One Chicago Visit

His face buried in the depth of my bosom as the glistening sweat poured from his face. He looked up into my eyes and said, “You make me feel sooooo goooood.” The words expelled in breathless whispers as he finally released many months of anticipation topped by the evening’s build up. He rocked my body back and forth as he continued to release deep inside of me kissing me ever so gently on my breast and under my chin. He whispered warm and beautiful sentiments as we sat Indra style feeling the warmth of his body wrapped around mine and his manhood placed deep inside my yoni. It is moments like this with him that makes the sacrifices worthwhile.


In the midst of our chaotic lives of work, travel, f****y and our relationships, Jayson and I manage to periodically steal a weekend of time just for us. I can’t believe after two years despite the changes in our lives we are not only very close but still find the need to be with one another. When we do, it is overwhelmingly passionate, lustful and raw. One would think neither one of us had anyone else in our lives. It is as if we waited until these rare meetings to satisfy our bodies. However that was not true. Jayson had his wife and his occasional lovers and I had Sami.

I’ve known Jayson now for a total of three years. The first year, our relationship was strictly over the Internet and the phone. Then one day we met. The hungry desires we kept dormant would no longer lie to rest. We both knew the obstacles that prevented us from being together as a couple so we both chose this path of an adulterous love affair instead of not having each other at all. In its adulterous state, our relationship has managed a lot of life altering changes. Jayson and his wife gave up the fight and decided to follow Indian customs and stay married. They found a happy medium to help make their relationship work and now there was no questioning he was in it for the long haul. Their first born son, Aniket, rewarded their efforts. He is such a proud papa. I had moved on myself. I now lived primarily in Stockholm, Sweden with my sweetie Sámi. Sámi is an Egyptian immigrant and he was ready to move our relationship to the next level. I loved him but not crazy in love so I still avoided that topic every time he raised it. Funny, my mother used to tell me, “Never marry your lover.” I guess Sami can be my husband as long as I can keep my lover. Sami is an awesome guy. He's such a sweetheart and quite a beautiful looking man who is tall, half Egyptian and half Spanish, black hair and smoky black eyes set against flawless tanned skin.

During one of my weekly trips in Chicago, Jayson and I had an opportunity to get together. We never planned our meetings. It was always pure luck when we were able to get together; just being in the right space and moment I guess. Learning that he was able to travel to Chicago, I cleared my weekend schedule. His wife had given up a long time ago getting her husband to choose his home over his career aspirations so it was not unusual for her to get the all too familiar, last minute phone call of “I’m staying over this weekend ....” Since the birth of his son, it doesn’t happen as often as it used too as Jayson loves spending time with his son. Jayson was meeting a new client that Monday therefore he decided to travel straight to Chicago from Boston instead of returning home.

When he traveled to Chicago, he always flew into Midway airport so I didn’t have to travel too far from home to pick him up. I was always so school girly to see him complete with a rapid beating heart and butterflies. God, at my age you would think I would have given up the schoolgirl crush thing. Our visits were always the same. They were not always in Chicago but the routine was the same. We usually meet up at the airport or the hotel, we return to my house, his hotel room or mine and nothing is more important than simply dropping the bags down at the point of entry, getting naked right away and making love. We make love for hours on end to the point we over-exhaust ourselves. We fall asl**p in a pool of the sweat we created, not caring the bed is drenched. We wake a bit later, shower, cloth and go for a meal. We spend a lovely time talking and then we lead ourselves back to the bedroom where we continue to exhaust ourselves in sex and until we are f***ed to part company. I love the sex, the short-lived romance, and the open and honest conversations. However, I was bored with the routine and wanted to do something a little different this time. My desire was to elevate the rawness of our love making, if it was at all possible.

As I parked my car into the pick up lane at the airport, I exited and ran into Jayson’s waiting arms. As always, it was a warm passionate greeting as we try to ebb our way into each other’s soul. Jayson placed his bags into the trunk of my car, took my hand and kissed it passionately and assumed we would head to my place as evidenced by the erection that poked me as he hugged me. “You look extremely festive this evening” he said. I simply smiled. We climbed into the car and I exited the pick-up lanes and started heading northbound on Cicero Avenue. “Sweetie, uh where are we going?” “I have a surprise for you.” He whispered into my ear “Does it involve you laying on your back, spread eagle, with your pussy aching for me to place my dick inside it?” “Jayson! Do you have to be that explicit?” He chuckled and then kissed me passionately on my cheek. “You know I love you and your voluptuous body. Where are we going?” “You’ll see.”

I navigated my Red Salsa Camry SE towards I-55 with the moon roof tilted up where I let the roads take me to my destination of Clark and Foster. 'What luck finding a parking spot right across from the restaurant' I thought. “We’re here, sweetie. Come on.” “Come on where?” “Today, we are going to eat before we indulge.” “Well, you know you can have me as an appetizer before the meal. Truthfully, I'm starving but not for food.” I looked and bashfully smiled at him. “Come on” and I took his hand and led him across the street and into the restaurant, Ala Turka.

I wanted my surprise to come without any notion so I had arranged for my things to be there by the time we arrived. My other friends were already present and Maria waved us to her table as soon as she saw us enter the door. She was sitting at the table with her young beau who is like half her age. Maria had already taken the liberty to order hor deurves. Jayson lied. He was actually starving so he immediately helped himself to the baba ganush, humus and pita already on the table. Jayson tried to feed me but I turned it down not wanting a full tummy until my surprise was over but I did indulge in a glass of Merlot.

“Pardon me everyone.” Jayson gently grabbed my hand and asked “sweetie where are you going.” I kissed him on the forehead and said, “I’ll be back.” Thirty minutes passed and the next time Jayson saw me, he saw me as seductive, beautiful and flawless. I came to the floor in bare feet with glossy red toe nail polish, a beautiful gold beaded, red cabaret belly dance outfit, gold and red ankle and wrist cuffs and cymbals adorning my fingers. On que to the song "El Wala Wala," I began to play my cymbals and dance. I danced all over the restaurant, collecting tips as I go and giving everyone a good view of the sensuality of the dance. However, when I arrived at the table Jayson sat, my moves went from being sensual to sexual. I let my hips pop more sexually back and forth or let them dip in a shimmy giving him ideas of what the upcoming evening had in store for him.

I wasn’t the only dancer that night. Both Sonya and Tracy danced adding to the sensuality of the evening. I performed another two times making sure I always added an additional tease for Jayson. Shortly after the performances were over, I enjoyed one additional glass of wine with my friends and a light meal. I couldn’t take the torture any longer. I had to have him. I wanted him inside of me as soon as I could get him there. Jayson and I excused ourselves from the table, exited the restaurant eloquently with my bag in tow and as soon as the doors closed behind us, Jayson lifted my bags from the wheels and scurried me to the car. We drove around the corner and found an isolated place in the alley. We didn’t even bother to cut the engine.

I immediately climbed onto his lap and kissed him madly. Jayson’s hands were everywhere. They were on my breast, up and down my legs, between them, rubbing the heals of my feet trying to feel every inch of me. I let my hips rotate in his lap as my hands traveled through his hair, kissed him on his lips and forehead. My hands journeyed as much of his upper body as they could reach. He gently navigated me back to my seat so I can lower my head into his lap where he had freed himself and in his bareness placed it into my awaiting mouth. I hungrily lapped at his caramel stick, swallowing it and orally making love to it. I take in as much as I can swallow and then letting it slowly release from my mouth as I let the spittle run down the shaft to massage it with. As soon as he reached a point of being able to relax for a moment, I wiped my mouth, sat up in my seat, put the car in drive and sped off towards home.

I made a 45-minute drive in 25 minutes. Every possible moment we fondled and we kissed unable to stave off the passion. Then finally, we arrive at my house. I couldn’t pull into the garage fast enough. Instead of exiting the car, Jayson pulled me onto his lap, raised my skirt and pushed my panties to the side and entered me. “Aaaahhhh, finally. Swirl for me baby, please swirl for me.” I road Jayson on the front leather seats of my car letting my hips circle madly with each up and down motion. I felt Jayson’s hands all over me from my lower depths of my derriere to the top of my head. We kissed and suckled each other’s tongue feeling the rawness of the sex. I rode him feeling the surge rise in me and my loins swell with anticipation of the release. When it did, we did together but it wasn’t massive. There was just enough of a release to get us out of the car and into the house.

Without a care that his pants were open and drooping from his hips and my panties were down by my knees, we abandoned our bags and head for the house. Jayson took me by the hand and kissed and caressed me every step of the walkway to the door. We kissed madly as I struggled to open the door with the keys to the house. I repeated myself, “love me me me Jayson....” “I will baby ...” Right there in my side doorway, Jayson took me again, letting my bare bottom slam into the door. Infinite moments passed by until he released me long enough to finish getting the door open. We fell through it stripping our clothes away as we made it up the stairs.

We made love going up the stairs to the second floor. We kissed our way to the bathroom where we turned the water on in the Jacuzzi tub. While it filled with water we made love in the shower. We were all over each other, pouring oil on ourselves so we could roll and slide on each other. When the tub was ready, we fell in and continued to make love while feeling the power of the jets beat against our skin. We egressed from the tub and walked and kissed with our dripping, wet bodies to the bed. Our heavy breaths filled the air in the room. Jayson pulled me to the bed where he possessed my body. Falling half off the bed, he pulled me up and to my knees to take me doggy style lovingly tapping my ass as he pounded it. He turned me over and suckled my nipples for an eternity while I found his hard on and stroked it bringing my hand to my mouth periodically to lick and return to stroking his shaft and thumbing the head. I then crawled between his legs to devour him, running my tongue up and down his entire backside. Hours continued to pass by as we made love.

In the final moments of our love making, Jayson got on his knees and pulled me to sit in his lap, Indra style. His lifts drove him into my depths that only made me throw my head back and scream. I swing myself to meet each one of his thrust. He kissed me, he kissed my forehead, my mouth and enveloped my tongue with his. Then he buried his head into the depth of my bosoms and let out a howel of invigorating enjoyment. He held me tight as his body shivered and rocked me as he freely fed my hungering flower of passion. “Despite everything I do love you Maggie, I do love you, I do love you.” “I know baby, I love you too.” Jayson gently laid me down letting my head rest on the pillow. He laid down beside me and we both fell into a peaceful sl**p.


Monday came. As fast as our encounter started, it ended. Jayson woke up early and said “well, I have to move.” I smiled, hugged him and expressed how much I will miss him. He returned my affections, showered, dressed and out the door he went. The weekend was awesome! God, it was unbelievable and how much more intense sex could be with him. I didn’t think it was possible. Jayson's work schedule was very busy that week so it wasn’t possible to see him again after that weekend. That’s okay, we always made time to chat or enjoy a phone call.

By the end of the week, he was near success picking up a new client for the company as well as be free to travel home and spend time with his f****y. Time changes things. Jayson is now a VP at his company. Exactly where he wanted to be but now he has his eye on a senior VP position. I spent my week off in Chicago doing my usual, taking care of business, dance class and an occasionally hanging out with my friends and f****y. Three years into our friendship and I had made my own career strives. I finally earned the title of Vice President of Global Automated Testing Services. As much as I hated when we parted I sometimes didn’t mind returning to the real world and I actually couldn't wait to return to Sámi. I also made the decision to marry Sámi and I did a few months later after returning to Stockholm. It was a sweet, simple wedding one my closest friends and f****y could attend. So many changes in our lives but I still love when I can enjoy my lover in these rare moments.

The End
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2 years ago
I love the idea of you swaying that beautiful body to a belly dance ... gave me a real hard on to read it. x