Just a Bar-B-Que

My wife and I had been to the Smith’s parties a couple of times. They were more friends of friends, but they were enjoyable enough and I always thought that Mrs. Smith was a very cute woman. My wife liked them less than I did and that was probably why we did not socialize more with them. So it was especially interesting when the Smith’s texted me to come over for dinner, since they knew Cindy (my wife) was out of town for the entire week. The text just said, “no need to eat alone, come over for dinner. Dave is throwing some steaks on the bar-b-que and we have cold beer on ice!”

I thought about my plan to open a can of chili and decided that steak sounded much better. I texted back, thanking them and saying that I would bring more beer. Nothing felt odd about the invite, just seemed friendly and nice, but I did admit to myself that I always enjoyed looking at Mrs. Smith (Marty) and it would be refreshing to not have to steal glances like when my wife was with me. I am not the type to drool over girls in front of my wife, and I have never even considered cheating on her, but I did have to admit that Marty has gotten my cock hard a time or two just by being so durn sexy. She is early 30’s, very slender, small pert titties (I would guess 34b) and a red head, with short cropped hair. She had the cutest, sexiest laugh.

I arrived at their place about an hour later and was greeted by Marty who was wearing white short pants and little top that left her tummy bare. It appeared that she did not have a bra on, which made it difficult for me to keep my eyes on her eyes. Dave came over and asked how I was doing without Cindy and we had some small talk about what she was doing and when she was coming home. Marty was being exceptionally friendly, touching my arm as she talked and laughing at every little joke, or witty remark I uttered. We chatted around the bar-b-que as we drank our beers and my mind kept going to what a sexy little body Marty had. I could just barely make out a bit of her nipple pressing against her cotton top and it was causing me to get semi-hard. I had to sit down to hide it.

The conversation flowed and did so more as we drank even more beers. At one point Marty was sitting on Dave’s lap and I got so damn hard thinking about how I would love to have that cute little ass pressing against my lap. I think she noticed me looking down at her ass and she turned and gave Dave a very sexy kiss for much longer than would have been appropriate had we not been drinking so much. And she she turned her head and smiled at me and looked down at my crotch. I was like, she did not just do that? My cock jumped realizing that she may very well have been trying to tease me with that kiss.

But then I thought, nah, you are dreaming Brad, she is just being flirty with her husband and no matter how rich a fantasy life you may have, she did not just try to turn you on. We finished dinner and stayed outside on the patio since it was such a nice summer evening. Dave lit some torches and turned on some music and it was just nice to relax and chat and drink some beers.

I asked Dave if he had had much opportunity to do any photography lately, since I knew it was a serious hobby for him. He said, “as a matter of fact, I just put together a little photo book for Marty. Let me grab it for you, I would love to hear your thoughts” . At this point I saw Marty give him a look and when he returned holding the photo book, she immediately spoke up. “ummm, Dave, what are you doing?”. I was not sure what she was talking about but I could tell she was not so thrilled that Dave had that book. Dave said, “oh come on, it is Brad, he is such a good critic of my work, I just want some feedback, and he asked to see what I have been doing with my photography lately”.

He handed me the book, and on the cover was a cute photo of Marty, the wind blowing her short hair as she was at the beach. The title was just “For Marty”. I turned to the first page and it was the same beach, but this time I could see Marty in a bikini playing in the surf. “very nice shot” I told Dave, “ and a very nice subject too” as I winked at Marty. I turned the page, and now Marty was in a sun dress and back at the beach at sunset. It was an amazing shot, sunlight streamed through her dress, the hem wet and clinging to her slender legs, small spaghetti straps holding up the little dress and cut low so I could see the tops of her cute little breasts! “mmmm, even better shot” as I shifted on the couch as my cock had gotten rock hard. It was odd to be so turned on looking at her pics in front of her husband. But for some reason that made it more of a turn-on. There were a couple of pages more with Marty in the same dress, all so damn sexy and erotic. Dave had done a terrific job. I turned the page and now she was completely in the surf. Her sun dress was soaking wet, and it clinged to her body like glue. I could clearly see the outline of her breasts and the hard nipples poking tightly against the wet fabric. Damn, my cock was dripping pre-cum now! And with the dress totally soaked, I also could tell she had no panties on either. It was almost like she was naked, only even more exciting to see her this way.

I was a bit embarrassed and simply said, “oh my” to which Marty said, “Dave, Brad does not want to see any more of that book, please put it away”. I immediately blurted out, “ oh no, I very much want to see more of it!” and then realized that I might have sounded a tad too enthused. I quickly added, “but if you don’t wish for me to Marty…”

Marty just shook her head and said, “I need another beer, it is alright.. I mean Dave is a wonderful photographer and he makes me look way better than I really do”. I said, “ well I agree that Dave is good, but he has a tremendous model to work with” With that I turned the page. OMG. One strap of the dress is down and her left breast is completely exposed. Now I am worrying that my pants front will show how much pre-cum has been oozing out my cock slit while looking at this hottie! Damn, I have imagined what her cute tittie would look like but never thought I would actually see one! On the next page the dress was down in the surf and she was completely naked. I could see the tuft of pubic hair above her juncture and both pert breasts with their erect nipples standing out. Fuck, she looked great and my eyes went from the book to travel up and down her body as she stood there blushing. The rest of the book showed her naked in various poses, mostly arty and tasteful, but the last shot was her sitting in the surf with her legs out and she had her hand on her pussy like she was masturbating. The beers and photos had done their work and I blurted out, “damn, I wish that was my hand” As soon as the words left my mouth I thought, you idiot, did you just say that. I tried to cover up my crass words by trying to joke “umm was that my out loud voice?”

To which Dave said, “yes Brad, yes it was” All I could say was sorry. Marty was red as a beet and Dave just said, “no problem, hey it makes me think the same thing” and then the beer may have made Dave a bit brash too and he added, “ but the idea of your hand there does sound interesting”. Marty, just gasped and said, “MEN!”

Dave was not letting her off that easy and followed up with, “come on baby, you love it. Love that Brad is thinking about his hand between your legs” Marty snapped at him, “David!” “what?, tell me it isn’t true. Tell me you would not love to have Brad see you and touch you” “Dave… quit it, your d***k” Marty not sure if she should stay or go. Dave was obviously a bit d***k and I could not read Marty. Then Dave said, “I am sorry honey, I did not mean to embarrass you, but damn baby, your body looks so hot in those photos, how could Brad not want to feel it?” “Really Dave, you are making Brad feel uncomfortable and that goes for me too”.

I said, “it is fine, honestly the photos really are very well done and you do look exceptionally erotic”

Dave walks over behind Marty and gives her a big hug , encircling her with his arms, saying I love you baby and then cups both of her breasts and laughs and then smacks her butt. My eyes are glued to his hands around her firm breasts and then when he smacks her ass I glance up to see her staring at me, and then smiles when my eyes move up to meet hers. And then she lowers her eyes again to stare at the bulge in my pants! Or was I just imagining that?

Then she says, “whew, I am a little tipsy, I need to sit down for a sec” and plops down on the couch right next to me, her leg touching mine. I am not sure what to think, my mind races ahead, but then it stops and I say to myself, quit it, you are just letting your fantasy life take over. Marty is just being friendly and perhaps just a tad flirty.

Dave comes over holding three fresh beers and hands one to each of us and sits down next to his wife. She gives him a peck on the cheek and he puts his hand on her neck and draws her to him for a full fledged kiss. His hand lightly grabs her short red hair and I could see his tongue slip in her mouth as his left hand slid up her short sun dress, moving the fabric up her thigh as his hand moved higher. My cock was hard now and I was a little uncomfortable. Should I excuse myself and go home? I decide that is what I should do. I start to stand up and I say, “well, I should leave you love-birds alone” but before I could stand, Marty reached her hand out and grabbed mine, tugging me back to the couch, “ no, don’t go, we are having too good of a time. Stay…Please” There was pleading in her voice and I really did not need too much encouragement to stay. Dave chimed in saying, “ yeah stay, don’t run off”.

So I sat back down and Marty kept holding my hand, which was driving me nuts. Dave just went back to kissing his wife as if I were not there. And his hand also went back to sliding her dress up until I could see her panties. Marty noticed how I was staring at Daves hand as it neared the bikini panties and she just took my hand and pressed it to her breast over her dress. Damn. I could feel her hard nipple digging into my palm and my cock jumped. Dave’s hand reached the juncture of her legs and he was rubbing his finger over her panties along her pussy lips. Marty broke the kiss Dave was giving her and moaned as his fingers rubbed over her panty covered slit. She still had her hand over mine as I gently cupped her breast but when she broke the kiss with Dave, she turned to me and mouthed, “kiss me”.
I needed no more incentive, and bent to meet her lips, and just as my lips touched hers, her hand dropped to my crotch and covered my erection over my pants. I kept thinking, I cannot do this… and then Marty started rubbing my pants front and whispered in my ear, “I want to feel your cum inside of me”. What the hell, was this really happening? My cock was saying “fuck her, fuck her” but my mind was saying “I don’t think your wife would appreciate that”

Dave lowered her sun dress straps until Marty’s small titties were visible and he bent to lick the left nipple. I was watching him and he looked over at me and said, “there is another one for you” I could not believe that I was actually seeing this incredibly sexy woman’s tits, let alone having her husband invite me to suck on her nipple. Marty’s hand went to the back of my neck and pulled me down to her right breast, pressing my mouth to her nipple and then letting out the most erotic moan ever as my mouth sucked the hard little erection.

Dave’s hand had pulled her panties down and was now touching Marty’s clit and pussy lips directly. My cock was so damn hard it almost hurt. Dave moved down to his knees and positioned himself between her legs and started licking her pussy and clit. Marty kept lightly moaning and then she pulled at my belt, softly saying, “ take off your pants please”

My head was in a cloud, partly due to the amount of beer I consumed, but mostly because of seeing Marty having her husband lick her pussy and those cute little titties exposed, and now asking me to remove my pants. Am I dreaming? If I am, I hope I do not wake up!

I drop my pants, push off my shoes and I am standing there with a tent in my tighty whitey briefs. I am 7.5 inches or a bit more and I hear Marty moan lightly and smile, and say, “Oh my, you are big”. When Dave heard her say that, he looked up from lapping her pussy lips to see me just as Marty reached up and pulled my briefs down and my cock popped out standing straight up, rock hard. Dave said, “fuck Marty, that is going to feel different inside you”.

Did I just hear Dave say that my cock was going to be inside his sexy wife’s pussy? My cock twitched at my hearing that and pre-cum was positively oozing down my shaft out my little cock slit. Marty added, “oh David, look at this thing, all leaky and hard for me! God I have to taste that pre-cum” and before he could answer or I could say anything Marty had her hands on my cock and lowered her head and started licking up the dripping pre-cum from my shaft and then ran her tongue over my cock slit and head. Damn, I was in heaven! Dave was still watching as his wife lowered her mouth over my cock head and swallowed as much as she could of it into her sweet mouth. The view of me looking down at this beautiful petite redhead gobbling up my cock and then seeing her husband watch her do that, drove me crazy!

Dave said, “yes sweetie, take as much of the beautiful big cock as you can in your throat. You have never had one that big in awhile, maybe never!” and he added, “mmm that looks so good”. He reached up and pressed on the back of her head so that she was “made” to take more of my cock. The site of him doing that almost made me explode, but I did not want this to stop so soon, I f***ed myself to hold back, even though it felt so amazing.

Marty sucked my cock for quite awhile and I just kept leaking pre-cum and staying so hard it almost hurt. Dave took off all of his clothes and was completely naked. He also was rock hard, had a nice cock but was smaller at about 5.5 inches. He started to lick and lightly bite Marty’s nipples as she sucked me and it was odd being that close to a man’s face with my cock, but at the same time the foreign nature of it turned me on, knowing that I had my cock in his wife mouth as he watched and licked her nipples only inches from my ragging hard on.

Then Marty pulled her head off my cock and looked at Dave and then up at me and smiled, looking in my eyes, saying, “I want to taste both of you at the same time” and closed her eyes and moaned softly at the thought. Dave stood up, and now we were standing side by side. I had removed my shirt as Marty was sucking me, so now, all of us were completely naked. Marty reached over and grabbed Dave’s cock as she kept stroking mine. She lowered her mouth on his and was able to swallow it all, then she switched to my cock. This was such a turn-on. I liked that my cock was bigger than Dave’s, made me feel that it might be something special and different for Marty and by her moans, I think that was true.

Then Marty took both of our cocks, one in each of her dainty hands, and drew us together so that our thighs and hips touched. A little weird but I did not care because then Marty started licking both cock heads. Her tongue went from one to the other head and she had our cock heads touching each other. That was a first for me. It was so forbidden, but seeing my larger cock pressed against his erection and her tongue flicking back and forth over both cock heads, mixing the oozing pre-cum with her saliva… daammmummm it was crazy hot! I felt myself edging closer again, not sure I would be able to hold off much longer.

Marty tired to get both cocks inside her mouth, but she was so petite that it did not work so well, but felt great and I loved her lust at trying to consume us both! Then she started licking our balls. Wow this woman was wild. I was playing with her breasts as she did that. Dave suddenly said, “honey, Brad must taste how wonderful you taste, let him lick your cunt” And he said “cunt” which hearing it come out of his mouth just added to the nasty quality. “in fact, baby, why don’t you sit on his face while you suck me” Geez, they both were so slutty, I loved it. Marty grabbed my hand and pulled me down on the rug. Then she pushed me down on my back, saying “lay back so I can straddle you mouth” in the sweetest most innocent manner, but coupled with the words, were anything but sweet. I gladly laid on my back as she moved over me, laying on me, full body against mine. I could feel her nipples pressing into my chest, the wetness of her pussy lips on my stomach, and then she started kissing me. Fuck, it just gets better and better! It was like she could not have enough of me, her tongue driving inside my mouth as she moaned. She moved down so she could actually hump my leg and thigh. She was so cute, but such a little vixen and tonight was a total slut, my slut! I loved it. I felt her smearing her pussy juices on my leg and my cock leaking precum on her tummy, fuck me, I am so close. And she sensed that and stopped, saying, “not yet baby, I want to feel that sperm shooting inside of me”

OMG, this woman was driving me crazy with lust. She moved up so she could straddle my face. I looked up seeing her glistening pussy lips just inches from my mouth and I reached up and pulled on her breasts and brought her wet cunt down to my mouth. I had only lapped her juices for a short while and pressed the flat of my tongue to her clit and she started to cum. This drove me even more nuts, listening to her breath increase, the little urgent moans and then she let loose, saying “oh god, oh god” closing her eyes and pressing down on my mouth and covering me so I could not even breathe, but I loved her smell, her taste and her sounds. Dave had been watching and jerking his cock and said, “fuck baby, that only took you 30 seconds, guess you liked his mouth, or was it the thought of that big cock about to fuck you that drove you over the edge?”.

She collapsed next to me and looked at me and whispered, “fuck me, please fuck me now” I practically jumped up and crawled between her legs as I spread them. I kneeled and let my cock head brush over her soaking wet pussy lips. I pressed my cock head into her pussy. Oh it felt so good, and her moans, so damn sexy. I slowly started to fuck her, seeing Dave kneeling and watching my cock enter his wife’s pussy. “oh baby, that looks so good inside of you”

Marty looked up at Dave and said, “honey, he is fucking me, he is actually fucking me as you watch”. For some reason hearing that almost made me explode, It was so hot and different, to be fucking another guys wife, and in front of him, and he was loving it as much as we were. Dave spoke up, “turn her over, she loves to be fucked from behind” Marty let out a huge sigh and moan hearing that. I flipped her over, which was easy given how petite she was. My cock wet with her juices and my precum. I pushed it in with one slow plunge, all the way until my balls slapped her pussy. This was not going to take long now! I started fucking her faster and faster and she came almost immediately and said, “yes, yes, harder, fuck me like the little slut I am” And then spoke to Dave, “oh god honey, he feels so big, so good. Can you see his balls slapping against me with every thrust?”

And hearing her say that Dave moved behind me to watch. It was so nasty, the husband moving to get a better view of the guy fucking his wife so hard and seeing my balls slap against his wifes body! Marty came yet again and I was seconds from cumming, thrusting into her hard and fast when suddenly I feel Dave’s fingers lightly touching my balls! Then he says, “empty these balls in her, explode your sperm in my nasty little wife’s cunt, make her you little fuck toy whore”

I was in shock, but the words, his touching my balls, Marty going crazy, seemingly cumming over and over and I knew I was done for, one more stroke and spurt after f***eful spurt came shooting out my cock. Marty was delirious now, shaking and moaning/crying out in excitement. Dave’s hand squeezing out the cum in my balls, fucking wild. I collapsed on Marty’s back, both of us shaking. My cock still deep in her, spent, sloppy wet with her pussy juices and my huge load of sperm.

After a bit, my cock shrank enough to slide out her pussy and immediately cum started to ooze out her. It was so nasty and erotic. I rolled off of Marty to see Dave stroking like crazy and when he saw my sperm leaking out his wife’s spread legs, his cock started spurting cum all over her ass and pussy, some of it even splashing on my leg. What a fucking bar-b-que!

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wonderful story I love sex with couples
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right up our alley good stuff
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very good story
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great story thanks for sharing.x
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Awesome story! Very erotic writing.