The Curious Friend

Getting to meet people is always fun and nice, and eventually you come across some nice folks in places like xhamster, and one who wished to meet me. naturally I was open for the idea and would love to find that special someone who wants to marry me, so I can love him/her for the rest of my life. I'm quite a hedonist "pleasure-seeker", so I accepted his offer for some alone time.

He is a nice tall heavy man weight in close to three hundred pounds, but tall. very dominant, but taken. enjoys the company of women, but with me, he was curious and wished to enjoy things women wouldn't offer to do, despite my stature and well, not being female, just androgynous. So I felt naturally good about being a first for him. But he was only a few years older then me, and for the most part he was curious and I wanted to see how far his curiosity went. I didn't really mind that, and he did live reasonable distance that he could visit (which is great). It was his first time, I an plan to make the most of it, never know if we may enjoy it again anytime soon or not.

ANYWAYS; So it all begins.

He called me up Friday afternoon asking if we could meet, as he finally had time to steal a weekend away from his busy life while keeping it discreet. So when Saturday rolled around, he came in his car to pick me up, which we left shortly after. All the while he was a bit shy and nervous, it was so cute, I wanted to pinch his cheek, but we decided to do a little shopping.

We went to the local Wally-world and we got a few pairs of thongs & panties, some lube and some extra sized cloths. then went to the local sex store to buy a dildo or two. He bought them with a embarrassed look, but I kept him company and groped his butt once in a while randomly. And he had brought some nice cloth rope that was more comfortable if he jerked around and such. While he was driving, I'd massaged his balls and play with his cock, nervousness aside, his cock was dripping with pre-cum. After a hour or so, we was prepared. and decided to take a nice little weekend stay at the beach hotel; all the while he tried to be discreet and not act like we was a couple. just friends hanging out.

But as we finally got into the hotel room, I closed the curtain blinds and locked the door, as he took a sign of relief. A bit nervous of possible watching eyes, or maybe the fact of me playing with him so openly. I walked over and kissed him on the lips, leaning my arms around his shoulders and neck as he sat on the bed. Feeling his hot breath on my lips and gliding down my tongue. "I need to take a shower" he requested, so I smiled and nodded approvingly.

Watching him undress I caressed his large stomach and body. He was such a bear, all fuzzy and thick, I could also feel myself tingling seeing him get naked before me seeing all those curves. I was always fond of heavy people they have so much to kiss and hug.
So I decided to undress as well, pretty myself up, and doing a little maintenance to make places nice and smooth as my skin was already soft without needing lotion. But I felt he deserved some teasing attention. He left the shower curtain open, taking a nice hot bath as the steam slowly filled the room. And I finished far before he did, mostly because he was watching me the entire time, penetrating my body with his eyes alone.
I wanted him to play with me, as my desires inside me swelled up. despite being so dominant he was shy around me, I guess being I wasn't a full bl**ded female which he was use to. So with little delay, I crawled up behind him in the shower on my knees, he tried to turn around but I held him by the knees. There wasn't much room to really move around with his large size in the shower, as my face hovered centimeters from his butt.

his butt was a bit hairy, but I didn't mind. I closed my eyes kissed his large butt cheeks, as water dripped down my face. Ignoring what he was doing, I slowly inched my kisses closer and closer to his hole. till I was eventually at his butt crack. I could smell his scent, he hasn't had a chance to watch it yet; not expecting a back attack from there. I pulled his knees as he slowly inched backwards. He knew what I wanted and without a word, grabbed his butt and peeled his butt cheeks aside, showing his vulnerable hole. I rubbed my nose close, feeling a rush of pleasure & enjoying his scent before sticking my tongue down his hairy ass. Reaching for his hips, I pulled him back as he slightly bend over. As my head was pressed between the wall and his fat ass I continued lapping down his hole, at times kissing it like a mouth. I didn't care as water dripped down my tongue, and for a good while my face was buried between his massive cheeks.

when I finished he gave me room to stand up behind him, I turned his head and kissed him, rubbing my tongue against his as I reached down to massage his balls. His boner felt rock hard and unyielding. so I got out to get in front of him in the shower, pushing him against the wall to give myself room to bend over. I could feel his cock rubbing against me, its large form penetrating between my legs and rubbing back and forth against my balls.

He knew this pose and new what it meant, as he reached for his cock and pushed it around searching for my hole, like a heavy rod jabbing at me over and over and over, till he finally found it. I bit my lip because he stuffed it all inside me in one go. The folds of his stomach resting on top of my butt and back as he pulled me tightly close, hot water pouring down my back and running down to my face as I had bend down almost to my knees, and trying to hug the wall as he began to fuck my butt.
A very feminine shrilling sound came out of my mouth as he grabbed my hips and slammed harder and harder with his weight, I could feel myself cumming just from how rough he was. Out of nowhere he'd spank my ass with his large hands, surely leaving fully sided hand prints there.

one, two, five... I lost track of how long he fucked him, let alone how many times he came inside me. And I couldn't all but help but moan out loud as he used his heavy weight to slam his cock inside me, his balls wacking me like wrecking balls. It's been a while since I had someone dominate me so thoroughly. He was filling me up like a gallon container I felt like headed. when he finally finished. My body crumbled down and propped my butt on the drain hole, as his fluids poured out of me.

It took a while before my strength returned to sit up and dry off after I got out of the shower. mostly because I spend another good 5-10minutes cleaning his cock with my tongue, which further boosted his enjoyment of all this, as I keep doing more and more stuff that his wife never wants to do. If I keep this up, he might end up keeping me instead. the idea caused me to blush some.

We cuddled some on the bed as he watched TV, all the while I kissed his body till I felt ready for my turn. which didn't begin till after dark. though we started when the sun was up.

I pulled out the cloth rope and smiled as he took a deep breath.

~now its time for the stuff he was curious about~

putting him doggie style, I began to tie his body down with his ass up, locking his knees, waist, and other joints down with well strapped rope. Then I moved up to his wrist and tied them to each other with one long rope under the bed twice over. He warned me he really wanted to try, but subconsciously he would be risking. and I didn't want any resistance. I crawled over to his head and pet him softly. I lounged back and guided his mouth to my cock, before pushing it down his mouth. He gaged and squirmed as I fucked his mouth, wrapping my thighs around his back. I used both hands and fucked his mouth nonstop, as he gagged and spat from the deep throating. eventually I poured a load in his mouth, and he was hesitate to swallow it. Then I saw him sit it out.

"if your going to be disobedient then I'll have to punish you dear" I spoke kindly in a feminine voice. I pulled my cock out and went to grab the pair of shorts that he bought for this. I pulled out a pair of scissors and cut a hole between the legs before slipping it on grabbing a small strip of cloth rope. I crawl back in the bed and rubbed my butt against his face. "I think you need some discipline, and its time for a time out." I lifted the open section of the pants and stuffed his face in it, using the rope to push his face between my cheeks I tied it tight around my hips, locking his face between my soft smooth cheeks. I stretch back, further smooshing his face comfortably. I sighed and relax, hugging a pillow "think I'll take a light nap"

I gave a evil smile as I wasn't really going to take a nap, but I could hear him grunt and muffled as his lips rubbed against my butt that I couldn't help but pretend I was. I moaned softly. and for the next half hour, I left him be a nice butt pillow for me. and it was quite comfortable, feeling his hot breaths, his nose poking my butt and his mouth rubbing and on occasion licking my butt. "such a good man you are" I replied after I felt his time was up, his face red and flushed when I pulled him out. "you had a good time out?"

"Yes Mistress" his reply weak and labored. I patted him on the head like a puppy. and decided to get behind his butt. such a big thing, what a waist all the days it doesn't experience good loving. I straddled up against his big body and massaged my cock with his butt. nice and plump like a Big woman.

I reached to the bag and pulled out a bottle of lube and took off the top. pushed the head of the bottle up his hole and pushing it till 3/5 of the bottle was inside him. as I poured another 5th over my cock. Just looking at his virgin butt got me solid. and penetrating him the first time, he grunted out load. but using sooooo much lube, I could say it was like a pussy. tight, wet.. and most importantly... begging for my attention.

"how does it feel losing your anal virginity to me~"
I spanked his butt and asked again
"it hurts Mistress" he replied. I spanked his ass again, seeing it slightly turn more and more red with each good wack.
"it's not pain, its pleasure. and all this is your pleasure, when I am done. you'll be thinking of me every time you're in bed with your wife" I spanked his ass again, beginning to fuck his ass, which was surprisingly tight, but with the lube. Every thrust was well lubed, and glided into him effortlessly, despite him squeezing on occasion. I could barely reach over to grab his cock but I put some lube on my hand and began to milk his cock with each time I trusted. But I grew bored of it, I was more interesting in breeding his butt, and I did. Filling him up like he did to me. His ass struggled and resisted but after a few hours of being tied there and getting his butt penetrated by my cock, tongue, and fingers. his grunts turned to moans. and when he started to say he loved it. I would tease his cock, but made sure he didn't cum and waist it on the bed sheets.

I decided to unbind his legs, and poured what was left of the lube in my butt and crawled under him. "be a good man and fill me up, I want you to cum inside me as hard as you can, if you don't I'll have to punish you again and again till I'm satisfied"

"Yes mistress!" he replied. and after I aimed his cock at the tip of my hole, he pushed down his weight and began trusting his cock in the deepest reaches inside of me.I pulled up a pillow to snuggled and relax.

"when you cum 20 times, I'll unbind you. and if you cant get hard I stick one dildo up your butt, and 1 more for each hour you cant" I said in a relaxed gentle tone, as if he was younger.

"Yes mistress, please let me serve you" I wiggled my butt feeling his balls twitch as cum squirted inside me. "one down, nineteen to go"

I kept to my word, mostly because he needs to learn his place, his role is to please me. and I like to be pleased often. his wife must be one satisfied customer in bed, didn't take him long to get recharged and fire over and over. but after a dozen times he layed there weak and exhausted.

"you know you can't leave till your done, what would your dearest think if you disappeared for more then a weekend" I giggles, pushed my butt up against cock and w****d my feet against his knees pressing him down on me. I was way to comfortable. I could do this all night. but I let him have a breather, I really wanted him to finish, and I didn't wanna pull out his cock till he was done.

I rubbed my tummy, I could almost feel all the fluids sloshing around my insides. continued on he did, and it wasn't till the a few hours past midnight he finished cumming twenty four times... because I'm quite greedy with my toys. so I unbinded him and he layed there, quite sl**py I may add *smile* and his dick so raw and sensitive to the touch.

so as he layed on his back and and tried to relax under the sheets. I crawled under and began giving him a blowjob. he didn't fight it. he knew his place at this point. and after having a prolonged makeout session with the penis hole. he got a boner again. I twisted my body and lifted my cock over his mouth laying on his stomach. He knew what I wanted, and this time, he would comply. I love my toys, and I loved the scent of his cock as I rubbed it against my cheek and kissed it before deep throating it. I held it in till he decided to cum in my mouth that I decided to cum in his pushing if down his throat as I sat up. his penis still twitching as it was cumming in the air.

"such a good cumdump you are" reaching down to rub his belly which was despite its size quite firm and hairy. my balls pressed against his nose as I pinned him there "do you love your mistress"

"I love you mistress" he muttered with my cock down his throat. I pulled out and snuggled next to him in bed, his arm pulled me close as I listened to his heartbeat.

"love you too big daddy" I whispered closing my eyes to fall asl**p, letting his cum soak my insides thoughout the night.

-the end?-
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