Java Beans

Running down the hallway of the Merchandise Mart, I paused to peer at my watch. Oh hell, I'm going to be late! I say to myself. I stop and look over at a pay phone and decide to give my boss a call. I take thirty-five cents out of my pocket and dial her. Oh good, her voice mail. "Hey, I'm running behind schedule this morning and I'll be about an hour late." I don't mention that I'm right down stairs…hahaha.

I walk across the way to the Gloria Jeans coffee shop. Hmm…the smell of fresh brewed coffee in the morning. I walk up to the bar and order a tall Emerald Creme coffee. The girl behind the counter tiredly grabs a medium cup and pumps the steaming hot coffee from the thermos. The fragrance of the coffee fills my nose. I pay for my coffee and walk over to the condiment bar. All of sudden a nice ass walks past my view path. Black denim jeans were covering this nice ass as it walked to the coffee bar. I looked up to see what was attached to this nice ass. Oh my God! I thought to myself as I viewed this approximately 6'6" Adonis with olive skin, long curly jet black hair, bushy eye brows and black mellifluous eyes. He sported a black long sleeved shirt with the jeans and a nice pair of black shoes. A massive orgasm rocked me as my eyes took in this gorgeous work of man. I held onto the coffee bar for support. The girl servicing the coffee bean counter asked me, "Are you okay?"

"Yee…ess..yess. I'm fine." I couldn't keep the shudder out of my voice.
I fought to regain control over my body and thanking God I wore a panty liner. The man walked over to the coffee bar and nicely said "Hello."

"Hi," I replied.
"How are you this morning?"
He has a beautiful accent. I'm guessing Greek. I reply, "fine and yourself?"
"I'm fine. On your way to work?"
"Yes and no." God I hope my voice isn't sounding husky to anyone else.
"What do you mean?"
"Well yes I'm on my way to work after playing hooky for about an hour."
"Hmm. I see!" as he raises one of those thick eye brows over long black lashes. "And what do you plan on doing in this hour of play? If I may ask?"
"Oh no problem, I thought I would go shopping. Quite daring actually since I work in the building."
"Yes, really." I leered at him.
"I have a better suggestion."
"I'm listening."
"Come with me. Please." He softly commands.

Like a little puppy dog, I follow him. My heart fluttering from the excitement. We walk south down the hallway and then to the overpass which connects the Merchandise Mart to the Holiday Inn. Walking at a hurried pace, he approaches the elevators and I watch him push the up button. I notice the nice manicured nails on that hand. He looks at me and smiles. Not a word exchanges between us. I knew the quest I was heading towards.

We enter the elevator and he pushes the button marked 20. We arrive to the twentieth floor and I follow him to room 2031. We enter the room, no one but us. The room was very nice. He took a sip of his coffee and then before I knew it, placed his mouth on mine and parted my lips with his tongue. His coffee was actually Café Mocha. I could taste the cocoa on his tongue. We kiss like that for a few moments. He put his coffee down and cupped my butt and rubbed it. His enormous bulge is pressing into my stomach. His hands move up to my shoulders, rubbing them while still becoming acquainted with my palate. I notice our clothes has a lingering scent of coffee attached to them as I was inhaling the wonderful scent of his cologne and hair.

In one swift movement, he pushes my cotton candy fleece jacket onto the floor while my leather gloved hands rub his strong back. All of a sudden, I felt a bulge in my back! Unfamiliar hands creeping around and fondling my breast. I'm immediately scarred and excited at the same time. Mr. Dreamy looks deep into my eyes and I'm transfixed by this nameless guy. I return his kisses while the two pairs of hands remove my blouse, my skirt, my shoes, pantyhose, under garments and my panties which is scented of my latest orgasm. Mr. Dreamy took my panties and sniffed them, rubbing them across his face and then giving him to his partner to do the same. I felt Partner kiss me on my neck. I haven't seen his face yet. Mr. Dreamy begins removing all of his clothing revealing an over endowed member which seems to almost reach his knees. Taking another sip of his café mocha, he returns to kissing me while I hear Partner behind me undressing. I had another orgasm that left me weak in the knees of the prospect of not knowing what the guy behind me looked like.

I rubbed my hands through Dreamy's black curls on his head. He pushes me down to the carpeted floor and lays me on my back. He crosses over me to kiss me so I could not see my lower body and could not see Partner. I hear a cup being placed on a table and then suddenly I feel a mouth envelope my nipple as warm coffee is being swirled over my nipple, dripping down the sides. Dreamy begins fingering my vagina while Partner gently sucks and fondles my breast. Then Partner parts my legs and takes hot coffee and pours it between my legs. I still don't know what he looks like. "Oooooh …OHOH," I moan at the response to the hot coffee on my labia. His partner parts my legs and begins to lap up the coffee which smells like my Emerald Creme coffee. Raising my legs higher and opening me up more to him he licks from my anus to my vagina pausing to tease my clit at every few licks. I felt him bury his tongue into my vagina and raise to suckle my clit again. "ooohhs…aahaha ahah…aAAHAHAoohoh..ohoh," I felt my hips begin to shudder at his dancing tongue on my vagina. Dreamy begins playing with my clit as his partner suckles my labia and plays with my vagina. Another orgasm rocks me so hard my back arches up and I scream out while my hips buck involuntarily.

Some whip cream was left in the Café Mocha which Dreamy spreads on his penis and feeds it to me. I lay there being fed as I sucked the whip cream off. My vagina still being eaten by his unseen partner although now I can tell he has blonde hair. I take his penis in both my hands and stroke the shaft while moving my mouth in circular motions on his head, pausing to tease the little hole. I reach under him and tease the little area above his rectum. He throws his head back letting his long hair stroke his back. He buries his hands into my hair feeling my mouth stroke his long hard penis.

Suddenly, Dreamy pulls his penis back and twirls me around. I see another penis being pushed into my mouth. I still can't see his partner's face. His penis taste like Café Mocha as I lick up and down the shaft and then suckle on the head. Dreamy begins licking at my spent vagina. I pull myself under his partner to now suck his balls as I'm stroking his penis which is not as large as Dreamy's. I'm pushed up into a back bend and Dreamy penetrates my vagina. I'm still servicing Partner's hard on. I feel an orgasm tingling me as Dreamy strokes me hard and Partner is now pumping my mouth. Oh God, I can't stop my butt cheeks from clenching.

In one swift motion, Dreamy helps me do an Olympic walk over so now I'm on by knees. Partner penetrates my vagina from behind and begins pumping wildly. Dreamy dips his penis in my coffee and feeds it to me again. "Smack..smack…smack.." I hear Partner's hips slapping against my butt. Oh that feels good. Dreamy withdraws his stiffened member and then crawls up under me and pushes me on top of him. Partner withdraws from my vagina then gently pushes his slicken penis into my anus. My butt aches in a pleasurable way from the spreading as he pushes his way in. My first time! There both pumping hard from the front and the back. "Ah…ah…ahaahaa…aha..aha.aha AHAHAAH." I'm gasping as I feel both of their hard penises driving in and out of me.

Suddenly Partner pulls out from my anus and then joins Dreamy in my vagina. OH God, the spread! I feel a slight tearing pain as Partner begins to pump hard from the rear. Dreamy holds me tight as he bucks his hips up hard into me. Both of them driving me to a world I've never been. Suddenly, they both erupt. Spreading cum all other my butt and stomach. I reach behind and then in front wiping the cum from me and let it fall from my hand onto my tongue. "Hmmm…taste like coffee."

We all stand up. turn around and Partner disappears without me ever really seeing his face. Dreamy let's me take a quick shower. I hurry and dress, grab my coffee (now penis flavored) and hurry to work.
The End
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2 years ago
Love it - inventive as always, and very, very hot. x
2 years ago
Du skriver deilig bra++ Takker for de gode historiene ;)
2 years ago
Very sexy
3 years ago
That was great
3 years ago
Amazing hot and dirty tale ;) I better start drinking coffee ;)
3 years ago
my .... is hard and now ?
3 years ago
very horny
3 years ago
This story is so invitingly Delicious
3 years ago
oooooh love it
3 years ago
That was a very hot story, Thanks.
3 years ago
loved it xxx