Club Lightsout

though my life, I tend to shy away at others. Either because I find them attractive, or the fact that there attracted to me. I question the world when being in love can be considered wrong even when it feels so right. In my eyes... I never saw it as bad, but natural part of being a person. Besides if everyone acted the same, dressed the same, have the same personality. I'd request a transfer~

After being entertained by friends in personal or friendly manner, I was introduced to go to a club with cliff. Of course I've been to club's before. though I diddnt care for my ears ringing afterwards from the heavy blasted music even when standing in another room. I felt lonely, and to be honest. I wouldnt mind having alittle fun now and then. So I accepted the visit to club lightsout.~

It was after 9pm when my friend arrived at my home. As I sat there on the porch in my attire I wear for such events. black jeans with bejeweled gems on the butt area. a cute black shirt with a vampire smily. my black glittery beret. and some black socks an black/blue tennis shoes. Going for the neo goth look. I decided its better to not wear makeup, just some jewelry. afterall, I never had a need to in the past to wear makeup normally. so I decided to wear my hair down.

Taking the highway from the beach, we eventually arrived after several dizzy turns and u-turns and his sense of macho driving. when I had the chance to get out. I leaned on the car and whispered words of relief.

We entered together, paying a small price of thirty bucks for a night of fun. It was a busy saturday night. The Room very large, and curtains making walls every now and then around the outer areas. but it was so dark, that you can only see outlines of people at best. unless a random light would glint them for a moment. Seemingly it felt like any other club. just, it had a different air with all the private areas it seemed to have.

Enjoying the music, I closed my eyes and danced alittle by myself, enjoying the rhyme and tunes. spinning around and just being carefree in the open space I found.

but as I twirled around, I felt arms clasp around me in a hug. opening my eyes as a very muscular guy looked down at me.
"Sorry" I replied trying to back up, he diddnt let go.
"Say it again?" I heard his deep voice pierce me.
"sor-" just as I said it, he pulled me in for a long tounge locked kiss. my hands curled up and pushed itself between us as a reaction. I felt his arm lift my leg up from the thigh. as you bowed us down and hand me in a situation if I broke free, I surely fall flat on my butt. my hands held to his shirt as I grew scared of being dropped. but he held me tightly and pressed me against him.

For the while I closed my eyes again. feeling him suck on my tounge and lick at it for a while. I felt flushed being in such a situation.

I wonder how many are staring at us? where cliff go?? Why this guy pulling a move on me???

After a minute of him taking my breath away, he pulled me upright. his open hands massaging my butt, as I layed my head on his chest. the music took a sudden turn for a slow dance. and I just put my feet on top of his, as he waved back and forth. his hands now in my pockets getting a closer feel as we danced in a very slow circle motion.

The music began to pick up after several minutes, and he bend over towards me. I felt confused to what he was doing.
"umm.. what ar- eep!" he grabed my lower legs along with my lower back and cradled me in his arms. my hand rested on his biceps. wowy. they felt like bricks, and big too. this guy must seriously work out often. hearts grew in my eyes as I couldnt help but say.
"jackpot" in a happy tone.

without much words beyond that he lead me off to the curtain area. muttering something in his heavy voice that was synced out by the music.

As he took a seat along a rather comfortable looking bed. he sat me on his lap and pulled me backwards as we layed there for a long while.
"hey dollface, I diddnt catch your name" his hands holding my wrist and playing with me like I was a marionette on a string. I felt silly for a moment laying on him.
"its Damia."
"Lance." He jittered my hand up and down like a hand shake. "pleasure is al~l mine sugarbutt." ((ohh great. a guy that loves using unique pet names and a weird sense of humor. ohh well noones perfect *sarcasm*))
he grabed my thighs and spread my legs out widely, his hands reaching between my legs. "ohh yea, your a keeper."
I kindof looked back confused. "what am I? a prize. we just met."
"we met physically, but every night I been in your dreams making you scream and moan my name."

my eye twitched a moment trying to comprehend his logic in comparison to guile meets the nyan nyan cat song.
He pulled me over to his side laying there, wrapping his arm over my body and lounging.

"so what you in the mood for? wanna make out some more. I like the taste of your lips?"
"well I-" before I could finish he pressed his lips against mine. as the words became a mutter in his mouth. my body squirmed alitle but eventually I diddnt mind the make-out session. at least till his hand slapped my butt.

pain markers hit in every inch where his hand spanked me. as I let out a muttered cry from his mouth. he pulled back a moment? "did you say something shortcake?"
"you hurt m-" he began to kiss me again. making my words empty sounds that sounded similiar to moans. my body slowly being pulled on top of him. I decided to place his hands in mine. it .... it was safer >_<

I could feel his cock get harder from doing this for thirty minutes. he was getting so hard. I am such a pervert, not even a hour in. and I am thinking of the cock of a random person I just met... and whats worse, I could feel myself get a harder as well.

I sat up suddenly, placing my hands on his chest and feeling his muscles more closely. getting caught up in touching his mod body, he sat up. and unbuckled his hands and pulled them down to his knees.

His cock hung out proudly. its thick size seemly overwelmed me. it must of been eight and a half inches. and two inches thick around. he scooted back and rested his hand on several pillows lounging. I placed my hands around his cock looking at it a moment. even with the dim light, my eyes adjusted. and from feeling his cock, I could tell he was just raw.

I closed my eyes, and placed my lips against the tip, kissing it a moment and wetting my lips, then opening my mouth to slowly glide it down my throat. gagging at the first attempt to put it all in at once. and continued to suck on it, using my tounge to massage his thick shaft with each lick and suck.
"ohh yay sweets, keep that up." he bellowed petting my hair, not trying to f***e me to suck all it at once. but I enjoyed taunting the head of his cock. licking at the folds and sucking on the lips. just as I did a long lick on his shaft, he came. as cum squirted all over my face I fell back from surprise.

he started massaging his cock looking at me "wanna ride it babycakes." I hesitated looking at it. he reached over into the shadows. revealing a bottle of lube.((its the magic lube fairy!)) after a while I simply nodded in agreement.

Pulling off all my cloths, I placed it in the corner underneath the bed with my shoes on top of it. he sat up. pulling me on my hands and knees. lowering my body while raising my butt. I felt him push the open part of the bottle tip inside my butt and squirted a heavy amount of lube inside of me. it felt so cold and sudden that my spine shivered.

I could feel his cock just push at my. my muscles wanted to tighten, but before they could. he cramed the head inside. I clinged to the sheets as he pushed more and more of his thick fat cock up my cherry. I almost wanted to cry from the penetration, but at the same time it felt so great being dominated by a thick cock.

after he fully penetrated me, he rolled. causing me to end up sitting on his cock as he layed there. for a moment I shivered, feeling it wiggle around my insides and moved my hips slowly up and down riding him.

three man approched the bed we was at. already in the nude, but watching us do it. I felt embarressed as they were jerking off watching me. but they inched closer and closer, till they was pretty much at the bed side. I slowed down some, wondering a moment. before I could react, they crawled on the bed, and fondled my chest and kissing me. apperently lance diddnt seem to mind. as he held my hips and began to trust.

holding there cocks before me, out of instinct, I open my mouth, letting one stick his cock into my mouth as I sucked it. placing the other two in my hands, and switching from blowjobs to jerking them off. one of them moved my hand and held his cock inches of my face. as he unloaded his hot sticky cum on my cheek and mouth. at that moment the one I was giving a blowjob to held my head. and I felt his cum drain into onto my tounge. I flinched feeling his cock twitch in my mouth. with the cum still in my mouth, I went to the thrird one and continued sucking till I felt him unload. but he wanted to pull out, as cum splirted in my mouth, on my lips, and straight down my chest.

More guys approached us. and I felt my mind slip away into a small euphoria. but one began to suck on my cock, then two. sharing my cock. another approached me and pushed his long cock in my mouth, as I sucked on it. another guy leaned on the bed to suck on my nipples. which caused me to quiver from the sensitivity of that area.

my head was spinning. there was so many dicks hovering around my face. that I would switch to one and notice another taking its place. the smell of hot cum filling my senses. I could feel myself close to cumming myself.

I squirmed. noo this is bad. if I cum... I'll be to sensitive. but my words were lost in moans with cocks down my throat. my muscles tighted quickly as I came. because I was so tight, I felt lance unload inside of me hard and heavy. guys randomly bathed my body in cum. lance pulled off as he sat there massaging his cock. I felt guys pulling my hips and turning my butt up towards them. feeling a cock within moments penetrate me and began to fuck my ass aggressivly. I squirmed sitting up.
"wai-" as I was about to speak a guy pushes his cock into my mouth. tears built up because I wasnt ready.

My senses were on overload from cumming just moments ago. my body felt so sensitive that it almost hurt. it felt so great being in such sexual stimulation. hands fondling my ass and my chest. touching my cheek, licking my thighs, even felt cum dripping on my feet.

another guy who couldnt seem to wait put his cock in my mouth as well. as two cocks rubbed against eachother in my mouth. my tounge feeling warm, my lips numb. my legs bowed down as I felt weak on the knees. but they held me so it was helpless of me to try to fall. I looked up at them, they seemed so pleased that they both cummed in my mouth heavy. I closed my eyes feeling the cum mix together with my saliva. I lowered my head in a instand. showing I am tired. but it felt more stimulating as I felt a hand jerk me off in this position. I felt like they was trying to milk me. from all the cum pouring in my ass, it dripped down and lubed up my own cock.

I lost all sense of time. my lips to sore to really talk, but I could feel guys still pounding away at my ass. some rougher then others. at that point, I diddnt care. I could do this all night, it felt to good having so much cock attention in my ass. The guys continued to take turns to cum in my ass. some who couldnt hold it in bathed my butt and back in cum or raise my face to cum on me.

I must of smelled like cum at this point. the sheets felt wet and cold on my knees. but one person crawled under me, grabbing both our dicks and rubbing them together for a long while but eventually came and pulled out. flipping me over and continuing to fuck me harder, but now cumming on my stomach, chest and face.

eventually they left me to myself. my eyes a glaze as I stared into the dark ceiling. one guy told me there was a shower, but it was a peek show as well.

not caring about the peep show, I went to go wash. taking a seat inside the shower area.

the door opened... as I looked over.

cliff stood there dripping from head to toe in cum as well, he smiled.
"well what you think? enjoyed the night so far?"
I raised my head as water spilled down my face. "the cum is still dripping out of my ass.... and my lips are sore."
"well thats good." he crawled next to me massaging my cock. "cum in me as well. and we can go ok?" feeling my cock slowly get hard in his hand.

he held onto the shower pole bent over looking at me. I stared at his butt, cum spilling down his leg with water. when I rised he bend down futher.
"if its a bit loose dont mind ok. I come here often."
I pushed my cock down his ass letting out a soft moan. noticing the camera's in front of us and behind us finally. I diddnt care... as I trusted hard with what little energy I had left. reaching down to grab his cock and jerk it off rough. he was quick to get hard.

he both moaned and groaned as I went harder and harder fucking his ass and jerking him off. I felt him cum in my hand and his ass squeezed at my cock, making me want to unload inside of him. I held him there a moment before sliding onto the floor with him on my lap. we both was burnt out.

"ok... I am offically dead. wake me up tommarrow." I said softly laying my head on his neck.
"if you fall asl**p here, your gonna be banged all night long." he replyed.
we helped wash eachother off as best we could, hunted down out cloths and quickly exited the building.

as we got to the car, he leaned on me against the car to kiss me.
"I did enjoy unloading in you earlier." cliff smiled.
"wait... you did me too?" I looked at him puzzled.
"yea...but I ended up being in your situation on another bed." he chuckled as he opened my door. "lets head home."
"...ok." I replyed sitting in the passanger seat. but... I fell asl**p shortly after hearing the engine start.

when I awoke, I was laying in my bed. cliff sl**ping next to me cuddling in the blankets with me.... in the nude.

I rubbed my cheek, but it felt alittle wet.... with cum?

-The End-
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incredible story i just read more and came more i actually came three times and i think i'm going to rest fro a while
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fantastic story! you really built a great scene.
3 years ago
Awesome story! :)