Early Years #2

I have always been interested in the Female Body, I love everything about it.

I love all shapes, sizes, colors, to me pussy is pussy, and the tighter it is,
the sweeter it is, I also love Anal, I love ass, I love thick women, nice tight thick asses with a tight anus, I love slowly slipping my cock up a woman's ass
just as much as I love to pipe down her pussy!

When I returned from visiting my Uncle and Cousin in Europe, I had another interesting experience that I thought I will share with you all. Please comment!

It was Fall and I was spending the weekend by one of my Aunts, I loved spending time their because I was raised by my Grandma in a house filled with women, this is why have such good understanding of women, I just seem to know where to touch them, and what to say and the right time. My aunt had to go out on the town with her husband and so I stayed at home with her two k**s, my two cousins and the baby sitter of course, I sweet thang, she was 16 years old at that time and I was still just 10 years old, but my little cock was always wet on the tip and ready to stand up.

My cousin told the baby sitter that I liked her and wanted to see her breast, she came into the bedroom where we were playing Nintendo, the original one, lol...

She sat on the edge of the bed and asked me if I really wanted to see her breast?

I was in shock and turned to look at my cousin with a fierce look, because ratted me out. But then the baby sitter said don't be ashamed, it is ok, I understand, you are a young man and at that age when your body is having certain yearnings, true or not? I was shocked that she knew but then she said that she used to have those feeling since she was a little girl.

She said I can see her breast and maybe even touch them if I don't tell my aunt.

I of course not, just like a big boy, then she said, ok, come over here and sit on your knees in front of me, she spread her legs and I saw her sweet pussy puffing out of her white bikini panty, she was wearing a really short jean skirt, which I found to be very sexy. Her pussy lips were so puffy and she had a camel toe, and this was my first view, I have seen pussy before in my uncles magazines but never up close and personal.

She open her legs wider and then pulled me in closer to her, and then she lifted her short cut off shirt to which she only had her bare breast, she did not have any bra on, and this was so awesome! Her black nipples were standing up so hard that my cock started to get real hard and was pushing out of my shorts.

She said proudly, do you like what you see now?

I said, yes, then she said, you can touch them if you like, that was all I needed to hear, my younger cousin was also getting horny, she came to sit right next to the baby sitter in her short white little care bears night dress, she lifted her legs so that her two legs were spread apart and her feet were pressed against the edge of the bed, I was amazed her her sweet little pussy which was also pushing through her undies.

As she sat there the baby sitter said to her, do you remember how I showed to to rub your little love button? She said yes, then the baby sitter told her to
pull her under aside with her left hand and rub her little clit with her right and, she immediately did as she was told, this is when I first realized that this sweet 16 year old baby sitter has been showing my little cousin how to touch herself to relieve the itch she was feeling between her legs each day.

I was not eager to learn from her as well...

More to follow!

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2 years ago
each Your Stories are getting more interesting as I Jerk Off while reading each on with immense interest... envisioning the scenarios, Spurting & Oozing Cum!
2 years ago
2 years ago
I'm definitely on to the next installment.
2 years ago
cock hot now! Lol
2 years ago
good start