Like Cub, Like A Gentleman

Like Cub, Like A Gentleman
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I never was what one might refer to as a ”loose woman.” My M.O. was after about two to three years of being alone and sexless, I would opt for a lover if a boyfriend hadn’t come into the picture yet. That seemed to be my limit for going without sex. What determines my limit? It is when I become so super-horny that a good session of masturbation and toys do not provide relief.

God bless the Greeks who invented the dildo to cure hysteria in women. God bless the one who added power to it! Usually a clit stimulator did the trick. When it ceases to provide some relief then I would use a nice size vibrator to get that nagging g-spot. When that wasn’t enough, I would use a combination of both which usually resulted in nice, big orgasms. I have absolutely gone too far when I am masturbating in this fashion three to four times a day and the orgasms are so large I scream my own name. That is usually when Patty screams at me that she has had enough and wants the real thing!

The problem with the real thing is when you are trying to get that long awaited relief from a hook up, it is not sufficient either. Let’s face it, hook ups are not always what they are cracked up to be for women. You meet a guy who doesn’t quite fit right, or not exactly large enough or too large! His body just doesn’t seem to fit with your body. Or he simply doesn’t move right. Oh I hate the ones who lack the ability to use their hip joints! Let’s not forget Mr. He thinks he is all that and can’t even get it up! But nonetheless I find I need human contact, so I go out and try to accomplish this goal which always takes a considerable amount of time since I just can’t get into jumping in bed with a total stranger. When I am past my sexual limit, I begin hunting.

During this hunting expedition damn did I get lucky! I had been chatting with a younger guy for more than a year. I met him on one of these free dating sites. Normally when we chat, we enjoy having a normal conversation about many different things. However, as we approached the middle of Sweden’s winter which is always fucking cold and dark, our conversations began to include sex and how we were both craving for it. His dry spell wasn’t as long as mine but nonetheless he described he was at full salute almost all the time and me well I was walking around with the proverbial burning bush.

If I can be honest, I loved talking with him but I didn’t know if meeting him was a good idea. He seemed like a really nice, down to earth guy but he was so young. Literally he was a division of two by my current age of forty eight. I mean, how can I entertain the thought of sl**ping with someone so young!? And that hopeful chance of him being a regular lover was slim to none! Always when I hunt, I try to find a lover, not just a hook up. I went against my better judgment and decided to meet him. I needed sex so bad and at least I had been talking to him for over a year which was better than trying to hook up with some ass clown you randomly pick from the internet. Ladies you know what I am talking about.

So we began taking the first steps towards meeting. We set a date and a few hours before the meeting, I chickened out. I wrote to him and canceled with some fake excuse but the reality was I was just so nervous. I, Ms. Forty eight big beautiful black woman about to hook up with this Swedish baby of man. Patty was not happy with me at all. All she could think about was young energy giving her hours of pleasure! So she began to nag me more knowing there was a cock out there waiting to be used.

The cub and I continued chatting. Ladies let me tell you. I knew the idea of him getting laid soon was powerful in him too because he was campaigning hard for pussy. I never had a guy laid down so many wonderful compliments about my pictures and my personality. It was like his dick was screaming, whatever make that bitch drop those drawers say that shit! And he did! After about two weeks, we decided to try and meet again. Honestly, I tried to meet another guy, someone a bit older and perhaps can be more reliable but I simply didn’t find such a guy. Oh yeah plenty of ass clowns came a running but no one who I could compare to my cub.

My cub invested the time and energy to make me feel as comfortable as possible. We talked, he complimented me and provided a ton of assurance that we could just go with the flow when we met. Honestly, this young cub of twenty four behaved with more sense than the ass clowns three times his age! You see he was young but he was a gentleman and he never stopped being a gentleman towards me. He proved to me that he was worth taking the risk.

So on a blustery Friday evening, he drove from his town of Uppsala to the south side of Stockholm to meet me. We initially met at a McDonald’s parking lot simply so we could find one another. He was in his car and me I had walked there with my little dog. On first meet, we awkwardly hugged and talked for a couple of minutes. My little dog and I followed him to his car and we drove near to where I live and he parked his car. From there, I put the dog in the house and him and I proceeded on foot to a nearby Thai restaurant. Oh it was frigid outside!!

Ladies let me tell you. He was a perfect gentleman. He walked protectively near me, he allowed me to enter the establishment first, he allowed me to order what I wanted but he paid for the meal and he simply let me just enjoy his company in person. He was quite a tall fellow with youthful good looks. Actually he looked younger than his twenty four years but his conversation was one of at least fifteen years beyond him. The old southern folks would say he had an old soul.

I felt quite comfortable with him and so took a chance and invited him back to my apartment. Like the gentleman he was, he continued to behave respectfully as we continued our visit and enjoyed a nice cup of coffee and talked. Then we decided to watch a couple of films and surprisingly we had the same taste in films. It was awesome to have someone to comment and laugh about the movies with, which we did while enjoying the wine he had brought with him. As we watched the films the comfort level grew, the heat was turned on and he did all the right things like a skilled player to work me into the mood. Well honestly he didn’t have to put in a lot of effort since I had long been in the mood.

By the end of the two films our minor hand holding and slight touching was full on groping and kissing. He had nice kissable lips. The hunger began to overwhelm us and we quickly progressed to the caressing of breast, chest, ass and between the thighs. I could feel his hardness through his denim jeans as I am sure he could detect the moistness from Patty. Any hang ups I possessed about being with this cub abandoned me and I invited him into my bedroom.

Without hesitation he followed me. Our now disheveled clothes were being stripped away. Kissing and groping and fondling intensified. He sucked and nicely pinched my nipples which were aching for a good sucking. I explored his long body and enjoyed the feel of his cock in my hand which I moistened with my spit. We kissed and laid on top of one another allowing the heat blast from our groins to be felt. Hungrily, he laid on top of me and my legs immediately parted. Patty was hungry for entry and she caused my hips to lift begging for his cock to come inside. I retrieved a condom for him and he quickly and efficiently slid it on. Once on he was in. We began fucking and feeling the hunger our bodies so craved for. We were kissing and sucking necks. We were feeling asses and chests and breasts. It felt so good to feel a cock filling my insides. I moved my hips to intensify the feeling in my entire vagina. Then, I needed to ride!

I pushed on his chest until he was lying on his back. I straddled him and with imaginary belly dance music playing in my head, I began riding him. Oh goddamn I could feel the weight of his cock rubbing the walls of my entire vagina. I began to move my hips slowly and methodically letting his cock find my g-spot and enjoying feeling every inch of both the length and width of his cock. Lord I didn’t want this to end. I felt in that moment I could live the rest of my life with my legs wide open getting fucked until I reached the gates of heaven. I kept riding him and gyrating my hips until I was very near an orgasm but he had reached his first. Damn. Still it was good! Next time I have to control his until I get mine. Nonetheless, my cub then caressed me and kissed me making me feel like a goddess who had just bestowed a treasure to him. We talked until our words turned into whispers which turned into sl**p.

By the wee hours of the morning, I felt hands on my breast rubbing down to my stomach and a hard cock on my ass. I felt a grin spread wide on my face. Words were not necessary. The morning’s groping intensified as my butt bucked to enjoy the feel of his cock. God I could worship this cock. I turned to face him and enjoy the feel of his lips onto mine. He pushed me on my back and placed himself between my legs. He teased me. Patty was just out of reach of tasting that cock. We kissed and caressed one another while he kept his cock just out of reach. I felt my pussy ache and contract dying to be penetrated. Again, he efficiently slid that condom on and in he went. Patty hugged that cock as he entered her! He fucked me nice and evenly and slow, just like I like it. As the heat intensified he increased his rhythm then he whispered tenderly in my ear “I want to cum deep inside you.” Oh God my pussy was feeling so good. A few moments later, he came hard while his cock was buried deep inside of me. I laid there with my legs wide open, my eyes closed fantasizing the feel of cum filling and warming my insides. He laid on top of me, masterfully planting appreciative kisses worthy to a Goddess.

After some time, we rose from the warmth of the bed. We took separate showers and enjoyed a morning latte at my kitchen table. We talked and simply enjoyed the pleasure of our real life company instead of the virtual one. Time ticked by and it seemed neither of us didn’t quite know how to say let’s call it a day. Both of us having the complex feeling of should I or should I not. Eventually it was I that spoke up. I watched my cub of a gentleman leave and return to the shadows of the internet.

Ladies let me tell you. This was by far one of the best “hook ups” of my life. For me, nothing is better than a guy treating you like a respectful woman and making you feel as if you bestowed a gift from a Goddess to him. Normally I can return to waiting for that boyfriend I want but now it simply just made me hungrier. Honestly, I returned to trying to find a guy I could call a lover but I haven’t been successful yet. Well yeah there are always the ass clowns any woman can meet and cheaply give herself too but I don’t want that. I want what this young gentleman offered me. A nice, down to earth guy that made me feel special and beautiful to him and one where I felt I could just relax and be myself with. Someone where you know if it continues the sex will only get better and you desire to bestow your treasure to him while looking hot and sexy for him. Someone who brings out your sexual rawness! Ladies let me tell you, to hell with the ass clowns. If you are going to give up ass, be patient and give it to more worthy guys, gentlemen even if they are cubs.

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1 year ago
I really loved this story, both for its great style as the subject, that brings me so close to my dreams. You have a great writing talent,, my dear, much more than the author of 50 shades.... Thanks a lot for it. I will try to write a counter one.
1 year ago
Great story as always :)...get me goinig
1 year ago
Great story, and good for you for finding this guy! And to all the other guys out here - THIS is how to treat a lady!
1 year ago
I love the story. Wish i was the man ;):)
1 year ago
God bless the Greeks who invented the dildo to cure hysteria in women" I wonder where the world will be if they didnt