Unique Misadventure

I always felt I was one to walk in a path of two worlds. both parallel and at at times, they cross and go there seperate ways within me. it can be stronger then others, but in all cases.... I always felt feminine by nature, lacking a dominate soul I suppose. it felt more natural, and in luck or fate; people referred to be by 'mame' or 'miss' then as a guy. it would be considered a insult, but deep inside... it made my smile silently.

my misadventure starts on a nice autumn evening at the beach. partly to enjoy the breeze, and otherwise just to be in a quiet place. I would watch the fisherman catch catfish, on some occasions they even give me some (nya nya nom nom yum, love seafood :3). (sidetracked). it was enjoyable but alas I did eventually need to pee after standing around for a long time. so I headed 8-11 minute walk to the beach bathrooms. during which I hear a guy say, "your going in the wrong one" just as I entered. I ignored it (being it was probably over the 9000th time someone has told me it... again.) and continued inside. sadly, it always had the ironic smell of male to it. as I was to relieve myself at a standie I heard footsteps enter the bathroom.

he looked at me half puzzled as I looked back at him "your a ... dude?" looking down at my dick.

"yes" I said softly, my voice soft and feminine out of instict as I finished up. heading to the sink to wash my hands. He stood behind me eyeing me up and down curiously. I felt uncomfortable noticing his size. both in height and weight. I knew I was 5'11" but he must of been 6'5" or more because he had a entire head height over me. and was.. well... he was a big heavy guy, bit round on the gut, but thick toned overall could tell he was easily two to three times my size. probably around his mid thirtys.

"look alittle lude to be a guy, you sure your not some kind of chick?"

I looked into the mirror with a half-sarcastic smile trying to keep friendly.

"you saw my dick, I think its proof enough I'm male." I dryed my hands a.s.a.p. trying to keep calm in the situation... afterall. I was in bathroom, of concrete walls, near a beach, which was far from civilization, you get the idea. uncomfortable situations.

he blocked me off with his thick arm leaning to cover most the doorway.
"whats wrong, in a hurry. I was watching you for the past two hours. I have to know your name."

ok now I am uncomfortable....I diddnt feel like saying my true name so I went with a name I adopted for my feminine self. "its Damia... sir." he still blocked my path out. leaning forward and taking a sniff of my hair.

"that aint guy shampoo, smells to pretty"
I kept silent and leaned back on the sink,

-----uncomfortable look-----

"loosen up some, I am not gonna bite you." he touched my cheek and rubbed it alittle, studying me. "I swear as I watched you, I thought you was a pretty girl. loved watching you bend over that nice ass you have"
I looked away, kindof embarressed to the situation. being hit on by a random stalker guy in the bathroom. He pulled closer to me, ensuring the exit was blocked.
"I bet you like guys staring at you." his hand groped my chest. "feels like a girls somewhat too."

"are you done.... can I just go. I dont wanna cause trouble...I could scream." I half pleaded looking away.

he pinched my nipple and I flinched. and he noticed greatly my reaction and squirms. "give me some of your time then." he responded with a smirk continuing to fondle my nipple. "but lets avoid the screaming and start."

I nodded softly, feeling a bit insignificant and out of my control in this situation. "o-ok...."

giving a broken sigh, I got on my knees in front of him as he was opening his fly. to my uncomfortable shock, he was erected with a large thick (at least 7 inch long) cock. I held it in my hands a second looking up at him then back at his cock.

I licked the tip of his cock, it was satly and I could tell he must of been jerking off recrently from the smell of cum on it. I looked back up at him.
"dont be shy, I have a feeling you know how to treat it." he replyed holding the back of my head pushing it slowly towards his cock. it ended up rubbing against my cheek a moment before he realized it. the second attempt he pressed it against my lips. he suddenly yanked my hair alittle causing me to react with a yelp, that was quickly silenced as he stuffed his cock into my mouth.

"thats a good girl, now enjoy that big cock with that pussymouth you have." he said, holding my head with both his hands and pushing more of his cock down my throat. my gag reflex not really kicking as my saliva lubed up his cock to glide back and fouth down my throat. I closed my eyes as slight tears built up as he went harder and faster. I suddenly felt him pushing me downward, and I stuggled till my body slided with the smooth floor and he was on his knees himself holding my head between his legs. he began to throat fuck me faster and faster as my body squirmed under him. I could feel his cock pulsing stronger, the smell of his cum and male body odor overwelming my senses. and before I knew it. he crammed his full cock down my throat and unloaded hard my mouth feeling warm, hot, and sticky. my hands pushing at his thick legs to no avail as my throat locked up. I was clearly alot weaker then him physically. he let go as my head fell back. I turned to my side, halfway coughing and spitting out his thick cum on the floor.

"awe what a waist" he kicked off his pants, and began to pull at my zipper to undress mine. while I tried to retake some breaths I felt my head feel dizzy.

he must be done right? I tried to think.

I felt his hands massaging my butt cheeks one at a time. "nice and smooth. like to keep up with thinks hu? how cute."

I've given head before, but never so deep and agressive before. it hurt a bit to be treated so roughly, I wished he'd realize his own strength alittle. I felt him pick me up to a standing position. he pressed me against the wall. suddenly feeling his tounge up in my ass and sucking on it. I felt weak on the knees trying to scratch at the wall. but he was burring his face into my ass so aggressively. as I tried to cling to the sink for support. feeling light headed and so exposed after 5 minutes. he stopped and stood behind me. in my mind I knew what was coming next.

and I was right with the thought. feeling his big cock slowly poking at my butt cheek from behind, he adjusted himself before I felt it squeese between my cheeks and deep inside me. just as I was about to let a cry, he covered my mouth with his large hands.
"no no, dont make to much noise. I am almost done."
he held my hid firmly with his other hand, trusting deep and hard.
"gawd this feels like a pussy." he glamored sucking on my ear some. he breaths heavy and thick as he grunted and moaned.
I could feel he wanted to cum, but slowed down or stopped a second before starting up again. I chewed on his finger quietly, trying to bide the time. but I could feel myself get hard and his hand soon went from holding my hip. to jerking me off rough and dry. but he held it in a way that it diddnt hurt and stimulated me more.
I squirmed again, and struggled, I was enjoying it. when it was clearly him taking advantage of me. I shouldnt be...

eventually I came, and in turn. I could feel his cum pour down into my bowls. the hot sticky stuff I had to almost swallow just a while ago. he kept his cock inside me, holding his position tightly pressed to mine. rocking back and forth and up and down, I felt his cock get hard again while inside me.
I felt dizzy as he continued the process all over again. the cum lubing up more then his saliva was. feeling it drip down my legs.

"I'm gonna fill that ass up more." the words slowly came out of his mouth. the pain was more pleasurable now. and he jerked me off again while fucking my tight ass. the stimulation of the last time I came still making me sensitive. but he ignored that and jerked anyways. I wanted to moan, but diddnt. I should be trying to end this... not keep it going. but part of me, wanted that sense of gender domination.

second time, third time.. after the fouth time. he finally stopped.I had only cum twice, but he lifted his hand which was cupped full of my cum and rubbed it against my lips to his satifaction. when he pulled his cock out of my ass; I feel to the ground. I could feel his cum dripping out my ass as I sat there quietly. he began to put his pants on.

"I dont generally like guys, but I'll let you be a exception. besides my wife might complain if she only knew" he chuckled alittle then looked at me.
after a long moment of silence he pulled me up by the sink and started dig his fingers in my ass and pull out the cum. washing it with water. cleaning up his mess I guess. or feeling guilty about it.
"I'll be keeping this" waving my pink thong, sniffing it, then stuffing it in his jean pocket.
I diddnt respond, I was quiet, and really not trying to be talkative about what just happened. he turned me to face him. "awe comon, dont be tramatized by this. I thought it was great." petting my cheek before helping me put my pants back on.

then... he turned me just right..... before I kicked as hard as I could at his groin. as he fell to the floor. I took my panties out of his pocket as he wimpered in sudden agony as I bolted for the car, locking the doors, and driving off into the distance.... in a hurry of course.

when I got home... I took a shower. ate dinner.... took a shower, and went to bed. discusted.... or pleased.... to many mix feeling to really know.

- The end ? -
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4 months ago
2 years ago
This was one for the ages fear sex more fear and more sex finally retorbutiongreat story
2 years ago
3 years ago
really, really hot, thanks
3 years ago
This was rough but very hot had to jack off three time sorry about that but you were hot thanks
3 years ago
excellent writing! fear and excitement; turmoil and pleasure.
this goes into my favorites for sure!