My Sexy, Dirty Mother Pt1

This is a true story (Lucky me ;) )
Mums boyfried- Mike
Mum- Libby

It was a Monday evening; I was downstairs in the lounge playing video games whilst laying on the couch. My mum came into the room and told me to get up and get dressed nicely. "Why?" I asked; "Because Mike's coming over to see me for a bit." So I got up, got dressed and sat back on the couch waiting for Mike to come over. About 15 minutes later he showed up; "hey you two! Haven't seen either of you in a while!" I instantly smiled. Mike was a really nice guy and he was always funny and was extremely generous! We went into the lounge, all had a drink and chatted for a while.

Our conversation ends and mum says to Mike "Come upstairs, I've got something to show you." as she pulls a cheeky smile. As I have a dirty sense of humor, I instantly laughed at what she had said and Mick and mum laughed too and off they went. When they got upstairs I could hear them laughing and giggling. I decided to get back to my games seeing as they had left.

About half an hour later, everything went quiet upstairs; I paused my game and went as quiet as I could go. I could hear small squeaks and occasional bangs. I stood up, stood on the foot rest and put my ear to the ceiling; there was moaning. I instantly grew erect. "This is wrong" I thought, "That's my mum up there being fucked and I'm erect?!" This was the closest I'd came to witnessing sex in first person and I was excited. I instantly pulled out my long, hard dick and started stroke it as I listened to the continuous moans coming from my mum.

A short time later and my mum was still moaning and I had gone from stroking to full on wanking. "Jeez, I've never been harder!" is what I said as I looked down at my, almost 6 inch, dick. As the moans got louder, I got faster and soon I was ready to cum. I bit my lip and let out a quiet moan of my own and shot out a long line of jizz onto the couch. I grabbed a towel from the kitchen an quickly wiped it up. I put my ear back to the ceiling and the moans had now stopped. "Huh, we both finished at the same time, what a coincidence" I chuckled to myself as I put my now soft dick back into my underwear.

The both of them came down about 10 minutes later and Mike had to leave. My mum and I both said goodbye and saw him off. "Goodnight darling, I'm off to bed now, I exhausted!" I smiled and gave her a hug; "Night mum, love you loads." I said whilst in contact with her hot, half-sweaty body. She went upstairs and I lay back on the couch, grabbed my dick and went at it again for another hour before I soon went to bed and planned out what I was going to do tomorrow for fun. "Wait, I remember! That vibrator I found under mum's bed! Surely she uses that often; I guess I'll play with it a bit tomorrow whilst she's at work if I can get it." I smiled to myself, closed my eyes and went asl**p, ready for the great day ahead of me...

End of Pt1! If you'd like chapter two then just say and I promise it will be uploaded within 2 days of this one and it will be much more graphic ;)
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6 months ago
Very good start,,,yes please tell us more...thanks
6 months ago
loved it too short thought hope part too comes fast :-)
6 months ago
Excellent start hope you post next one soon.
6 months ago
very good for the firts part
6 months ago
good start
6 months ago
Loved the story bud, can't wait to see where it leads ;)