Beautiful BBW Black Woman In Need of a Powerful We

Beautiful BBW Black Woman In Need of a Powerful Well-Endowed Lover!

Yes I said it. I want him BIG, POWERFUL, WELL-ENDOWED and with enough stamina to pile drive me from one end of the country to the other! If I am giving a man my pussy then he better cherish the gift and treat it well. In my opinion, good treatment is a soaking wet pussy dried up from over-use and exhaustion! And my legs should have a noticeable limp afterwards!

I am sorry for you men who can’t deliver like I need you to and I need you to be honest with yourself and not contact me wasting my time with little, limp dicks!

You see I am a woman with a lot to offer and I need and want to feel a man’s weight on my body. The immense pleasure I get from him pounding me. The slight pain I can feel from his size. My body is in sex starvation mode and it needs and want to enjoy some good sex from a confident and proud stallion of a lover! I want to have it slow, fast, light and intense. I want to be on my knees with my ass way up the air presenting my gift to him. Then I want to ride him like the true stallion he is letting my hips shimmy and rotate and buck back and forth and slam up and down feeling him in the greatest depths I can feel him. I want him behind me on our sides holding my leg up high so he can use my pussy. I want to feel him with all his mighty hardness playing the poking game trying to sneak it in. Hell yeah I want him on top pile driving me. I want any and all positions we can manage to twist ourselves into for the sake of feeling that cock inside. I should always tremble at the sight and feel of his cock.

I like it in the ass too. I like feeling that cock gently pushing in to open me up. The small movements helping me to relax and then when I am open and juicy he can fuck my ass hard. Will I suck your dick? Oh yes! I will tongue dance all over that cock! Sucking it, blowing it, stroking it and oh yes I will swallow those balls whole until I can’t breath because I want that cock to feel pleasure. That little whole, I will let my tongue drive in deep to lick and tease it and suck that damn sperm right out like it will save my dying life.
So guys if you think this sounds so good! You want to tame a big black and beautiful woman with a hot and hungry pussy, come to me. Slap me on my ass and make me call you daddy! Teach me how to serve your cock so you leave with empty balls and a cock that will tingle for days from pleasure. Write me if you think you have what it takes!

She dared to place such a bold ad in hopes of meeting the right kind of guys to quench her thirst. She meant what she wrote. She didn’t want shy, limp dick, small men! She didn’t want to waste time. She was going for a sexual thrill, a sexual adventure. We can only wonder how many guys liked what they read, liked what they say and had the balls to deliver what she needed. We will see!

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2 years ago
If that is really what you want, lets take it up from here.
2 years ago
Helt underbart ;) puss
2 years ago
Now here is a BBW that knows what she wants! Knows how to make dick stand tall from start to finish ! Wish i was closer to you,because I would really love to see you & make that happen for you!
2 years ago
wish I could pleasure you like you deserve... Kisses/ T
2 years ago
this made my dick tingle
2 years ago
I loved your sexy mind in this story!! Hugs//S
2 years ago
A woman that knows what she wants and not scared to reach out and grab it...i love it. Plus the fact that you are a bbw makes it even better. I wish i were closer so we could hook up for real