Wrapped Fuck

I stand before you and tell you to take your clothes off. Slowly you do, knowing full well I am watching you closely. You reveal your gorgeous body, a little at a time, taking off your top and skirt, slipping off your bra one strap at a time and only revealing your breasts once it's fully undone. You turn around and slide your panties down bending forward so i can admire you pert tiny arse as you slip them off. It's a striptease but without the dancing. You stand and face me. You can see the bulge in my trousers and can tell how turned on I have become.

I pick up a roll of cling film and begin to unreal it. I move in close behind you and kiss your neck as i place the end of the roll around your shoulder and begin to move around you, unravelling it slowly. I spread it across your upper chest and around your back, kissing your neck gently as i do it. Moving down your arms begin to become pinned to your sides as i pull it tight across your tits, flattening them into your chest and making your cleavage bulge. I brush over your nipples and pinch at them making them stand erect, to they almost push through the film. I wrap round and round you, restricting your movement and making your body appear shiny as i flatten the creases out over your stomach. As i reach your hips i kneel in front of you and part your legs. I can tell you are already becoming wet as i run the film round your right leg, then rip the film and wrap your left leg. I briefly move in and run my tongue up over your still exposed pussy, tasting your juices. I see you physically shudder as i do so.

Standing back up in front of you, i remove my clothes revealing my rock hard cock. I take you by the shoulders and make you kneel so your face is in line with my cock. You know what to do and begin to lick and suck at it, unable to use your hands which are pinned to your sides. i thrust my hips forward just a little as you take me deep into your mouth and you pull back, gagging slightly, before carrying on. My hands move into your hair and i begin to guide your mouth over me. You respond by taking me deep into your mouth, running your tongue around my cock. I grip your hair firmly and press you onto me, making you gag again, before thrusting my hips as i start to fuck your mouth. I look down into your eyes as they look up at me, make up running down your face as saliva runs out of your mouth and over my cock, balls and down your front. You feel my cock swelling in your mouth as i hold your head tight and arch my back. My cock explodes into your throat, making you choke and gag, you feel the shots of cum filling your mouth before i pull out of you allowing strings of cum to spill out of your mouth, cover your chin and run down onto your tightly wrapped tits.

You lick at my cock cleaning it up as i admire your cum covered body, then I pull you forward, so your arse is up in the air and your head is lying on the floor. I take the clingfilm again and wrap it around the back of your thighs and over your back, pinning your legs to your stomach and forcing your arse and pussy into the air. i move in behind you and slowly stroke your covered back and over your arse. my fingers slowly move down to your exposed pussy and part your lips. Your thighs are already dripping with your wetness as i slowly slide a finger into you.You gasp. softly i pull it out again and as i push forward again you feel there are now 2 fingers in you. Again i pull out and push back with 3 fingers. Your pussy is so wet they just slide deep into you. with each push you gasp more. I pull out again and all 4 of my fingers push up into you as i begin to work your clit with my thumb. I hold your hip steady as i finger fuck you, rubbing harder at your clit, making you moan louder as my fingers fill you up. You are now taking all 4 of my fingers up to the knuckles. You push back against my hand trying to make me reach deeper into you. Suddenly as you thrust back you find my hand gone and instead my hard cock is f***ed deep into you, reaching further than my fingers and filling you up so much more. You cry out as i kneel behind you and grasp your hips tightly. I thrust harder and deeper into you, as i grab your hair and use it to pull your head up from the floor. your bound legs makes you move your arse back further and impale yourself deeper on to my cock. Your wetness pours out of you ocating my balls and our legs. your moans rise in volume as the pulling of your hair and the continual pounding in your pussy drive you wild. I slap your arse and grind into you making you moan further. The sound of your climaxes makes me even more turned on and i grind up into you further. 'Oh fuck you're good!' I cry as my cock swells inside you. I pull my cock from your pussy as cum starts shooting into you, I spray it onto your plastic wrapped back and over your arse and pussy.
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