Part 4, 1st meeting after months of chat

So I told her to go to the bed and to pull down all the blankets and leave just the bottom sheet on the mattress. I loved seeing my sperm still glistening on her face, chin and across her little 34b titties. It was so nasty, so base. Amazingly my cock was already hard again and I liked how it stood out very erect as I walked over to my luggage and took out some rope. This was her first experience with bondage and I decided to not get too elaborate in my tying.

In our chats from weeks earlier she said that she had always dreamed, fantasized about being tied up spread eagled and used sexually by a stranger, and made to very, very naughty things. Things she could never do on her own, things she could only do if “made” to do them.

Lie down on your back kitten, but take off everything but your thigh high stockings. I watched as she finished disrobing, noticing that she would glance at my rock hard cock sticking straight up in the air, all 8” of it. Pre-cum had once again begun to drool out my cock slit, clear sticky liquid oozing down my shaft. Damn, I was so turned on and by Kitten’s look she was beyond turned on! She layed down and her little breasts flattened out with just the nipple sticking up so hard and proud. She smelled of my cum, and I loved that I had marked her as my little fuck toy.

I had her sit up and tied rope around her little breasts, crisscrossing between them and then around her back. I tied them tightly enough that the ropes pushed her tits together from the tops and bottoms of her little globes. It was so erotic to see them that way. Her nipples sticking out so hard. Once I finished binding her breasts, I told her to lie back. I began to tie her hands and arms over head to the corners of the bed. I pushed her legs apart and stared at her pussy which was positively dripping wet with her excitement. I reached out and ran a finger along her soaking wet slit and smelled it saying, “my oh my, such a dirty little slut, making your cunt drip for me” . She just let out a little moan and closed her eyes. I brought my finger up to her nose and told her to smell her sex on my finger. She breathed in and then I said, taste what a little sluts pussy tastes like. And I pushed my finger into her mouth adding, “suck it clean, my nasty girl.”

I tied her legs far apart but made it so her knees were up in the air, and tied rope at her knees to keep her wet pussy open for my use. I decided to blindfold her, and took out a silk scarf and secured it over her eyes. Then I took of all of my clothes and kneeled next to her on the bed. I took my cock and rubbed the pre-cum soak head over her rock hard nipples. Her light moans driving me crazy with even more lust for my naked toy, tied up for my pleasure. I told her that I had some nipple clamps, but that she was not really worthy of those yet, and that the cheap clothes pins I brought would suffice for her naughty nipples! I had “sprung” the clothes pins a bit, so that they would not be too intense for her first time, but mind you, they were still plenty tight and still made her draw in her breath and let out a little cry when I placed one around her nipple. Mmmm it looked so nasty clamped around that hard nipple. I bent and licked over the clothes pin and the captive nipple, such a nice combination of pleasure and a little pain. The I did the other one, and I told her that the interesting thing about nipple clamps, is that they hurt more coming off!

I wanted to have her thinking about that as I positioned myself between her spread legs and raised knees. I decided to wait to do spanking and maybe even some light whipping until later. Right now I wanted to see that tight pussy get all hot and bothered and for her to cum all over my mouth. I bent down and pressed my tongue to her asshole, purposely starting there to make it extraordinarily nasty. I flicked over her tight little rosebud and then progressed up over her very wet pussy lips. She had shaved cleanly on her lips, leaving only the small landing strip of soft blonde pussy hair above her clit.

My mouth and tongue went to work and I thought this would take no time at all. Oops, my bad, she would get so damn close but could not bring herself to orgasm. I was thinking to myself, wow, this might be more of a challenge than I thought. Women have oftentimes complimented me on my oral skills, so I was pretty confident that I knew what I was doing. But no matter how I varied things, softly, roughly, pushing my tongue in her, flicking over her clit, staying away from her clit, pretty much everything, she would go right to the edge, but could not jump off the cliff! Sensing that things could get frustrating for her soon, I decided to try something else.

I released the bonds from her knees and feet, but left her blindfold on and her arms tied above her head. I whispered that it was time for me to fuck my toy and to deposit some cum in her pussy. She moaned loudly. I took my cock and between her soaking wet pussy dripping and my leaking precummed cock, everything was pretty slick. I rubbed my cock head over her pussy lips, listening to her moans. I teased her, sliding up over her lips, and then across her little clit. Then I would allow the cock head to just barely part her lips and barely enter her pussy.

She was raising her pelvis up trying to get my cock to go in further, but I continued the tease. Finally, I could not take it anymore than she could and I slowly let my cock slide deeply into her cunt as far as it could. Burying my cock deep inside her tight wet warm pussy. God it was so tight and so damn hot. I could not believe that just an hour ago I met this girl at the airport and now I had her tied up and was fucking her! I started out slowly but we were both so turned on that the speed increased rapidity and I was fucking her hard and fast in no time. She was going nuts, and suddenly she blurted out, “oh my god, I think I am going to cum!” I reached up and pulled her nipple clamps off of her nipples, she cried out at the bl**d rushing back to her hard nipples and with a final hard drive of my cock she started cumming! It was wild, her whole body was shaking and she was screaming into the bed sheet, having turned her head. I could not take it either and as her pussy clenched my cock with her pulsating orgasms I started shooting my sperm deep inside her cunt. She cried out again, saying, “Oh geez, fuck, I can feel you shooting inside me, I have never felt that before” and she was shaking with convulsions as I deposited spurt after spurt into her. It was beyond crazy, it was nasty and lewd and so damn hot!

I collapsed on her as her little breasts heaved into my chest. I reached up and undid her binds to her hands and she immediately threw them around me. I took off the blindfold and kissed her. She was still lightly shaking and holding me tightly as she returned my kisses. Then I said, “soooo, did you cum?”. She could not help it she burst out laughing, very well knowing that people in the next room would have known that she came!

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