Sun Blazed Hillside Plantation Orgasms

Get home from working away for two days and 2 hour drive, I see the house destroyed from very lazy house guests and my BFF that lives with me and so I started to clean up, get the kitty box done, garbage picked up, pile up all the laundry to take to the laundry room when I heard my BFF in the other room, I then got distracted and wanted to have a conversation with my BFF because they were sounding upset.
"babes what are you doing" is what I asked with total hesitation because he's a BETA, just imagine the shit I get from my BFF with constant issues.
" I'm upset because my dates are canceling on me" friend says
" get your butt up and go talk to them, go to the club do anything but mope around" I said with huge sigh of regret for even asking. I get tired of drama its too beautiful outside with the blaze of the sun to stay inside and pout.
" I got shit to do" I told my friend who ended up falling asl**p

I got finished with cleaning the big areas of my home, sat down on the couch with the extra eagerness of masterbating with myself cause I was so horny haven't been pleasured in an embarrassing long ass time.
I then look over at my friends phone that is going off, its an email from some man named Wilson about a threesome with him and a hottie. With my curiosity could that hottie be me?
Wow on his pictures so I sent him a message from my phone seeing what's up and he responded.
"outside puttering around yard its too beautiful to stay indoors" Wilson replied
" I agree wish my friend would wake up" was my reply thinking to myself I just want some attention and I'm about to play with this pussy I'm already wet and so horny thinking about masterbating and cumming all over my fingers.
Wilson replied back " I'm not far from you wanna come over and enjoy the sun together?" Holy shit do you think I hesitated hell no,
I replied " on my way"
met up with him, followed him to his house which was huge, really fucking huge on top of a hill and it was pretty!
introductions were very suttle cause this older gentlemen that I didn't know, but didn't hesitate to see was very, very attractive. had a suave look, charming body language and facial expressions that make you wish you had underwear on so your wet pussy juices weren't going down your leg.
"outside shall we" Wilson stated with a gesture of follow me, so I did and I laid down on the blanket out in the sun looking at this tanned, stud that I am hoping and praying has a huge cock, stamina, can eat pussy, ok let me stop myself there cause I was soaked by the time that he started to eat my soaking wet pussy.
I was embarrassed at first of how wet I was with him he probably doesn't get that a lot and I know what I don't get a lot so you can tell I was excited. he was rock hard and my wishing of him were right on track, he ate my pussy until I was ripping grass from the lawn and moaning to the blaze of the sun, over and over one, then two, three before I got to suck on a massive cock with pre-cum of excitement of his own to taste...when he slid that huge cock inside my tight soaking wet pussy the feelings of being horny leaped over clouds and I was not here more and more orgasms came...nine,then ten, from backside, doggie, sideways, updowns, omg!!!! ..oh and guess what more and more organsms like number twelve....14 orgasms later I got the sweetest drink that was needed from blazing heat of the sun and frickson of amazing sex on the hillside of a peace plantation.

laid in the sun with the realization of my amazing sexual encounter and how extremely handsome he is. I didn't want to overstay my welcome and not get to personal after all we did just meet!!!

I did the polite thing started getting dressed and we walked to my car and I left to go back home and wake my friend up, to go for a ride with me it was beautiful out and I wanted to enjoy it! Also I had built up an appetite and wanted to go get some grub. I smiled forever and a day from that hillside adventure and without a doubt I'm not sure if it will happen again I barely knew him at all and the rush of this sexual encounter will make me happy for awhile.

I hope the next time I crave a cock so bad that something like this happens again cause my pussy is still singing to the sun blazed hillside plantation of orgasms.

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