Night at the Beach

During the 3 day weekend for the 4th of July I decided to pay a visit to the beach, which was mostly off and on miles of people enjoying fireworks and otherwise having a good time, so as I strolled. for what seems miles, I eventually ended up at one of the piers that was less occupied, and further away from the casino's (and the major fireworks) but overall, there was different parties going on here. inside vans and outside, in the dark and in the water. To my surprise. So I decided to take a closer look, as it was very dim lighting. and they never did replace the light poles further down, leaving 3-4 miles of pure dark viewed beaches that could not be seem from the road unless you was flashing the road with a light of some kind.

As I walked closer, the sounds of moans and groaning grew in various directions. some trying to muffle there voices, others grunting out loud. If I had girl parts.... I'd probably be dripping wet from the scent of cum and body fluids in the sea breeze. taking a moments pause to enjoy the acoustics; little did I notice the woman sitting in the sand by herself, seemingly doing the same thing.

It was relatively hard to look upon her in the dark with how little moonlight was offered in the cloudy sky. but there she sat in the dark on a large blanket, alone and looking up at me. I thought it was odd she was by herself with all this going on around her.

"not joining in the fun?" I asked softly, kneeling down next to the side of the blanket to face her direction, she was a large woman indeed from what little I could make out.
"I was invited..." she trailed off quietly in a inaudible mumble.
"come again?" I asked politely
"I was invited, but as usual, no one interested in casual sex with the cow" she mocked as we both turned to hear a girl let out a sharp moan in ecstasy, seemingly from a strong orgasm. she signed in envy.
"a cow hu?" I replied. but she remained quiet seemingly a bit glum being left out. I sat down next to her, and let out a sigh as I got comfortable in the sand. "its a shame I wasn't invited. I am sure we'd have a lot of fun together."
she shrugged "you'd probably be fucking those teen whores more with their tight pussies."
"I could ask one to come over, so you can smother her face under your butt to give you a cushion?"
she laughed softly, seemingly humored by the idea.
I leaned closer and rubbed her cheek carefully, trying not to poke her eye in the dark. "you can have fun with me if you like"
she sighed "pity sex?"
I kisses her cheek "nervous?"
"honey I'm not a lightweight, you won't find it fun when you can't breathe"
I kissed her cheek again "I don't see anyone complaining I'm here with you." she turned as I kissed her lips. feeling her lean in to enjoy it. I leaned back a moment, feeling her breathe on my lips.
"I'll break you, I weight a bit over three-fifty." she muttered.
I kissed her again, stroking her shoulder and feeling her curves. "its not pity sex if I wish to be here." I could feel her hands touching my back and slowly feeling around my body. stopping a moment I whispered in here ear "do you wanna?"

she nodded with a pleased chirp and without warning pulled me down on my back upon the sand. Her breathing was heavy as she began kissing my neck, her tongue licking in heavy strokes to enjoy my taste.

"lick me" she whimpered in my ear, as I kissed her lips in approval. she was happy, until I lied back on the blanket. she gave a long pause "you sure?" she asked concerned
"yeah" I replied getting comfortable, watching her stand up slowly as her curves showed more in the faint light. She waddled over my head, pulling her pants and panties to her ankles, as they dropped my face. I could smell her aroma dripping from her. I placed my glasses aside, and licked my lips.

Looking up upon her, she was clearly as large as she said, as her thighs and butt was clearly larger then my body alone. with each moment she squatted down, till her vagina hovered centimeters over my mouth. I could smell the damp odor begging to be licked. and her I felt her clit rub against my mouth, I lunged for it. enwrapping it with my lips to suck on it suddenly. she shivered from the unexpected attack. as I worked clockwise down her folds to her vaginal opening. up and down, up and down, again and again for a minute before she couldn't take it any longer, and buried me under her.

It was silent with her thighs squishing my ears, but I ignored it holding what breathe I had at the time, and continued to devour her. she reached for my head as I felt myself being pressed down further under her. beginning to hump my mouth slightly at first, but aggressively as time passed. giving me a moment to breathe every now and then before plowing down her massive form upon my face.
her scent became intoxicating and filling my head, as her clit rubbed on my face. but she was ready to gush out. and without pause or warning. she let strong push down, as I felt her legs shiver against my ears, and her fluids swimming down my throat. I reached to hold her massive butt, and sucked on her hole till she was done. but I didn't stop even after she tried to sit up, her hips spasmed as I continued to work her clit this time, she was struggling to stay up right as she pushed down to long heavy presses to orgasm again, swallowing her fluids a second time.

a long pause took place before she sat up enough for me to move out from under her. she was on her hands and knees taking long breathes, immobile at the time. I corrected myself behind her and without hesitation peeled her massive cheeks aside to finger her ass. when I found her hole I spread her butt out as far as possible before plummeting my face in her paradise. she lowered her upper body against the blanket and left her ass hanging in the air.

She seemed surprised finding me sucking on her asshole and making out with it by sticking my tongue down her ass. she wiggled a bit but I stopped short. telling her to hold her cheeks apart as I removed my pants. I was already stiff from enjoying her pussy for what felt like a long time. As I spat on her hole I quickly plunged it inside her raw. she grunted and groaned feeling her ass probably for the first time being explored so aggressively.

I grabbed her massive waist and pounded hard. feeling her ass pressed against my hips. I wanted more. Her warm insides begging to be filled with my seed, I was quick to oblige her. unloading and grinding left and right inside her. I pulled out, and left myself firmly. I wasn't satisfied just yet, as I rubbed around her vagina, letting her know what is coming next.

Her soaking wet pussy dripping down my cock like a thick lubricate as I pushed inside her. she whined, seemingly in her own ecstasy. she clearly was lacking attention in her life, so I may as well make her enjoy it. so I stop on occasion to rotate my cock inside her, poking and massaging the inside walls of her vagina. but it wasn't long till she wouldn't handle it any more. and threw me back, pulling herself on me like a wild a****l in heat.

And with little hesitation.

I found my cock buried inside her as she lay on me. grinding her hips and rocking hard and heavy. her large seemingly bowling ball sized breast pressing against my chest as my body pressed further into the sand, despite the blanket. She kept pounding and lost all sense of thought. As I tried to resist filling her insides with hot cum. she knew I was holding back, as she locked lips with me, pushing her tongue in my mouth with a twisted sense of pleasure.

"you can cum inside of me, I can't get pregnant anymore" she said in a grunt and a moan between kisses. but I wasn't really feeling up for it.

her vagina wasn't as tight as a someone younger, but it felt like it was being sucked inside her further and further. She couldn't hold her massive breast in one hand, leg alone two. I felt helpless as she went harder and harder. wasn't long till I felt her hot fluids dripping down my balls. I was at my limit, and it wasn't long till I poured hot cum inside of her. she clinged to me tightly, her large arms like a brace around my head. And it wasn't till my fifth load before she finally pulled off of me. her scent covered my body as mine pretty much covered hers. there was no getting around it. and I didn't mind feeling her weight upon my body. and every hour afterwards we did it all over again.

After cumming inside her once, it was relaxing as we must I must of filled her a dozen times.

spanking her butt and kissed her passionately as we lay there for a time. and it wasn't till close to the sun started to give light that we stopped. as we parted ways, we gave eachother a long look and one last kiss. She wished to leave it as open ended as we met, and didn't share any information. Finding myself wondering about it, I wasn't worried about along of things.

But the next time, my back decided it needed a rest.

-the end-
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6 months ago
6 months ago
...and in my favs!
6 months ago
Well, got me boned for sure!!! Who the hell needs fireworks when you got a big woman like that! And trust me- I've recently been working out a formerly overweight Momma just a couple years younger than me, and a damn thigh-master does more than tighten the quads! ...though I admit I got no problem with loose pussy especially if it is wet! Sweet post!

6 months ago
Great story! Big girls need lovin too!
6 months ago
Skinny women never seemed to arouse me. A woman with substance is wonderful to find.
6 months ago
i love it :)
6 months ago
Very nice...thanks
6 months ago
Sort of reminds me of when I was dating my wife. She weighs in at 250#. We honey mooned in a very small pop-up dome tent before we were married. She had to climb over my face to get out to go pee several times a night. During a full moon that was some sight to see now let me tell you. Thanks for the memories. Still love this gal I married. every round inch of her.
6 months ago
a rather sentimental story in a quiet way. nicely done