How I Became A Sissy (Part 1)

True Story.

How I became a sissy was from curiosity of what my step mother's pantyhose felt like around the age of 5. From that point after having felt of her leg I did not know what would a simple touch to a life long fetish. Growing up and having lived with my aunt and uncle for a stint. I had stayed home from school that day because I had been in a school yard fight. So as I sit in my room looking out the window watching everyone else going to school. I sat and smiled because I could not stand school. At this time I was 12 years old. I heard my aunt go down stairs and as soon as I had the door close to the washing area I made way to her bed which was just right across the hall. I opened up her top draw, no pantyhose, panties only, I open the second. My eyes became huge. There was so many pairs of pantyhose and stockings my little penis began to move inside my boy underwear.

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