Riding the Coast

Having the adventure is always nerve racking but. a week before the holidays I found myself on a cabin cruiser of two b*o.th.ers who I met by the pier. To be honest I was very hesitant to even go with them, but we only live once, may as well make best of it.

The b*o's colt and hector seemed to be nice guys. a bit rough around the edges and otherwise awkward around people they like.

Colt was the older one, greatly stalky and with a large beard that covered the lower half of his face. I could only guess he was above 300 pounds, and stood at least 6 1/4 feet tall. I felt very tiny in comparison just standing around him. he stuck to overalls and thick shirts. but looked nice enough in them.

Hector his younger one wasn't as big, he was shorter in comparison and stood closer to my height. but was very ....very muscular. unlike his b*o, he seemed to love to workout and his 6 pack felt like you could grind meat on it.

but in the end, they both was clearly a lot older then me, and seemed very interested in doing something they been wanting to try forever, but after a lot of coaxing, they decided to ask me.

and this is where this tale begins.....

As they guide me down to the docks, Hector had his hand in my sweat pants the entire time, his fingers erotically rubbing my butthole and feeling my butt from all angles. it was hard to think and caused me to shrill when his fat thumb plunged up my ass out of nowhere. eventually his b*****r hector bridal carried me to there boat and brought me below deck. they seem very happy and excited walking off to another room.

Being left alone with hector, I found myself carried off directly to the bed and placed down on it. Colt for all I was guessing was prepared to leave the dock and set out for open waters at night.

I felt a little light headed being on the boat as tried to keep steady despite the mild swaying. I feared I'd eventually suffer motion sickness as I rarely ride in boats of any kind. I leaned on the wall alittle and sat up as hector returned holding a extra pillow and a bottle of lube.

"are we leaving soon?" I asked looking over at him.
"nervous?" he replied.
"not to much" I closed my eyes for a moment to let my stomach settle, which gratefully it did, but I don't think I could walk for a bit.

He took off his shirt and flex in front of me with a cheeky grin. I laughed when he sat down to take off his pants as he sat close to me. I kissed and nibbled on his rib shoulders. my insides quivered on how much his body was like a brick.

he then stretched himself on the bed in the nude, laying on his stomach looking at me, even his ass was nice and toned out as I rubbed my hands across his thighs up to his ass cheeks.

he looked back at me getting comfortable with the pillow "while my b*o is busy. how about pleasuring me some" he wiggled his butt some to my surprise.
"oh? ... ... oh!" watching him reach back to peel his cheeks. I adjusted and pulled off the remainder of my clothing, touching myself briskly crawling over him.
putting enough lube to coax my dick I aimed it downwards and poked and prodded, teasing his butthole for a while before trying to penetrate.

leaning my hips downward more and more till all I could feel was his warm insides. he seemed to be off in his own little world as I continued to push in and out of him until I finally climax inside of him. laying on his back comfortably biting it.

in one motion he rolled me off himself and rolled himself upon me. otherwise engulfing my body under him. I could feel a wet cold poke between my cheeks as he sat up. I could feel his iron grip as he held my cheeks and pushed them together. he stopped a bit to drench my butt in lube between pushing them tight again. running his fat cock between my cheeks like it was a pussy. between his thrusts and the motion of the boat, I felt completely helpless as he went harder and harder that my butt felt numb from his strength.
Hot fluids gushed on my backside as he cam. a few moments later he began to lick my back. lapping up his cum and spreading open my butt cheeks. I could feel him spit his cum down my butt. His hot fluids soaked down between my legs as he leaned down to makeout with my butt.

I hugged the pillow as I felt him bury his face in my butt. His tongue like a drill piercing my ass like water. the motion sickness well away to a euphoric pleasure of his tongue. Lifting my hips and my lower half into the air. holding me there as he continued to measure my insides with his fat tongue. He clearly was strong enough to pick me up in any position he wanted. I sucked on my thumb at the possibilities.

For what felt like hours, he buried his face in my butt, in his own little feast. often coming for air to kiss my cheeks before diving back down into the depths.

Colt stood there with a grin, knocking on the wall hard enough that hector stopped to look back. "my turn." was all he said to make hector stop.
Colt looked at my body for a while, I wasn't sure if he was admiring it, or simply thinking of what to do. "want to drive the boat some in the nude?"

I looked at him dumbly "its cold outside, I'll get sick"
underneath his beard he grinned from ear to ear. "I have a idea then"

he pulled down his overalls and let loose so it dropped to his ankles. his dick hanged heavy like a anchor. it must of been 11 inches and at least 3 inches fat. I bit my lip in hesitation watching him stroke himself off in front of me, watching his meat hook get large and menacing.

Hector chuckled "I don't think what I did help any, but I sure softened her insides up." tossing over the bottle of lube to colt.

I turned away feeling hector lift me up to stand in front of me. with a moment he sat down holding my upper body so I was bend over deeply. he reached back and pulled my cheeks wide. I could feel my insides putting up there own defences as I got nervous.

He pulled himself behind me, letting his cock hand on my butt and lower back. it was clearly bigger then anything I've managed. "hang on, we'll help ya out some" I pushed the bottle head of the lube bottle up my butt and squirted it all inside me till it was empty.

I bit my lip as he leaned back, I could feel the head of his cock pulsing and warmly on my butt hole. "when I count to 3" he said.

I relaxed but just as he said that, he crammed it inside of me as my back arched upright in one tense motion. hector covered my mouth as I let out a high pitched scream. my fingernails clawing at hector back as colt pushed more and more inside till I felt his balls rubbing against mine.

he let out a pleasurable sigh as he sat back on the bed pulling me on his lap. I could feel his stomach pushing against my backside and resting on my arch. he began to dress with me in his lap. putting on his underwear that appeared baggy before now a firm fit. the opened the front of his briefs to leg my dick and balls hang out. pulling over his overalls and covering me inside his shirt. hector slipped on his shoes and my socks as he rised up with hector assistance. I could feel his cock pulsing and changing my insides. he rubbed the front of his shirt which in turn grabbed my chest. my arms were fitting in his so every action he did moved me.

"now you're ready and fit to take the helm." as he walked his cock pushed in and out of my butt as he moved. the warmth of his body overshadowed the cold I felt at my hands. and like he said, he let me hold the wheel. all the while he grinded his meat hook in my ass.

As he cummed inside me several times, he bragged and boasted the pleasure of using Viagra and not regretting it with my insides. he hours on hours he used my insides to unload and fill up with his seeds and fluids or reaching down to wank my cock or feel up my balls. hector on occasion would open the front part of the overalls to give a blowjob. but after the 7th one over the hours, my body felt limb and my ass felt numb. his dick was turning my ass to his personal cum dump and pussy.

Hector didn't seem to really mind much at all during all this, mostly just checking on things and walking around a lot.

but for the next 3 days, this was there routine with me...colt was turning my ass to his personal cock sock, with hector on occasion cleaning up the mess left by colt on my insides. where on the last night he decided to sl**p with his cock inside my ass. but to his result would end up fucking me in my sl**p and smothering me under his body.

With the last day coming to a end, after removing all the cloths he lifted my butt up, as semen poured out in one fluid motion hector began to lap up and fluids with his tongue. my cock felt raw from all the jerking, my balls ache from all the semen that must of came out.

after a bit, they helped me get dressed or at least tried to, as colt would begin fucking my ass again the moment I bend over pulling me on the bed doggie style and hammering away. my body ached from head to toe, that I didn't struggle as he beared his weight to dominate me and filled me up again. it took a better part of a day and hector to finally get off the ship.

Colt insisted I stay and be his wife, and offered me many many things to stay. hector simply left me a address and number in case I was interested.

Walking away my pants felt heavy, as I pulled out my wallet.

I smiled at there gift....

....thinking of what to buy for black Friday with there generous gift for the holiday.

-the end-
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2 months ago
nothing more fun then being fucked by well hung fishermen and enjoying their company. need more of them around.
2 months ago
that's what I need a voyage at sea and tobe fuck with a couple oc cocks like those
7 months ago
sorry I missed this one earlier, I love your stories!
1 year ago