Rachel the Secretary - Part 2

They’d started drinking at four in the afternoon and she already felt d***k as they headed for the restaurant. She hardly knew the technicians. One was in his late forties and quiet, Samir was in his early sixties, overweight and always lewd and trying to paw her. Jaideeep was in his thirties and a total gentleman, always looking after her, opening doors and making coffee for her.

They were all very d***k and the conversation started to turn increasingly bawdy. She sat next to Louise at dinner and they giggled together, playing along with the innuendo as it get smuttier and smuttier. They rose to go to the toilet together and Louise flicked up her skirt to reveal tan stockings, a pert bottom and G-string. They men applauded and wolf whistled and called for Rachel to follow suit. Before she could reply, Louise had stepped behind her, flicked the flared short skirt she was wearing up to reveal her seamed black stocking tops and completely see through sheer black panties and vet obviously totally shaved pussy! She pulled Louise’s hands away quickly and dived towards the toilets to the sound of raucous clapping and whistling from the restaurant.

After the meal they were asked to leave the restaurant after Louise had exposed her breasts at the table and the conversation had turned to the men calling for the two women to strip. Rachel played along enjoying every minute. She felt beyond d***k, as if she were dreaming, enjoying teasing the men losing her inhibitions and feeling very turned on. She put it down to herself ovulating. She left arm in arm with Louise, playfully squeezing each other backsides, the men hooting encouragement close behind.

They squeezed into a taxi, with Roger and Marcus either side of them, as they all headed back to Louise’s house. Marcus was feeling up Louise’s thigh and began kissing her; Roger rested his arm lightly on Rachel’s knee. She felt blurry and closed her eyes.

Louise’s house was even more rowdy with loud music and alcohol flowing freely. After a while Rachel needed the loo and headed upstairs. As she left the toilet and headed past the bedroom to go back downstairs, she heard Louise’s voice call her from the bedroom. Louise lay on the bed in just her flimsy underwear giggling:
“Come here Rach, let’s wind those bastards up and pretend we are making out up here.”

Rachel walked to the bed giggling at the idea as Louise reached out and pulled her onto the bed and into her arms, immediately pretend to moan and groan as she cuddled and rolled about with Rachel on the bed. Rachel was laughing and joined in with the moaning and mock caressing of Louise.

Louise unzipped Rachel’s skirt whilst somehow losing her own knickers in the process. Rachel was vaguely aware of shapes at the bedroom doorway and had her breath taken away as Louise pulled aside Rachel’s panties, slipping her tongue into her hot pussy, replacing Rachel’s pretend sighs with real ones.

It felt amazing and she swivelled around and placed her lips around Louise’s swollen clit. Rachel had never slept with a woman before and Louise’s soft muskiness was rapidly making Rachel’s already erect clitoris engorge even more, as her fat pussy lips slicked and she began to chase down an unavoidable orgasm.

Time stood still and she was lost in orgasm and Louise’s body. She was only half aware of another pair of hands massaging her breasts from behind, which slowly manoeuvred her back onto a very stiff and large cock, slipping into her pussy, stretching apart her fat lips and slurping obscenely as it did.

She was pushed onto her hands and knees and pummelled for what seemed like an eternity, whilst Louise had slipped between her legs and began mercilessly biting and sucking Rachel’s clit. She screamed her orgasm as she felt the man tighten and jerk inside her unprotected pussy. He quickly withdrew and Louise buried her tongue and mouth into and around her pussy, slurping Rachel and the unknown man’s come

TBC ... the final chapter where Rachel bites off more than she can chew!
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2 years ago
I KNEW it :)
Great build-up to what I hope is an orgasmic finale'.....
3 years ago
this part is fuckin' good too!

it would be nice to read a blog about how you became an escort: a real blog, no fiction

anyway this series is very good
4 years ago
I can feel a wank cumming on!!!!!
4 years ago
Loved this part most!
The third installment was very tough.
Hope that most of it was fantasy, dear Rachel.
4 years ago
rachel that is amazing
4 years ago
4 years ago
love these stories such a turn on ;) xx
4 years ago
That was amazing, I really enjoyed the read ;)

Whens part 3 coming??
4 years ago
can't wait for next installment
4 years ago
Thanks, glad you liked it, it's mostly true! x
4 years ago
That really gave me a hard on. I cant wait for the final chapter. Thank you.