Masquerade invitation

Warning: This story is not greatly sexual in nature. you been warned

As I walked gracefully up the steps towards the grand manor. I looked at katherine a moment. she smiled walking along side me. The nervousness swelled as we came closer and closer to the mansion. I felt butterflys pulling katana's and slashing away at my insides. but then again, as I touched my tummy I remembered the corset redesigning my lungs. I pinched at my blue belled dress with designs of the ocean and seashells imprinted in its laces. Katherine wore a pink dress with cherry blossom flowers imprinted in the design. A mild mannered old man in a tuxedo stood there at the door.

He spoke in a strong english accent that screamed out british origins. but it was pleasant and calm. "your invitations lady's" We both handed over our invitations. and he nodded his head. "thank you, it is nice to since such lovely young ladies attend this ball."

I blushed slightly looking at katherine who nudged at me, holding my hand and leading me in. she mumbled in a breath. "you'll turn the world gay in three seconds you incubus..." glaring at me a moment.
"nyan nyan I'm a cat." giggling innocently.
Katherine" Fine, Lets go furball."
as we walked in together I felt smaller and smaller surrounded by people who had more money then I ever cared to possess.

-one day earlier-

As I just got out of the shower, the doorbell rang. half dressed in a gown, I opened the door. Katherine stood there looking at me with a evil smile. holding a letter in her hand.
Katherine "your coming with me to a ball, no if's and's or little butt's about it. I need a friend and your the only one that can pull it off." She smiled.
I looked at her confused ""
Katherine "your. coming. with. me. to. a. ball."
"ohh I am going with you to a ball....?..... I hate to be rude but ummm.. eh?"
Katherine grabed my balls and bite my nose. then stepped back, smiling. I gave a confused dumbfounded look.

she poped me on the skull with her palm.

Katherine "dont play dumb. YOUR~ coming with me to a masquerade ball. its very classy and such, but I have a dress just for you." she eyed me up and down. "now please get some cloths on and come with meeeeeee your spending the night over and I wanna make sure the dress fits."
"what if I dont wanna?" I whined alittle.
Katherine "I'll **** you with a thirty five and half foot pole."
((defeated moment))
within a short time, I was out the door, and dragged into a world that fit a disney princess movie, or a prisoner of war.

And shortly after I arrived, I was measured from head to toe, as her hired assistants measured my figure to do last day adjustments to the dress. but I was hoping they break out into song... Katherine disclosing information of need to know and otherwise concerned with the night, trying to keep my mind occupied.

-6 hours before the ball-

after experiencing katherines fun house torture chamber. waxing, nail polish, lip stick, blush and eye liner/shadowing. the torture of the corset, tucking, soft undergarments, stocking and deep blue high heels. it was time to put on the dress. which felt alot easier in comparison, but I felt alittle like a doll wearing so much lace and frills. I felt more comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt. but I diddnt want to say no to katherine after saying yes. and I fear the thirty-five and a half foot pole of death.

Her Father entered the room with a smile.

"well well, I never thought I see my lovely daughter put on a dress so willingly. I am glad your friend decided to come..." he looked at me. "what is your name young lady.

I looked at katherine for a moment, then smiled at her father. "its Asuka. Asuka Langley Soryu. Its a pleasure to meet you." giving a innocent curtsey as I kept my head lowered."

He grined "Andrew. if it wasnt for the fact you was born a boy and I knew you already, you'd be a good s****r to my daugther katherine. besides. she lacks that quality of grace....I am ashamed to say."
Katherine "how you know it was andy?"
Her father patted me on the head "I'd have to say it was the quality of his smile. it always looks empty. cheer up alittle. if we never met. I couldnt tell the difference anyways."
Katherine looked away uncomfortable at a portrait on the wall. "in any case, I hope you keep a eye on my daughter for me ok she tends to be alittle energetic."
Katherine "daaad...I'm a adult."
her father patted katherine on the head "as you wish my angel." he left shortly afterward of speaking his mind.
We both stood there quietly looking at the door. "I'm sorry." I said softly
Katherine "its ok.... I hate my dad too....... comon... we might as well get going." she handed me a silver and blue mask and a hand fan. Then she picked up a pink and white mask with her fan.
with the awkward moment with her father : I wondered why she even accepted. even if she brought me along?

As we took our seat in the limo, her parents sat acrossed from us. her mother in her own little world as she touched up on her makeup the entire time. her father promply making katherine feel smaller and smaller as the minutes passed by. Katherine had a empty stare the entire time; but I dont blame her.

-back to present-

Several round white tables with silk white cloth covering lay out pefectly thoughout the large chamber. chandeliers of crystal, and gold hung overhead, even the floor of marble and decorative designs. There was even stairwell towards a large balcony of stone. Kathering pinched my arm and nodded her head to the right. as I followed along with her to the outmost part of the room. with less people wearing white wigs and more women in dresses like ourselves. The gossip was about jewelry.
I looked at my hand at the opal ring I always wear.... and felt smaller hiding my hand that my ring rested on. I sighed. as katherine looked bored within the first five minutes. I guess not everyone of upper class can honestly say they enjoy the life. but then again, she was raised by maids and servants, instructors, and went to public school for social experiences... not for education... back then.

-few hours in

As the music was played by a live orchestra. Most the people at this meeting either those of higher social standing, buisness leaders, bankers, or otherwise those born into wealth. Looking around, waving my fan before in all opinion.... I felt like a RPG character underwater to long, losing oxygen, getting a lucky gasp of air now and then.

A older gentleman approached me "may I ask for this dance mademoiselle" I gave a curtsey and raised my hand. as he took it, I pinched up my dress and walked towards the dance floor. ((gawd katherine, you owe me your soul when this night is over.))
Gentleman "I know that this social event must dull the sense of young ladies such as yourself, but I hope that this old man can give you a smile" trying to speak english properly but the french accent leaked out.
I looked at him, staring at his black and white mask a moment. "Je suis un peu effraye~" smiling timidly as we did a waltz.
he chuckles, "ohh its glad you speak french, but dont be afraid either.. its a honor to meet you. I am alexandre. but you can call me grandpa if you wish to young lady."

For the next two dances, I kept him company. only hoping the music would end....eventually? I waved the fan some. took the wind out of me to dance so long in a dainty way. sooner or later coming across katherine, who pulled me off to head to the balcony. noone else was up there. so she sat down on the ledge.
Katherine "I hate my life...wish I wasnt alive" she lowered her head.
I leaned on the wall next to her petting her hair softly. "if you wasnt alive, I wouldnt be stuck wearing a corset dancing with old men and sipping wine to please a evil daddy." I smiled.
she gave a half cocked smile looking at me with slightly teary eyes.
Katherine "why you such a nice idiot all the time."
"you insisted I'd be when we first met long ago. only fair I keep the promise? right...?" poping her slightly with the fan on her head softly.

she was quick to rise. looking into my eyes for a long moment before she gave me a kiss on the lips leaning on me. our hands embraced for a long while as we went to our own little world.


we turned as a old man stood there watching us in eachothers embrace. we both turned away to at the sky. pretending we was doing that from the start. we heard him chuckle and apperently walk off saying "girls these days".

we both blushed... looking down.

Katherine "your a pervert."
"so are you." I replyed and sighed. our hands touched for a while. eventually resting her head on my shoulder.

"katherine....." I spoke softly looking at her.
Katherine "yes andy?" she gazed at me confused.
"can you breath?" holding my stomach
Katheine "now and then" she held her's
"shall we continue with the boredom downstairs?"
Katherine "we could kiss in the middle of a dance to raise some wigs?"
"deal..." we both held hands as we walked back down to the ballroom.

Its hard to say how the next 4 hours went. but in the end, I think we got enough attention on the last dance kiss/makeout session. at least till we had applauses.

-The End- -Fin- -its over 9000- -Why so serious- -pull up your pants-

yea you can torture me later for my humor, let me know what you think about it ok?
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2 years ago
wow i didn't think i had one more but i did took longer but it was i came so hard wow thanks i plan on reading all your stories. maybe we can be friends
3 years ago
It was sortaof sad but very interesting thanks
3 years ago
Wonderful writing!