Starcrossed sl**pover

I never was one to push my sexuality upon others... I have always felt.... unrequired in that area. so much so, that I lack the ability to be discrimitive to people, regardless of there beliefs... there origin... there sexuality... or even there religious or politcal views... in the end. I felt we are all the same.... we are human after all... and if you only look at that, I feel you may find some bliss in those words, and less a fear of the unknown. and I know I am far from perfect, but... I've had people tell me, I lack that sense of insecurity and they envy it. ... they envy me?... I felt my heart flutter at the thought. but eventually, the emotions did fade.

which brings me to this chapter of my life.

When I was asked by a friend to visit him, at first I was thinking of declining... but; past friends deciding to share the same roof for a weekend? to catch up on old memories... old memories that we shared together, as a starcrossed sl**pover.

His home was outside the city limits. pushing towards the more relaxing countryside. I accepted a ride being I do not possess a vehicle of myown and gas milage is a pain. but I was grateful for new sights. as for the arrivals, it seemed only five of us showed in all. my only guess was the others diddnt care, or simply forgot who he was and decided not to show.

As for me, I remember him, Ethan, but we really had a neutral relationship that was awkward when we ate together. when rumors was going around I was a Female going to Male transgender. I use to laugh at it, but at the time, I enjoyed 'playing along' with the rumor. even though it caused me difficult times in the male locker room. and even hated glares by some girls.

I brushed my hair back, letting it flow instead of being tied back in a ponytail. the wind was light and the skys so clouded, I wonder if it would rain soon? *I sighed*

When we got out of the car, they clasped hands, gave shoulder punches and otherwise left me a bruise on my right shoulder... owie.. I was such a wimp in comparison to most of them.

Rick the jock, Nathan the accuser, Paul the clown, and Ethan the flirt. if you include myself which they referred to me as Andy the candy. (looong story involving lolipops, gumdrops, and suckers).

Suprisingly after getting together, we ended up either talking about what we been up to the past seven years. or playing on the Xbox360 or PS3. but while I was watching them play, Nathan rubbed my butt. I payed it no mind, thinking he was probably looking for the remote or something. but when he continued I went to get a soda from the frig. sitting on top of the counter and getting out of the noise.

Nathan "thought you like guys touching you around?"
I smiled sipping my soda and waving my legs back and forth. "I'm not that easy"
Nathan looked at me a second before pulling close "ethan wants your pretty butt all night long, so I thought I cop-a-feel before he decides to plow it" he left chuckling as I sat there quietly.

was ethan really gonna try to pull the moves on me tonight? "ugh I am such a yaoi for thinking that"
Ethan "whats a yaoi?" leaning on the door while I was spacing out.

*moment of silence*

Ethan "yea. anyways, um hope you dont mind but umm.. well there not enough furniture to sl**p on so... you dont mind sharing the king bed with me right?"
I gave a shy look. "I umm... well umm.. a-ok.." I said quietly.
Ethan "thats good, I ran out of pillows and such, be rude if you slept on the floor." he shruged before heading back to the living room.

I sat there quietly sipping my soda again. (diet coke). just keeping to myself. oohh why did I come, I feel so out of place with them. I went outside to sit on the swing on the porch. soft raindrops dripped only inches of my feet. as I watched lightning out in the distance.

Night came all to soon to my eyes. so I decided to sl**p early. but I just layed there looking outside. Ethan eventually came in. starting to undress and such and layed next to me in nothing but a trunks. he seemed so.... cute <3. I watched him bend over and say how tight his butt was (stare stare).

Ethan "you awake andy?" he poked at my shoulder a few times.
I sighed, looking up at him. "yes"
Ethan "could.. you move over.... I perfer this side of the bed." I moved over and he quickly hopped in, as I felt his hand touch my hip, with him laying only inches of myself. his hand slowly brushing up and down my back, as it tingled with my senses.

- I guess Nathan was right. he does want to play with me. but why me? -

my sense heightened as I could hear him smell my hair. his fingernails wanting to touch my lower spine. without words I looked away.. scooting my butt back alittle closer, which ended up rubbing up against him. he was quiet for a long while. I wanted to jump out of the bed and apologize.

I felt the bed shuffle as he pulled himself next to my body. his hands, petting my inner thigh. although he failed at being unobvious with his actions. when his fingers began to pet the front of my panties. I nudged and his hand pulled back out of nervousness. he pulled his body away from me. his hands went to rub my butt cheeks. slowly... softly... daringly. even groping me at times.

I heard a soft moan escape from his lips. (((o m g))) he was masturbating as he touched me. he must of pulled off his trunks earlier. slowly, I raised my thumb and began to nibble on my finger in a shy manner. This was so cute.

He hand grasp my shoulder pulling me onto my back making me gasp suddenly. with a quick lift he pulled himself over me. "E-ethan... are you sure?" I said in a feminine tone looking up at him. He nodded jerking off looking at my face as he hovered over me. it felt odd he was masturbating to me. but the look in his eyes, it made me feel so small to him. I opened my mouth as he pulled his hard erected cock closer to my lips. sometimes rubbing it against my mouth before jerking it off harder.

"can I swallow it" I said softly, he seemed excited I said that more. crawling closer as his balls and cock hovered inches over my face. his male scent... it was slightly intoxicating and enjoyable. I felt a hand cup my head and pulled it up while he was aiming his cock at my mouth. I opened my mouth a bit wider pulling my tounge out as warm cum squirted out. sometimes hitting my cheek but mostly dripping down into my mouth. I rubbed the rest of the cum that was on my cheek into my mouth before swallowing his load.

For a while he hovered there over me. his eyes gazing deeply at me. but I kept glacing at his dick, and within short moment of him cumming, I wrapped my lips around his cock. sucking on it. he flinched from post cumming stimulation. giving him head felt so right at the time. playing with it in my mouth I could see his body twitch when I played with the head of his cock. after a minute he was hard all over again within my mouth. I continued harder and putting it deeper down my throat. he held onto the bed post spreading his legs wider as his balls rubbed against my jaw. with a strong jab down he unloaded more hot sticky cum down my throat. which I continued to swallow and suck on it. eventually he pulled away.
Ethan "this feels to good. please give me a moment its painfully pleasurable" his breathing a bit hard his face slightly drained.
I nodded as I swallowed his load with a soft smile. as he layed down next to me, resting a arm and leg upon my body like I was his wife or something. pulling me close and enwrapping his arms around me lovingly.

Ethan "you think I am perverted hu...." he humped my butt alittle.
I giggles "I dont judge, as far as I am concerned you are straight ok."
Ethan "ok.... umm.. thanks." I could feel him slowly getting hard again. "um a. can I? you know?"
I pulled my panties to my ankles and layed on my stomach. "I hope you brought lube..."
ethan got out of bed, reaching around in a dresser till he pulled out a bottle. he slowly crawled back in bed. but went quiet. "um how does this work?"
I sighed softly. I spreaded my cheeks. "put the lube in my friend there and on your cock. coat it good ok?"
He slowly poured lube as the cold liquid tickled my butt. I could hear him jerking off some more. but I had a feeling he was eyeing my butt. he crawled over me very uneven. I could feel his dick between my cheeks as he tried to lay over me. eventually I felt him slowly pushing at the entrance.
Ethan "its tight." he uttered under a breath.
I lifted my butt up some to help, feeling it glide inside of me as he put his full weight down. he sat up, and poured more lube on his cock area. and then began to fuck my butt laying on top of me. his legs coiled around mine as he sucked on my shoulder. I pulled his arm close and chewed on it slightly.
I wanted to moan for him, but I kept quiet. taking a breath each time he trusted hard into me. it glided so smoothly with so much lube he put on us. feeling it go so deep inside and then penetrate me again and again. but eventually he just started to grind it in me, using his weight to hump me. after a hour of him fucking my ass I felt warm fluids glide down my bowls. I could feel myself blush thinking about his fluids inside of me.

Ethan "can I?" he whispered in my ear~
"I dont mind. enjoy my company ok." I giggled, getting comfortable. as for the next few hours he continued to fuck my ass like as it was a pussy. the pleasure rising with each passing minute. I actually began to feel woozy from the stimulaton of penetration.
Ethan "please be my girlfriend." he begged me suddenly while he cummed again.
I flinched from the sudden proposal during the stimulation/situation. "ethan... w-we cant. I like you but, out lifestyles are way to different. ... sorry ok." Ethan sat there quietly cum dripping on my butt. "but... thank you for asking."
Ethan rubbed my butt cheeks for a moment "I wish you could be mine. even if you went from being a girl to a boy."
"ethan?...." looking back at him with a glare.
Ethan "um.. yes?"
"you do realize it was just a rumor. I was always a boy..." ((but... I wish I could be a girl...))
Ethan "ohh! ohh. a.. sorry about that. you just look so."
"girly I know. I get that comment often." he crawled back into his trunks.
Ethan "sorry" he apologized again.
"I need to ...wash". I got up, and began to clean myself of the lube, as well as all the cum flowing in me in the bathroom. diddnt want to stain my panties in cum. I looked back and he was already fallen asl**p. eventually I curled up back in bed and fell asl**p as well.

-The next day-

Ethan woke up alone as I was already up before him. sitting in the living room playing the xbox360. Rick came in along with paul and nathan under each of his arms.
"what happened to him?"
paul "we umm... he umm had to much to drink. thats it. he drank to much" he gave a coy smile.
"a hu....." I replyed as ethan walked in. "umm ethan, I need to get home."
Ethan "but we still have another day.
"sorry...but I need to go."
Ethan "ok, let me get the keys."
Paul "we'll be here with our over intoxicated playfriend."
*rick moans and groans holding his stomach*
Nathan "ohh rick, we will make you feel all~~~ better in no time" he smiled.

As we climbed in the car, I gave ethan a swift kiss on the cheek. "sorry but, if I stay another night. I.... may like it to much." smiling at ethan.
Ethan rubbed his cheek starting up the car.
I unzipped his pants, "now your just gonna have to grin and bear it as you drive ok?"
and for the two and a half hour drive home. he got blowjob after blowjob, as a going away present for a good time. but... I diddnt want to stay... or else I might of said yes.....

-The End- or -Fin-
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Yes that was a great week end you mde me cum again
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Wonderful! Straight into my favorites!
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Very hot story, absolutely loved it. it was amazing and i was cumming lots!