair.

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks what it was. She had quite a bush on her. The hairs were black and very fine and you could barely see them. But her ass was literally inches from my face while she was bent over. My whole pelvic area was now throbbing even harder than before.

As she picked up the magazine, she turns around. But still in a bent over position and smiles, and says here. Have a look at this one. I am now looking down her shirt at her nice big hanging tits that she had in that loosely worn tank top of hers. I can see them clear as day. She may as well of been naked as much as I saw. I let out a erotic oh sound. And couldn't believe what I had just said. I look her in the eyes now with paranoia thinking I'm caught and in trouble. She hands me the magazine and chuckles at my response to what I had just saw. And says, here you go honey. Then she turns to Eddie and says let me know when your ready, ok sweetie. Ok mom.. She then calmly stands up and walks out of the bedroom closing the door gently after her. Ready for what? I asked Eddie. To make me feel good. Feel good? How? You'll see...

Eve was a starving artist. She loved to paint. And always had the neighborhood k**s come over and use the rest of her paints that she was going to throw away anyway since they were on the verge of spoiling. She rather see the paint get used then throw it away. And she did this with us k**s about once a month.

Her favorite thing to paint was nude women. She would always tell us after showing us her paintings that a woman's body is a work of art and should be appreciated. So when she told me about the magazines and handed me one, it all started to make sense. It was just art in her eyes, and nothing more. But in my eyes.... It was the most erotic thing I ever witnessed.

So as I went through each magazine I became more and more aroused. I felt as if I were going to lose my mind and couldn't get rid of the throbbing that was going on in my pelvic area. And began to feel like it was filling me up. I felt full in my lower region. Full just below my thing, which I called at the time at such a young age that I was. My thing hurts. But it was a good hurt I had thought.

So to try to get matters off my mind, I began to ask Eddie questions about the magazines. So why does your mom have all these? She was using em. Using them? I asked, How? She would look at them while she painted. These are her painting magazines Eddie said. Now this was all beginning to make sense. But this was only the tip of the iceberg. Eve and her son had a much more stranger relationship than I initially thought.

So the next 20 mins or so go by quietly. Were both silently looking at our painting magazines. And then he asks me. Does it hurt yet? Huh? How would he know If I was hurting I thought. Your thing? Does it hurt yet? Eddie also referred to it as, thing. Well it kinda hurts I said, but it doesn't. I don't know! It's just weird I guess. Well when mine begins to hurt that's when I tell my mom. Your mom? Why? Eddie turns another page in his porno mag. Because she gives me her feel good lotion to rub on it with and make it feel better. Rub on what? Eddie looked at me as if I was an idiot again. My thing stupid.

And that's when Eddie explained. I saw one of my moms boyfriends do this late at night when I had to use the bathroom. He was sitting on the toilet with one of these magazines in his hand. And in his other hand he had his thing. And he was hurting it really bad by rubbing on it with moms feel good lotion. Rubbing it really hard and making strange faces and groans. So I ran yelling and crying to my mom and had told her what I had saw. They both sat down with me and told me that he wasn't hurting it. But making the pain go away and make it feel better. And told me that its ok and that people do that. People? Girls do it too?! I asked. Yup, they sure do!

I started doing it too Eddie replied. You do? Yeah, one night I asked my mom if I could make the pain go away too. Cause I was looking at her painting magazines all day. And I wanted to make it feel better so she gave me her feel good lotion. Her feel good lotion? Why is it her feel good lotion? Cause my mom uses it too to make herself feel good. Sometimes she uses it with me. She does... Gulp...

Hey Mom! Yeah honey, you ready? Uh huh, bring it in mom I'm hurting really good right now too. Eddie looks at me with a big smile and says, I can't wait! Wait for what Eddie? You gonna stay, and do this with me? Um, I don't know...

Suddenly, the door opens slowly, and Eve just pokes her head in. Hey honey I have my lotion. You wanna use it now right? Eve looks at me and smiles. Did Eddie tell you all about my feel good lotion and how him and I use it? My mouth is wide open and head nodding slowly. Uh huh... I respond like a zombie.

Do you guys care if I join you. Yeah mom, come in and lay between us on the bed. Eddie was now fully undressed and laying on the bed playing with his thing. And to my amazement, Eve opens the door slowly while still looking at me with a smile and is now completely naked. I was so excited now. As she comes in she says to me, its ok honey, you don't have to be afraid. She lays down next to Eddie and begins to put her feel good lotion on him.

Eddie begins to moan. Oh mommy, it feels so good. I know honey I know. I'm standing at the foot of the bed. Eve looks at me and says you coming to bed sweetie? Uh, yeah, yeah. I begin to undress. And the while looking at Eve. She is so so sexy. Her hairy thing was really making mine hurt really bad now.

I climbed into bed and she asks me. Would you like me to put it on and make it feel better. Uh huh... Her hands go on it with a large amount of her feel good lotion. She begins to rub it and says. This is called a hand job and what I'm doing is called stroking your cock.

I begin to feel so good. Eve is now stroking the both of us. As she does she ask me. Would you like to touch me while looking at her Tits? Uh huh... Go ahead honey don't be afraid. I begin to play with her tits. Eddie does then too. He begins to suck on them. Eve looks at me and says. You can the same honey if you like. I begin to suck. She starts to moan. That's it boys. Make mommy feel good. She is now stroking us harder. It's becoming to feel so good and I can't bare to handle it anymore.

She tells Eddie to take care of himself. Eddie rolls to his side and begins to stroke his thing harder and faster. Thrusting his hips into his fist. Oh mommy, he moans. I love your feel good lotion so much. He says I'm cumming mommy! I'm cumming! Eve now turns to me laying on her side propping one leg up. She begins to put her feel good lotion on herself and starts rubbing her thing now too. All while still stroking me. She begins to moan as well. Thrusting her hips along with me into her own hand. She makes a cry out, and says I'm cumming boys! I'm cumming!

Suddenly my thing begins to pulsate. And it feels so so good. I can feel vibrations radiating over my entire body. The fullness in my lower region near my thing is starting to go away. I'm thrusting into Eves hand now harder and harder.

Now my thing hurts really bad as she strokes it. I begin to back off from her fist. And notice its not throbbing like it was earlier. It's finally soft again. She smiles and said you came. I came? You'll understand when you get older she said. She got up and left the bedroom. Eddie turned over to me and said. See, I bet you feel better now don't you. I smiled and laughed as I laid there staring at the ceiling. Eve comes back in the room and whispers in my ear. You have a lot more to learn Jimmy. And I'm gonna teach it all to you soon enough.

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1 year ago
To short, I want the boys to play with each other and fuck the mother as well as fuck themself...
2 years ago
Man, this story takes me back to my fist time. Also with a friends mom, hence my love for BBW's since the age of 13!
2 years ago
I have an friend whos's mom I wish would have done something like this with me.
2 years ago
oh my
2 years ago
nice. more?
2 years ago
hahah wtf man? this is sick...please do introduce me to her (: or is she old now? :O