Juices on the boat

I got off work in the morning, after having finished another graveyard shift, and haven’t eaten yet. So I just grabbed some ice tea and a bottle of vodka, yet forgot any food.

I arrived early at the sandbar and parked in the corner. A woman about my middle age (~40) was parked there with a pontoon boat, laying on it tanning. Of course I left enough privacy space, exchange a quick “Good Morning” and parked. I mixed myself a drink and laid down do improve my tan. Not having eaten but having a drink, combined with the boat gently rocking in the lake, made me fall asl**p pretty fast.

I woke up when I heard a female voice saying “Don’t you think you got enough sun yet”? It was the women from the pontoon boat. I tried to wake up and said that I like a good tan, so I can never have enough sun. “It looks good, doesn’t it?” she replied, referring to the tan I guess. I agreed, grabbed something to drink and asked her if she wanted something too. She already had a drink and told me that she only drinks vodka, which I do too.

Then she asked me if I was waiting for someone, which I did not, I just wanted to swim, tan and relax. “So do I” she said, “I usually go in the middle of the lake and anchor, away from the crowd”. I said that I like that too.

She asked me if I wanted to come onto her pontoon, she was by herself, we could lay down there and chit chat. Besides this and other chit-chatting we were having, we had a few drinks and probably a good buzz.

So I grabbed my towel, sun lotion and yes, drink, and went onto the pontoon with here. Before I was even able to pick a seat, she asked me if I could give here a push out. I asked her if she already wanted to leave, she said that it was time to go away from the crowd.

We drove a few minutes down one of these many channels and she parked in this little area across some very expensive homes. Besides them and the water in front of it, we only had trees and bushes all around us.

“This is so much nicer” she said and I could only agree. I laid on my towel on the floor. She put her towel down next to me and said that another great thing is that nobody can see. “Not that I would mind, it is just easier” she said and took of her bathing suit.

She was what most would probably refer to as being “chubby”. Far away from big or even fat, just the right amount of meat on her bones. “You can tan naked too, just take of your bathing suit” she said, and I did.

Well, due to the situation, sun, being hot, drinks, I was already a bit hard which she noticed right away. I am uncut, she notice that right away too and said that she thought this is so sexy. “Just watching you getting hard and see how your skin splits and your head comes out makes me so we already, I could squirt all over the place”. I responded that just watching her walking around naked, getting wet and squirting is already the hottest thing ever.

“Do you want to put some sun lotion on me?” she asked? “I put everything you want on you” I replied. She laid down on here towel and said “Gooood”, really long. By now I gained enough self confidence and simply told her (politely of course) to get up and sit across from me, and we can put lotion on each other at the same time. She was up in no time, and we were sitting across each other, with our legs crossed, and were putting lotion on each other.

Our skin absorbed the lotion almost immediately. I rubbed the inside of her legs and as I moved further up she said not to miss anything. My hand moved between her legs where she was so wet, it was unbelievable. As I moved over her lips, 2 of my fingers slipped right into her pussy, I couldn’t avoid it. She moaned and started playing with my cock.

She used only her thumbs and index finger in which she took my cock and slowly pulled back my skin. I had already pre-cum on it. She dipped the fingers of her one hand in it and put her fingers in her mouth, moaning and stating that this was the best lotion there was.

I agreed and she asked me if I wanted some of her “lotion”. I said that I want it all and that I would not waste a single drop. She pushed me back towards one of the bench seats and kicked my legs apart. I am now sitting on the floor, with my back against the seat. She grabs my hair and pulls my head back onto the seat. Then she steps over me, her legs spread, and lowers her pussy above my head. I immediately tried to lick here, but she kept far away from me so that just the tip of my tongue could touch her lips and clit.

With one hand she continues to hold my head back on the seat, with her other hand she plays with her clit. By now I am so hard; I think I could have poked a hole into anything.

I kept licking her, she tasted so good. As the tip of my tongue moved over her urethral opening, her entire body started shaking and her moaning increased. I guess I found a spot. So I keep licking and playing around this area, not for too long! She lowers herself onto me and not 10 seconds later, she squirts all over me. Her delicious juice is rushing like a waterfall in my mouth and nose. I try to catch it, but it is hard to do. She then grabbed my head with both hands and keeps pushing it, like stroking, It did hurt my nose, but neither one of us did mind.

I couldn’t catch all her juice, she squirted so incredible, much of it is running over my tanned and sunburned body, and it felt good.

She gets up and kneels between my legs. She starts liking my chest and nibbles and sucks of her juice. “Wow, she says, that was incredible. Do you think you can cum as much as I can?” she asked me? “I don’t know” I replied, “but I will certainly try. I know you can drain me dry” I said.

“I can do it just as good as you” she said and turned around. She is sitting next to me in the same position I was and am still in. “You might want to get on the seat and turn around, I don’t think you can put it in all the way otherwise” she said. Wow, what kind of statement is that? Any comments like that can turn up the heat of a great encounter even further.

So I am getting on the bench seat, turn around and am kneeling above her head which is resting on the seat. She does the cool thing again; she takes her thumbs and pointing fingers and pulls back my skin. Then she squeezes my cock in between, it makes my head turn blue and get bigger, and pulls me towards her. My cock slides into her mouth and she keeps pulling it in all the way. I almost fell forward, I had to grab on one of the handle bars next to me.

While she was deepthroating me, I ran my other hands over her shoulder, her one breast and her throat. I could feel my cock inside her throat, and her veins exposed. This was so hot.

Then she slowly pulls me out of her mouth. My first kind of disappointment (it could have lasted longer) was quickly forgotten when she told me to pull back my skin all the way and hold it there. I did as directed (LOL) and she did this thing again. With her thumbs and pointing fingers, she grabbed my exposed head and pulled it close to her mouth. Now she uses her fingers and spread my urethral opening. Suddenly I feel the tip of her tongue playing in and around it. I don’t know what it was, it all felt so incredible and was so hot, I lasted only maybe a minute? Time did not mean anything during this encounter. I was so hard and my cock pulsated like crazy when I came. She held my head between the fingers of her one hand while stroking forth and back here and there, while her other hands grabbed my balls and squeezed them in some kind of rhythms.

For sure, she drained my completely. It felt like this orgasm lasted minutes, thus it did not. She did not stop immediately like many do, she kept going till I got really soft. This is what I call a great ending!

She then got up and I did to. She wrapped her arms around me, we embraced each other and kissed. She said that we better go for a swim and clean up and we did. The water felt great!

We had a cigarette together and another drink. Then she drove me back to the sandbar where my boat was parked. After I got out she said she better head back home and that she hoped to see me again.

I will certainly keep my eyes open for her. My legs still shake just by the memories of this.

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