My Lapplands Lover

My Lapplands Lover

I joined a website called XHamster awhile ago. It is a very basic porn site. In the beginning, I enjoyed chatting with all types of guys. I was one horny momma and all day long all I could think about was men. I desperately wanted a boyfriend and good sex! I had been celibate nearly three years now but for some reason I couldn’t meet someone that interested me sexually. So I would surf around on XHamster, look at the films and sometimes chat with guys. After some time, the chatting became monotonous and boring. I didn’t want to just talk about sex, I wanted the real thing!

Sometimes, I would still chat with someone if I could enjoy a nice, normal conversation. You know the type of conversation that is more well-rounded and interesting and makes you feel less sexually frustrated. God you just don’t know how frustrating it is to talk about sex and not doing it! Then, I met this one guy on XHamster. He was the first guy that interested me to meet him. His name was Marcus. Naturally, I checked out his profile. He had quite a number of pictures showing everything about himself including his face. He had both normal and nude pictures and most of his nude pictures showed he was hard. I must say, he seemed to have a nice size penis for a white guy. The only down side was he was never smiling. However this guy, I don’t know something about him I liked.

From the first conversation with him, he suggested we chat on a normal dating site. That attracted me more. He was very direct and to the point. I was a woman of his taste. He liked older, black, full-figured women. That is quite specific but he stated many times that is what he liked. For about a month now, we chatted on the normal dating site before graduating to MSN. Although we mostly had normal conversations, in Swedish, I couldn’t erase the image of his hard cock from my mind. Through the entire conversation, my mind’s eye would think about it and imagine all sorts of sexual play with it. Sometimes, when we have chatted, I would look at his profile and look at my favorite nude pics of him.

The more we became acquainted the more I would think about having sex with him. My favorite fantasy was driving to meet him in Uppsala at a hotel. We both had our own rooms but it quickly proved to be a waste of money. We would like each other immediately. Although we both wanted to be nice and respectful and get to know one another in person first, we quickly jumped in the bed in his room kissing and touching each other like mad. We were like starving, cave dwellers hungry for sex. We didn’t even undress fully. I hiked up the skirt I was wearing and he ripped away my undergarments. He then pulled down his pants, took his already hard cock and rubbed it on my soaking wet vagina. Once he was lubricated with my juices, he pushed into me. This was the only thing he did slow. I could feel every inch enter into me deeply. He pushed as far as he could and then he began to pump me. I rubbed his back and grabbed his ass and we were kissing madly. I saw his face so much lighter than his pics since he was now having a huge smile on his face. I loved feeling my legs spread wide open and feel every inch pump in and out of me. I loved kissing his lips and rubbing his strong back and then his bare ass. He began to grab my tits still clothed in my sweater and bra. He lifted my shirt and f***ed one side of my bra up so he could touch my bare tit. Oh the pumping felt so good and I f***ed my legs wider and lifted my hips to meet his. He tilted his head so he could suck the free nipple and I grabbed his ass pulling him deeper into me as I lift my hips to meet his. Then the moment of excitement came.

He sucked my nipple until I could feel a slight, sharp and erotically charged pain! He pumped me harder and wilder and I tried to lift my hips each time to meet his thrusts. He freed my soar nipple, grabbed the sides of my hips and now thrusted so hard that his hips slammed into mine, his dick seemed to bulge thicker and I could feel the head literally throbbing against the walls of my vagina. The harder he thrusted; the more my own orgasm built up. Then he slammed into me one final time releasing my long awaited orgasm from its cage and I felt a warmth come into me. I felt his ass tremble as he released his climax deep inside my womb.

As the climaxes subsided, we kissed madly. He was now pumping his spent cock inside me. We kissed passionately loving the feel of each other from our lips, our chests and where we were bare. I never thought to give myself to a man so quickly, easily and uninhibitedly. Of all people me but here I am with my legs still open giving my most treasured possession to this man.

We finally released each other and stood up from the bed. We agreed to freshen up before going to dinner and out for a walk. He got behind me and walked me towards the bathroom with his hands rubbing my chest and kissing me on my neck. I could feel his soft cock behind me and the results of his climax seep down my leg. We freshened up alright. He brought wine so there we sat wrapped in towels sipping wine. On that first night, we never left the hotel room. Instead we ordered room service. We ate, talked, laughed, sipped our wine and of course we made love the entire first night we met.

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1 year ago
A jolly good story! You are a good writer
2 years ago
full pott som vanligt! Gr8.. Kisses/T
2 years ago
A great story - was it all fantasy, or did it become reality?
2 years ago
So great ;) you are so great ;)
Helt underbart :D