My first swinger experience, Part-3

After we had enjoyed a most wonderful dinner, we all retired to the living room for some coffee and conversation. Jean - Luc suggested we get to know each other better and I agreed.

He talked about them as a nudist f****y, and how life has been for them, especially after having a daughter and making the decision to bring her up and to make her apart of their world, a world that they both so enjoyed. Then Marie, joined in and said that they were very please to have met me and how they like that I am adjusting to the life of a naturalist, and that they were also very please that Zoe has taken a liking to me, they said that they have been preparing her for the day when her body would let her know that she was ready to enjoy some of the acts that she has witnessed her parents and friends enjoying over the years.

I very bashfully said that I was having a great time and that I too was happy to have met them and to have the pleasure of learning from them. As we all enjoyed each others company I sat there still in my swim trunks as Marie sat their naked with just her silk robe on, and Jean-Luc, well he was always happy to be nude, so he sat their completely naked with his cock semi-erect, it was hard for me not to notice his erection growing as he watch how his wife Marie was flirting with me.

She sat across from me on the couch next to Jean-Luc and I sat across from them on the other couch next to their nubile daughter Zoe, what a lovely specimen, I had mixed feeling about the way this little girl made my body feel but I did not want to deny my body and soul the pleasure that also arose from the fragrance that came from between her young legs and that tight pussy, she also sat next to me, also barely covered wearing a matching silk robe like her mothers...

As Marie continued to talk with me, she would very casually open her legs revealing her muff, with her nicely shaved pussy just within reach, I could also see how wet she was becoming, her nipples began to get hard and showed through her red silk robe, her sexy and firm breast were also just about to fall out of her robe, my cock began to firm up as well, and they all took notice.

Jean-Luc laughed and said, "my friend why don't you just relax and take it out so that it can breath, look at how comfortable I am?", as he looked down at his firm cock that began to stand firm, just as he said this and look down at his member, his wife Marie, reached over and took his cock in her hands and began to stroke his cock, it was so firm in her hands, I do not know why but the site of his cock turned me on as well, I think he noticed as he looked at me and smiled.

Then to my surprise, I felt Zoe's little hand as she released my cock from my trunks in one swoop and held it in her hand, she also stroked my cock and smiled, I look over to see what her parents would say about this but they just smiled at me and said enjoy!

which I did enjoy, I enjoyed every minute of it, as I returned the favor by sliding my hand down her back, I slid my finger between the crack of her ass, her tight little ass, I played with her anus for a bit, I just wanted to see how she would react, as my mind was racing as I thought about how it would feel to fuck this young tight ass, hmmm... Sweet!

She simply looked up at me and smiled in a very sweet and seductive way was as she then bent over and took my cock into her mouth, what pleasure I felt as I then looked up to see that Marie, had also taken Jean-Luc's cock in her mouth and was sucking him off... I gazed and the sight of his thick wet cock as it slid in and out of her mouth, and I looked between Marie's legs as she spread them so that I could see her pussy lips as she rubbed her clit...

Then Marie rose up and grabbed my hand and took me into the bedroom, they had a queen size bed, so it was perfect for this unbelievable foursome that I just knew was about to go down...

To my surprise I looked back as we got to the bedroom door and I saw as Zoe had taken her fathers cock in hand and began to suck on his thick member, I was so hard from all of this that I just took Marie's hand and guided her to the bed, layed her down and opened her legs as I stood between her and slid my cock into her wet pussy, oh how tight she was... Fucking lovely for a French Milf, I grooved my stiff shaft in and out of her pussy... Just as I was ready to unload my jizz into her I felt Zoe's little hand slide down my back as she whispered in my ear, "That's it, give it to my mother, she needs your big black cock, give it to her", just as she said this I felt her slip her index finger up my ass, wow, I was amazed, but the feeling of the entire experience was so overwhelming, she continued to finger fuck my ass as I fucked her mom, this seemed to make my cock even stiffer as I rammed in into Marie's tight aged, wet pussy... Ooooohhhh the feeling was so electrifying then I came in her!

As if she was not done, Zoe, laid me down on the bed and sat on my face with her tight pussy lips right over my lips, I just started to lick her wetness and I slid my tongue between her young l****a pussy lips, how sweet the smell and oh the taste of her fresh pussy juices...

The next thing I noticed, Marie was between my legs sucking my cock back to attention, she sure knew how to please a man with her mouth, that Marie! I continued to suck on little Zoe's pussy, I became lost in her tight pussy, it was so awesome, that I did not even realize that Marie, had switched places with Jean-Luc, who was now sucking on my cock, it was when I felt his facial hairs rub against my leg that I knew, it was not Marie who was sucking my cock.

Them Marie whispered in my ears as I was straddled between little Zoe's legs,
"Do you like this please? Do you mind if we all enjoy you tonight? You may have Zoe in any way you want, she really wants to feel your cock inside of her, she told us this and we said it is ok but Jean-Luc also wants to taste and feel you.." Not knowing what to say anymore, I just continued to suck on those pussy lips as I whispered yes, yes, please take me.....

My cock was so hard now, I remember just earlier watching as Marie sucked Jean-Luc's hard cock on the couch and now he was sucking on my stiff cock and I was enjoying every moment of it.. As I laid there on the bed, with Zoe's pussy straddled over my face and eating out that wet pussy, I felt the cold feeling of some lube being applied to my cock and then I felt a tight ass descend on my cock.

It was Jean-Luc, I knew this because it just felt different, besides I had fucked Marie in her ass the night before. I pretended not to notice as I pushed madly up into his ass with my stiff cock, it felt so good, this was my first experience fucking another man, I have always fantasized about other mens cocks but I was never brave enough to try one... He sat on my cock and rode me good, I was so impressed with his ability to ride a dick, he did it so damn good. then I felt my cock slip out of his ass as Marie took it into her mouth,
she sucked my cock off and then inserted it back up his ass, I fucked him good as he rode my dick....

After a few minutes, Jean-Luc got off of my hard cock and Marie whispered in my ear that Zoe's pussy was nice and ripe and waiting to be fucked, she told me that "Zoe had sucked her fathers cock before and that he had fingered her and fucked her in her ass but never in her pussy and that she was now old enough and ready to have her virgin pussy fucked and that they wanted me to be the
one...." I turned around as Zoe got up off of my face and laid down on the bed, I took her in the missionary position, I took her nice and slow, I eased my cock into her tight little virgin pussy, her pussy lips had spread around the thick head of my cock, I slowly inserted it inch by inch, as Zoe willingly took my cock her mother Marie laid next to her and cradled her in her arms..

I continued to fuck her, it was soo tight, wow, so sweet because it was so wet,
then just when I thought it could not get any better, I felt a stiff rod poking me from behind, it was Jean-Luc, he stood behind me as I was over his daughter and he inserted his huge cock into my tight ass hole, oh my god! My hips thrust forward and deep into Zoe's pussy, as he held me from behind and said to me, "Fuck her good my friend and I shall return you the favor", and that he did, he laid his pipe on me... wow, I cannot say how good it felt to take suck a nice cock in my ass for the first the same time as I had my stiff cock deep in his daughters tight virgin pussy!

The next thing I knew, was that Zoe had clinched tight around my waist as she cried out, "I am coming mama, I am coming, it is soo nice"... Almost in the same instance I felt the hot jizz being released in my ass by Jean-Luc, this made my hard cock blow its load deep into her virgin pussy...

Jean-Luc released his cock from my tight ass and he said to me, "You are now, one of us, welcome to our f****y"... I smiled as I took my cock out of Zoe and the mix of my hot cum and her virgin bl**d ran down my cock and out of her pussy!

Marie, then took a towel and cleaned Zoe up, then we all laid together in the bed and embraced each other, I even returned the favor and suck jean-Luc's sweet cock later that night before I fucked him again and this time I came in his tight ass as both Marie and Zoe laid there enjoying the view...

I tell you, I learned one hell of a lesson on that vacation, and that is that Europeans do know how to enjoy Life and Sexual Pleasure like no other...

We kept in touch, since then, and I am scheduled to go to visit them in France soon, me and Zoe have built up our own relationship and we are friends on Facebook and we are always sending each other sexy messages...

Viva le France and Viva le French Pussy, Se Magnifique!!!

90% (25/3)
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the best of the best WWWWWOOOOWWW
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great wanking material! Lol
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Very nice! Lucky man, you had the best of all worlds
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Very hot.
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Thanks for posting your story! That was so amazing, one of the best ever.
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Very hot story.