Snap Me Baby

"Hey, it's me" he said.
"Hey you" I responded!
"What are you doing" He said seductively?
"I'm thinking about fucking you right now" I said.
"Good, That's how I want you to think right now, now get your ass over here" he said.
"I'm on my way", I said.

I simply can't wait to get to Quincy's house. I can't believe in this short amount of time, I'm dick whipped! What the hell is going on with me? I also can't believe that I let him dominate me! I begin to pack up my backpack as I squirm in my seat in anticipation of taking in that big dick of his. Ssssuuuuuuu, "ooooo that was a nice orgasm." Still trembling a little, I hurry up and pack my bag, grab my trench coat and run to the bathroom.

I'm the private investigator today. In the stall of bathroom, I exchange my clothes for thigh high, black patent leather boots, red lace silk panties with "Black Magic's Pussy" on it and red shiny tassle pasties. I twist my braided hair into a bun while letting a few strands hang down. I apply make up lightly, just heavy on the mascara and red lip gloss. I paste a fake mustache above my sensual, red lips. I clip on long, crystal and silver dangling earrings and place a man's gray fedora on my head. Last I slip the black trench coat on. I stop by the basin to wash my hands and quickly head out the door before the major crowd leaves work.

It's about 4:40pm. It's one elevator ride down to my car and by the time I pressed the remote to open the car door, I had moistened. I smiled seductively to no one but myself. Yes it's his. It's readying itself for him. The car ride to his house is no longer than 20 minutes even with rush hour. However, I decided to detour to boy's town to go to the wine store to pick up a couple of bottles of white wine called Menage et Trois.

I make it to his house looking seductive and mysterious. The long trench coat hiding my nearly naked body. It was barely enough to protect me against the cool winds as evidenced by the nipples appearing at the front of my coat. Just as I raised a hand to ring the doorbell, the door opened. "Hmm, baby what took you so long. I wanted you here at 5 and not a minute after." I walked in not saying a word. I eyed him and handed him the wine. "Oh is this why you're late? You stopped for wine? You did this without my permission?" Silently, I reached for a joint, placed it in my mouth, lit it, dragged, coughed and handed it to him. He stroked the side of my face and said, "hmm, good girl. You're still late, get in here." I loved it when he ordered me around.

I looked at his handsome face out the corner of my eye as I walked past him and through a cloud of smoke. I saw his arm swing back to slap my ass. "Take that coat off. Relax." Like stepping on a display turnstile, I turned, faced him, unbuttoned the coat and let it fall to the floor. "You know better. Pick that coat up and hang it in the closet. Wait! Come here." I picked the coat up, walked to him and he placed his strong hands on my shoulder to gesture for me to bend over and then slapped me stingingly on my ass. "Woo" I yelped!! With the simple release of his hand from my shoulder, I knew it would be okay for me to hang up my coat.

He sucked on the joint. He looked me up and down and said "come here." I walked to him, cupped his big dick in my hand and kissed him, hard. I hungrily sucked on his tongue. "Good girl. I like it when you behave…..sometime." He started fingering the tassels on my breast, rubbed my ass and said, "dance for me." Quincy doesn't have a collection of belly dance music I can choose from but I found an old vinyl of Prince with Erotic City on it.

I removed my thigh, high boots and begin dance. He seemed to enjoy it however he's seem me dance quite a few times and he appeared a little bored as he pulled on his joint. Just as the song entered the bridge, I fell to my knees and shimmied hard and fast while bouncing up and down. "Uh huh, I knew that would get his attention." He sat up more and took note. "Ok that's enough of that."

He pulled on the joint, pulled me to my feet and blew marijuana smoke down my throat. He dropped his pants and exposed and already hardened dick. "You know what to do." With big Egyptian eyes, I looked up at him, popped a life saver in my mouth and swallowed as much as I could of him. He moaned. I cupped his balls and began to massage them while bobbing up and down on his dick, pausing every few strokes to suckle the head and tease the hole. He removed the clip from my hair, letting it fall. He dug his hands in as saliva trickled from my mouth onto his shaft. My hands worked up and down, my head bobbed up and down and my other hand massaging his balls. He let his head fall back and pulled on his joint feeling my tongue dance up and down his shaft.

"Wooo, nothing could be better right now. Or could it?" He said. He stepped out his pants, removed his top and laid on the chaise lounge. He finished his joint and said "come here baby. Ride me." Still silent, I walked over, stepped onto the chaise and lowered myself on his tall erection. Shimmying as I squatted down on it. I buried that dick all the way in me. "Oh yeah, that's it. Take it all in." I stared into his eyes, smiled slightly and began to roll my belly. "OH GODDAMN" he screamed as he felt the muscles rub the head of his cock.

I rode up and down on his cock. I reached behind me to play with those big balls as I shimmed and bounced up and down. I suddenly realized Prince's music was still playing. International Lover began to play and I fell onto his chest in time with the music, propped up on my arms and wildly swirled my hips while I pounded my hips into his. I began to moan. I loved the feeling of his cock inside of me and the slight pain I felt from the depth. I bucked my hips into his as I squeezed pussy to grab his dick tightly. Every pussy teasing move he moaned.

He grabbed my ass with those hands of his taking a nipple into his mouth and helping me to slam my pussy onto his dick. I sat up, letting his mouth fall off my nipple. I placed feet on the floor and rocked my hips. That stroke by G-Spot right away. I grabbed him around his neck as I trembled with an orgasm that had me collapse onto his lap. He rocked me. He held me. "That's it baby. Let it go. Let that cum spill all over my dick."

He kissed me so gently and tenderly as tears of pleasure stream down my face. Quincy gestured for me to get on my knees on the chaise. He stood up, got behind me and entered me from the rear and pounded me from behind while slapping my ass. Oh God I loved it but I still trembled from such a strong orgasm.

I sat up all of sudden and gently pulled away from his cock. "Uh I don't remember giving you that order! "On your knees bitch." "What the hell!?" "You heard me, get your sexy ass back on my dick” he commanded.
I faced him wickedly and said, “did you really think you had control of me?" I flung my fedora I was still wearing off to the side. He didn't struggle too hard as I f***ed him on to his stomach on the chaise. I stepped away for a few seconds and returned running heated oil up his ass crack. He began to complain, "Oh no, we not doing…." I barked, "Shut up bitch" and I slapped that ass. I commanded, “get the fuck on your knees.” I entered him gently. As he relaxed to my strap on, I begin to buck my hips. While doing so, I leaned over and clasped his dick in my hand. I drove my cock into his ass as I stroked his dick and played with his balls. Licking his back The tension welled up as he felt the oil heat up to a flame on his dick, balls and ass. "What the he…ooh…wait…st…oh…SHIIIIIITTTTTTT!!!!! Quincy screamed loud enough for his neighbors to hear as he came both from his dick and his ass. "Oooh baby, that's a good boy. I love it when you cum for me like that." He turned back and looked at me, his face still contorted in the throws of the orgasm and that's when I surprisingly snapped a picture of him. Still trembling, he looked at me and said "that's it goddamn it, snap me baby."

I withdrew my dick from his ass and collapsed as he did onto the chaise. Hmmm, this was nice. Friday night, the weekend young and both of us had nothing to do until midday the next day. This was just the appetizer. We haven't even begun to fuck yet.

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2 years ago
Great story... wish it was me
2 years ago
Utrolig bra skrevet ;)
2 years ago
You write a very good sexy story
2 years ago
To control and be controlled. Good shit
3 years ago
Thank you everyone for the kind words.
3 years ago
Nice treatment....mmmm
3 years ago
I love the story your "attitude and you bing you,Go gurl friend
3 years ago
exciting story mmmmm
3 years ago
I understand now.............I want to be bad!
3 years ago
ohh so hot story
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underbart att läsa
3 years ago
Beautiful story sexy sex
3 years ago sexy