Dream come true....

Jenny stood outside the door smoothing her hands over her skirt nervously. “I hope I look good,” she thought taking out her compact to check her makeup. “It’s been such a long time.” She applied a little more lipstick and pushed her dark brown hair back off her shoulders. She checked her eye shadow also, it was perfectly setting off those bright green eyes and long eyelashes. Jenny shut the compact with a snap and dropped it back in her purse. She was wearing dainty black heels and a hip hugging black mini skirt. Her halter top was black with tropical green flowers that accented her eyes. She looked phenomenal. It had been so long since she had seen John, and she wanted to impress him. Remind him of that sexy girl he fell for so long ago. Since their break up she hadn’t changed much, cut her hair, started working out more, but basically the same Dream. Now that they’d finally spoken and resolved their misunderstandings, they were ready to date again. That electrifying connection they’d felt before was still there and she couldn’t wait any longer to ring the doorbell.

John called out, “It’s open Jenny,” and she let herself in. “I’m in the kitchen fixing some drinks.”

She walked slowly over to the kitchen. “Hey you.” She stood in the doorway. “Miss me?”

John turned to see her and almost dropped the ice cubes he was holding. “Wow you look stunning, where have you been?”

“Nowhere, just wanted to look good for you,” she replied coming closer.

“Well you certainty look fantastic sweetheart,” he said handing her a drink then turning around again, he bent over to get another glass.

“Mmm, screwdriver, after all this time you remember my drink.” Jenny took the glass, and as he bent over ran a few fingers lazily over his ass.

“Well how could I forget?” he said his words interrupted by her touch on his tight jeans.

Standing back up suddenly John stepped backwards, bumping Jenny to the side spilling some of her drink. “Oh!” she gasped as the cold liquid hit her top.

“Sorry, you caught me by surprise there,” John said bashfully. “Well we can’t have that lovely top getting stained. If you take it off I’ll soak it for you.” He gestured to the sink.

“I suppose I should.” Jenny took a few steps past him sliding it over her head, leaving him to see her tanned back and black lace bra. As she pulled her top off she heard John take in a sharp breath behind her, gasping as her bare back became revealed. Shyly Jenny wrapped her arms around her ample chest and handed her top behind her to John, the fabric still warm from her body.

“You’re looking amazing as always, hun,” he said taking her top then turning to the sink. When he thought she wasn’t looking he brought the green and black fabric to his face and smelled it, deeply inhaling her scent of passion fruit and jasmine. Peeking at his reflection in the window over the sink she grinned a bit.

As John ran the water over her top he called over his shoulder, “There are some shirts in the closet in my room if you want.”

“Oh?” Jenny asked turning to him and laying her hands on his shoulders, caressing him her breasts pressed to his strong back. “I’m not sure I want a shirt, but I suppose I should cover up with something. It is a bit cold.”

John stiffened, surprised again by her soft touch. “Well we can’t have you feeling the cold, now can we? How about I warm you up.” Turning around he pulled her close.

Jenny snuggled in resting her head and hands on his chest. “Mmm you’re warm,” she whispered, accidentally slipping her knee between his legs. John ran his hands down her sides pulling her tighter, pushing her knee higher, grazing something stiff straining in his jeans. Jenny gasped softly and looked up into his eyes to see pure desire and lust. She smiled and leaned forward to kiss his neck softly, her lips just barely touching him yet creating such an intense sensation. Sucking lightly at his skin she whispered near his ear, “Let’s not stay in the kitchen.”

Johns hands slid around the small of Dream’s back to lift her higher on his waist. Holding her up his hands slid down her butt to carry her from the room. All the while Jenny lightly kissing his neck. “Where should I take you?” John asked. As she lifted her head to reply he gently kissed her chin, working his way around her jaw to the nape of her neck.

“Mmm I think your bed is warm and comfy,” she purred.

As they reached the hallway John’s passions took hold of him and he pushed Jenny against the wall, lifting her so that her skirt rode up her thighs and his manly bulge rested against her crotch. He reached one hand up to caress the side of her neck, while the other brushed the side of her bra grazing her nipple through the fabric. Jenny gasped at his f***e, then moaned in pleasure at his touch. He pulled her leg around his hips kissing her neck and working his way down her shoulder while his free hand reached up to gently pinch her nipple through the silk bra. “I don’t think you need this on sweetheart, it’s far too hot in here for that.” Dreamer’s eyes grew wide as he grinned running a hand down her back to the clasp and letting the bra loose on her shoulders.

She blushed bright red, holding the bra to her chest. “John!” she scolded then whispered in his ear, “I think this conversation is better suited for your bedroom.” Holding her tight he carried her to the bedroom, smiling into her deep eyes as he laid her down on the bed.

Jenny slipped her shoes off the edge of the bed and wiggled under the covers, winking coyly at John, encouraging him to follow. John took a few steps away to turn down the lights as he heard her, “Come here John, I’ve missed you.” Her voice was sultry and smooth as he unbuttoned his shirt, still with his back to her.

Returning to the bed he leaned over to kiss her deeply. “I’ve missed you too my sweet,” he said pulling himself down beside her.

Holding his face in her hands she kissed him deeply, her legs squirming under the covers, her bra lost somewhere in the sheets. John began to kiss her neck working down to her perky nipples, undoing the top of his pants with his free hand. He gently blew across her nipple before licking the very tip. Dream’s body quivered and she wiggled her hips sliding the skirt off with one hand.

Jenny was lying before John now in only a black lacy thong. She smiled and squeezed her legs together tight, shyly trying to hide the wet spot on her thong. “I had forgotten just how sexy and perfect you are my love,” John whispered to her.

John turned to kissing her other nipple then slowly worked his way down her amazing body gently kissing ever part of it. Jenny sighed with pleasure, and John slid off his pants revealing a tight pair of shorts. He gently parted her legs and kissed his way down her thighs taking in her scent as he passed her thong. Jenny moaned quivering and squirming at his touch. John ran his fingers over her thong then teased her through it sucking on the fabric. Moaning full of desire, Jenny reached out to stroke his penis through his shorts. John pulled down the thong and took in the sight of those wet lips, then licked them back to front sucking on the plump pink clit. Meanwhile Jenny could feel the damp spot through his shorts at the tip of penis, then she tugged them off whimpering in pleasure.

John slid one finger between her ruby red lips to tease her sweet entrance, but shuddered interrupted as Jenny pulled his shorts freeing his throbbing penis. “Don’t stop, touch me,” Jenny said her voice low. John used his other fingers to part her lips then lapped at her pussy with his tongue working his way to her clit. First circling gently, then using more pressure with his lips then sucking on it while brushing the very tip with his tongue. Jenny moaned lost in his touch as her hand pulls his penis slowly, working down the shaft to the tip then back. Stroking and pulling, she began to squirm squeezing her legs. John slipped a finger inside her hole pumping slowly matching the rhythm of her hand pulling on his penis.

To see just how wet she was John stopped sucking her clit just long enough to lap at the entrance of her hole then returns to her clit. Jenny began to fondle his balls with her other free hand, feeling him stiffening and swelling. “I am ready John, and I know you are as well.” John adjusted his position over her, caressing her breasts and gazing into her deep green eyes, he used his penis to tease her hole and tickle her clit. “Yes…” Jenny murmured and he held onto her hips, lifting her slightly as he pushed deeper. Her hands in fists at her sides, the sheets bulging between her fingers.

John buried himself in her, his balls swollen and knocking against her ass while he pumped in and out. He bent down, still thrusting slowly and took a nipple in his mouth gently biting it. “Oohhh… yes more John,” she moaned. John dove deeper building speed as her breasts bounced in rhythm to his thrusts. John went faster, pumping deep and quick and feeling her orgasm drawing near. Throwing all his strength and weight into it John pumped hard feeling her body gripping him tighter, his balls beginning to contract. They climaxed together in an explosion of passion, Jenny screaming out in pleasure and John’s voice lost as his cum filled her.

John pulled her close for a deep kiss, then they collapsed together, exhausted, their feet entwined under the covers.
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4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
Jenny and John got together and hot again - great story of lost love and lust, which returned.
4 years ago
Great story