My first swinger experience, Part-2

My First Swinger Experience Part-2

After we laid in bed together, the three of us. Jean-Luc asked me which hotel I was staying at, since it was obvious that I was not staying at their nudist resort, I told him that I was staying at the hotel just up the breach. Then he shocked me by inviting me to come stay with them, he said, you should check out of your hotel and come spend the rest of the week here with us, give us a chance to transform you into a true nudist. I laughed as I seriously thought about it, and well, it did not take me too long to answer yes.

He said, "That is great, my friend, you will not regret this", he told me that they had an extra bedroom, so no need to worry, "You will just have to share this with our daughter Zoe but she is like us, so no problem, very open minded you know". I said, ok, but truthfully I did not know, I was simply stunned but yet sexually curious to see where the rest of this week would go, I thought that this was the opportunity of a life time and that I might never get this chance to have sex with a women like Marie again.

So I left their beach side condo and went back to my hotel to check out before noon so that I could return, they said that Zoe is still asl**p but I can meet her when I return with my things.

As I was back in my hotel room my heart was racing and my mind was busy fantasizing just what kind of sensual pleasure would come of the rest of this week. Then I remembered that he said, share a bedroom with their daughter Zoe, I did not even meet her as yet, or asked how old she was, none the less I was excited as hell, so I finished packing and checked out and rushed back over before lunch time. When I got back to the condo, I told them thanks for allowing me to join them on this adventure, and I expressed to them that I was some what nervous but very excited, and that I would like for them to let me buy them lunch to show my appreciation, they agreed and called for Zoe to come to meet me.

As I turned, I was surprised to see that Zoe was still a teenager and not an adult. They saw my expression and told me not to worry, Zoe is very open and she grew up as a nudist, so this is the life that she knows and loves, "Right Zoe?" then she simply smiled and said "Yes, papa", came over and introduced herself to me. We went for lunch at a local restaurant I had discovered in town, we did some shopping and then decided it was time to head back to the condo and enjoy an afternoon at the beach.

When we got back to the condo, I went to my room to change into my swim suite and then Zoe walked in and then she simply smiled and said to me, " you really are not used to be a nudist, eh?" and I nervously said no. She was so stunningly beautiful and sensual for her age, I did not want to look at her as she very openly began to take her clothes off, as her skirt hit the floor, I was amazed to see that she had went to lunch and to town without any underwear on, I thought to myself how sexy for a young l****a. Then she took her top off and her newly forming breast were so perfect and perky, I did not want to look her over but yet I found myself staring at her young sexy beauty.

She noticed and then made me feel at ease by saying, " Not to worry my new friend, you will get to see a lot of me the rest of the week", then she smiled and grabbed her beach bag and towel and left to the room.

As I returned to the living room, they were all chatting and laughing as Marie turned to me and said, "my friend, not to worry, this is our lifestyle and now you are apart of our f****y, we will show how to live and enjoy life the way it should be lived, and when you return to the US your life will not be the same".

Jean-Luc grabbed a bottle of wine and then we headed out to the beach for an afternoon of sun bathing and water sports. As we laid on the blanket on the beach and enjoy the afternoons sun and some awesome wine, we talked and laughed and got to know each other much better, even Zoe drank wine, I was surprised as I then asked how old is Zoe that you let her drink wine? "Then they both laughed and said, "She drinks because she is mature enough and responsible enough, and we trust her only to drink with us for now until she is older but to answer your question, Zoe is _ _ years old, I was amazed and stunned, so young, yet so beautiful, I felt guilty then for continuously watching her over, which I am sure they noticed as I know that Zoe did, for she caught me several times but she simply smiled and winked at me in that sensual way, made my cock twitch in my shorts.

We enjoyed the sun a little more and then the wine must have began to kick in as I saw Marie begin to tenderly touch Jean-Luc's chest and rub him down, her hand slowly went down his tummy as she took his cock in hand and gently stroked it as it came to life. Jean-Luc's cock was un-circumsiced and when fully erected it was nice and full and stood about 7" tall, she then took him into her mouth and began to suck on his cock as it continued to grow, I was amazed as she did this right in front of Zoe. Not sure how to react to this all, I turned to Zoe, who laying next to them and pleasantly watch it all as if it was nothing, and I asked her if she would like to go on the wave runner with me, her eyes lit up as she jumped up and said, "yes of course I would".

So we left them and went to enjoy the ocean on the wave runner, they did not mind and did not stop enjoying each other, they simply turn to us and said "Be careful and have lots of fun". As we were out on the water, I had to drive as the rental place said that Zoe was too young to ride it herself, to which she became irritated but she was happy to be on the water with me, as we got out far enough, she whispered in my ear, " I am very happy that you decided to come to stay with us, I am now enjoying this vacation much better", then she gave me a kiss on my cheek from behind and her arms held me around the waste tightly.

Then, out of nowhere, I felt her hand as it left my waist and slid into my speedo's I was so stunned that I did not know what to do, then she said, "You feel so great, and oh what is this, you are not cercumsized? how nice", as she continued to stroke my cock in the open air on the ocean, I must admit it was electrifying and so hot, that for a moment, I forgot about how young she was and simply rode around on the wave runner and enjoyed her handjob, but I guess I was enjoying it a little too much as after a couple of minutes I came in her hands, I was so embarrassed that I apologized to her, then she simply smiled and said, "not to worry, it will not go to waste" as she brought her hand which was full of my love juice to her mouth a licked it all up.

My cock remained semi erected and she kept her other hand on my cock as we continued to ride around and enjoyed the ocean together, it was amazing to feel her young body brushing up against my back and as she spread her legs and pushed her pelvic close to my ass my heart raced. At the end of our time on the water we went back in and then we both swam around together and out to the water float, we laid there together for a bit, she turned to me and kissed me gently on the lips, I was shocked but then again I enjoyed it as well, and my mouth caressed hers and our lips parted and I gave her my tongue, her hand slid down my chest again and found the bulge in my shorts and this time she simply stroked me to pleasure again without any resistance from me, once my cock was fully erected in her little hand she turned and went down on me, I was amazed that this little l****a knew how to suck cock to damn good, she was like a pro, I said, wow Zoe, you do this so great, how did you learn to suck cock so well, and then she looked up at me and smiled and said, "my father of course you silly"..

Not sure how her parents would feel about this, I did not want to stay out there for long, besides I was not sure if I could trust myself not to fuck her right there on the raft. So we then swam back to shore and returned to her parents who we found having sex out in the open on the blanket, Marie was on top of Jean-Luc and riding him in a cowgirl stance, I knew from the night before that she sure knows how to ride some dick. I was relieved that they were busy having sex with each other because it meant that they were too busy to notice that I let their daughter suck my cock out on the water raft.

We both sat next to them on the blanket as I poured myself another glass of wine, and I also poured Zoe another glass as well, we laid their watching her parents fuck each other, my cock began to grow in my shorts and Zoe noticed, she said, "why do you not take it out and let him enjoy the sun", I did not know what to say, then Marie, still riding Jean-Luc's cock, turned to me and saw my cock full and hard in my shorts, and she said, "why yes, please take it out and I will suck it for you my dear".. So I did, I released my cock from its prison and let him stand to attention in the sun as Marie came off of Jean_Luc cock and crawled over to me on all fours and took my cock in her hand and guided it to her warm moist mouth and began to suck me so pleasantly as Jean -Luc who was still hard and horny came up behind her and fucked her doggy style right in front of Zoe who sat their next to me sipping her wine with one hand and her other hand played with her little clit only three feet from my face, I could smell her sweet young pussy and I could see how wet and moist she was. As her mother sucked my cock, my head was fixated on Zoe's sweet little pussy, and her mother saw this and smiled at me and released my cock from her mouth and said, " you like, no?" I was so horny and hard that I turned to her without thinking and said yes, she looks so tasty!

She said, "Oh my dear she is very sweet" as she took my cock back in her mouth and continued to suck my rock hard cock and Jean-Luc continued to pound her nice firm ass. I turned back to Zoe as she was watching me in my eyes and smiling and licking her lips, my eyes then traveled down to her sweet pussy as she continued to stimulate her clit with her hand and sipped her wine with the other hand, I thought to myself, this cannot be real, this is a dream...

As Jean-Luc continued to pound his wife's tight pussy so did she continue to devour my stiff cock, and then as she moaned and came all over his cock, he also came into her tight pussy and so did I cum in her mouth, I was totally amazed, it was such a magical moment as little Zoe also began to tremble as she came all over her hand, only three feet from my face I could see the juices trickle down her your tight pussy!

As we laid their and enjoyed each others company and a damn great bottle of wine, the sun began to set and Marie said, "Let us go inside and me and Zoe will make dinner?"...

Stay tuned for Part-3

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great story
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DAMN!!!! This one was even better then the last.
On to the next one.
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