Broken Dreams

We all have someone in our lives we cherish, even love. sometimes... we hate them, other times... we call them simply to hear there comforting voice. and there are moments when your alone with them, and feel like... life is perfect. At least when it happens to me... I could hope time slows down enough that I can enjoy each second of it. After thinking about it, that is what friends are... we are just Tied to Fate.

After a week of being at home alone I got a call from a friend. It was cliff who as concerned of my unwillingness to leave the house. the only thing I could say was.
"I just feel empty inside."

which felt true to the past week, and he insisted, that I visit him. as a apology for the last little trip that he felt it would be fun for us both. even if I only went a few times with him to it; but not really often enough to be a regular. but he decided to come pick me up.

So I accepted his offer to spend time at his place. He was always showing alot of empathy to me. even if we diddnt spend enough time in eachothers lives. I felt alittle sad inside, he was such a nice guy, but alot like me in some ways.

He lived alittle outside the city limits, living more on the outskirts to a freeroaming lifestyle without many nabors around to annoy him or his activities. but his home was something he admired. his inheritance pretty much allowed him to retire early in life.

A large dark blue house, mostly made of steel and many windows. some large enough to walk though, others small slits to give light. but all around the front porch, I could see wind chimes or many various designs and sizes. the melody of the wind was peaceful, as was the atmosphere of his home.

Cliff parked outside on the dirt driveway and looked at me. he gave me a passive smile and closed his eyes. I looked for a moment, but just shy'd away from his eyes.
Cliff "you've lost some weight. not eating enough?"
I got out of the car the same time he did. looking over at him "I just.. well.. I rather drink a soda, or water... I dont have a reason to eat much."

he nodded his head and gestured me to come inside. the house was unlocked. he held my hand and looked at me. before pulling me against the wall to kiss me softly on the neck.

I looked away, staring at the door that was half open, feeling him give me a hickie around my collar bone. he stoped and look over at the door, stoping what he was doing to close it and lock it.

Cliff" you hate going outside hu. its not like you."
"when your a object you can understand how it feels" I replied softly.
Cliff" ohh I do" he smiles petting my cheek "but your not really a object, you act more like a doll. so willing, so submissive, I remember when we was younger. you was alway dependent on others. just as you are now." he leaned his body on me, massaging my butt cheeks tenderly.

"I envy that."

I looked at him confused. "I um..." words fail to come to my lips.

Cliff "whens the last time you kissed a boy and felt happy about it?"

I remained silent thinking about it a moment.

cliff grasp my wrists and lifted my arms pinned against the wall. I felt nervous.

Cliff" I know you dont care if it was a guy, or a girl, or even someone like me who is inbetween, you see every human you come across with no gender prespective. and I know your secrets... you told me them when we was younger. deep down, you just want love. but lack the capacity to grasp what love is."

I looked away, feeling alittle passive to his deep passionate gaze at my eyes. cliff turned me around, pulling my pants down and his, I could feel his cock clumped up between my buttcheeks poking at me.

Cliff" you know I love you... if it was up to me, I'd k**nap you and make you love me forever. but it be selfish. I'd be no different then your past lovers. wouldnt I?" I could feel his saliva drip down between my butt cheeks often. before I felt his cock penetrate my butt. I flinched as he pushed every inch of his cock inside of me. I clinged to the wall a moment biting my lower lip slightly.

he hands held my hips and walked me backyards till we was at the couch, where I sat on his lap. feeling his cock rub on my insides. as the stimulation caused me to shiver.

cliff chuckled for alittle. "here I am talking about pain... and I just penetrated you without lube. sorry." he hugged me from behind. feeling his hips trust slowly at me.

"cum inside of me. I dont mind cliff. it make me feel happy."

shortly after saying it I felt cliff thrust his hips faster and his hug was tighter still as the minutes pasted. untill I felt his hot cum pour inside of me. I layed back weakly, feeling him trust and his body twitch.

wiggling my butt back and forth, with his sensitive cock still inside of me. he bit my shoulder, and sucked on it some. feeling his cock still remain hard after cumming. I could hear him stronger sniffing my hair and enjoying my scent.

cliff" when I cum in you. if always feel great." cliff kissed my back for a while. "come on, lets take a bath. well. after I clean up my mess."

"mess?" I asked starting to get up. I felt warm fluid dripping down my leg. I covered my butt and looked back. "oh for the love of kittens. you pee'd in me? I'm not a toilet." I walked off looking for the bathroom. trying to not drip all over the place. I felt embarressed as I sat on the toilet as his pee and cum dripped out of me.

He stood at the doorway and smiled. "your such a pervert." I muttered in my breath as I looked over at the tub. as he walked in to start the water to fill it. I looked as his small butt a moment. and blushed slightly. he continued to adjust the water leaning over deeply. I reached and grabed his hips and pulled his butt over my way.

Cliff looked back at me and wiggled his butt some. spreading his buttcheeks I closed my eyes and licked his hole some. penetrating it with my tounge. he moaned for a while. rubbing his butt left and right as if trying to wedge my face inbetween it. I pulled my face back and he looked at me.

with a small smile, I bit his butt cheek and he flinched from the unexpected reaction. I could feel myself get hard and continued to pull at his hips till he fell in my lap. he knew what I wanted and was quick to adjust himself so I could penetrate him. as he left out a moan enjoying riding me. I pulled him on my lap and became sucking on various places on his back to leave hickies of my own. before the tub was halfful, I felt myself cum, filling his butt up with a load of my own.

after a moment he stood up, cum dripping down his leg as he looked at me.

cliff cleaned himsself some before we both took a seat inside the bathtube, facing eachother we lay there looking at one another softly. it wasnt long till I was sitting in his lap as we locked lips to french kiss. feeling him suck on my tounge now and then, his hands corressing my butt cheeks and massaging my butt hole.

Cliff" you make me so horny when I smell your hair." standing up suddenly, he grabed his cock and began to jerk off aggressivly in front of me. I blushed looking up at him, I closed my eyes and opened my mouth. feeling him rub his cock against my tounge and open mouth. drips of precum tounge my tounge, the satly enjoyable taste. he moaned and pushed the tip of his cock in my mouth jerking off his shaft. cum spirted randomly into my mouth, some squirts down my throat. I closed my mouth and was about to swallow it. he leaned down and kissed me. sucking out the cum from my mouth in a swallowing most of it. our faces hovered close for a moment as he looked into my eyes.

cliff" thanks. I feel better now." sitting back down. for a hour, we just soaked in the tub, but eventually dried off. as we both went in the nude to his bedroom upstairs. it was a nice lovely king sized bed. as I jumped on it and lay there. he sat there on the bed side. it was already dark outside.

I looked over at cliff who was crawling into the sheets. so I did so as well.
cliff" we can play more tommarrow." closing his eyes.
I kissed him on the cheek. "thanks for the smiles."

as we both fell asl**p, I felt him come closer to cuddle with me. and within moments of feeling his breath on my neck his tiny breast on my back; I fell asl**p. hoping for more fun tommarrow.

-the end-
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4 months ago
2 years ago
You know your in love with cliff and he is also in love with you that makes this story even better
3 years ago
Excitting story can't wait to read the next chapter should be awasom thanks