Day at the Beach

Relaxing at the beach is always great, get alittle tan, calm and peaceful atmosphere. and the sound of waves brushing against the sand. a good way to relax to a weekend.

The sun was less then a a few hours into the sky as I layed there on my blanket. the morning had a slight chill but only slight from the sea water mist. it was a very inactive beach area because people rather go to florida or califorina to enjoy the beach more then mississippi or alabama. but in trade, it was probably one of the calmer beaches.

I shrugged; rolling over to lay on my stomach feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin. I could lay there all day if it wasnt for the fact of sunburn or heat exaustion.

a hour past by when I heard footsteps approach me, not bothering to really see who it was and not worried because I had no valuables on me, and my wallet was empty beyond my ID. it was a long silence as I remained unmoving. I could almost feel his presence as he croched down.

fingers touched my butt in a very slow delicate manner. being I diddnt feel like being m*****ed I turned looking at him. to his shock he fell back thinking I was asl**p.

"ohh a sorry, miss" he said in a very odd way.
I leaned on one arm turning to face him and had to smile "its ok, guys do it all~~ the time. but I'm male"
he looked a bit... lost for a moment. letting a minute of silence sink in.
"you sure?" he asked again.
"would you like to feel my package to find out"
he laughed half-heartedly "a no, sorry I believe you.. its just." he pointed at my chest. "you threw me off completely with your breast."
I groped one of my breast and fondled it alittle in front of him "yea I know~ there natural, not my fault my body wants to be girly." I stoped and looked at him.

he just stared at my body a bit.
he was confused if arroused. noticing his pants he had a woody poking out slightly. which I had to raise a eye brow at. the guy must of been in his late 50's and a bit well overweight from looking at his large handling belly. ...maybe 300-350 pounds or so with the only closes was some short pants that let his belly hang out. the guy was heavy looking by all standards. his hair a bit balding in the middle and greying on the sides. was hard to tell if he liked what he saw or was horrified to find out I was male.

I giggled.

"umm whats funny" he asked me.
"nothing its just I was expecting my sun bathing to go unnoticed" I layed back down crossing my arms as pillows as I looked at him. "you know~~~ if your gonna cop a feel could you at least put some sun tan lotion on my back. then I'll just pretend it never happened."
he hesitated a moment" a sorry but I have to go~" he said standing up.
"alrighty, have a fun fun afternoon sir" I shrugged closing my eyes.
he slowly started walking away, his steps in the sand growing duller with each step.

I sighed a bit taking a glace at him. I guess should wear a bikini top next time....ohh well.

I layed on my back and put a towel over my chest, the clouds had rolled in and I was beginning to worry if it might rain. but the extra shade was nice.

"hello again" a voice spoke
I looked over behind me as the guy from earlier stood there. "its a small world"
"well not really, I'm just heading back to my car, I just felt like walking several miles of beach. I'm just heading back to it now"
I fixed my hair a bit as the wind blew it in my face some. "well ok, you be safe then." holding my towel over my chest.
"well ummm..." he scratched his head. "about earlier"
"dont be embarressed. half the time guys or girls mistake me as female. dont take it to hard." being honest with him about it felt easier to say.

"can we walk a bit?" he spoke softly.
I smiled sitting up. "sure but could you carry the blanket, it gets heavy." I requested. he diddnt seem to mind much as I helped pack up what little I brought along.

As we walked along the beach, we talked. mostly about the weather in the beginning. but eventually he came around to tell me his name was robert. but eventually he came around to asking about..... at that moment he seemed more interested the more I explained my lifestyle and viewpoints of it. must of been a half hour of walking before we reached the pier where his car was parked.

the pier parking lot was mostly a quiet place with very few people that bothered to come during the day hours, more around night would fishers come to it. besides his red 2008 Chevrolet Malibu by its lonesome. when we reached it he looked at me a moment.

from the beginning we walked to the very end, he kept looking at me now and then, often staring me down. even now as I looked at him as he held my blanket I could stare he must be wanting to ask me something.
"robert is there something you wanna ask me? I dont really mind" he put the blanket on top of his car.
"you ever do things with guys?" he seemed nervous to ask.
"well, what you mean by things"
"ohh I have." I looked at his eyes. "does it bother you?" I asked in a polite tone. looking up at him since he was at least 6 inches taller then me.
"well" he stuttered alittle "would you... yaknow...." he tugged at his shorts some.
"we barely known eachother for a hour." I said. watching him scramble to pull his shorts back in place.
"a sorry, I ... thought I ask."
I reached forward and massaged his cock in his shorts. "I have the feeling your straight, but I'm sure your cock wont complain what hole it uses."
he leaned back "y-yea. its been a while" feeling his cock get stiff with each touch and his balls being corressed.I put a hand over his side and pulled the blanket at his feet, getting on my knee's on it and getting comfortable.

he looked around before tugging his shorts down. and I reached at them and pulled them to his ankles. his cock hung there half erected. it was uncut and rather swollen in size. wasnt I guess 4-5 inches, but was plently thick to make up for it. massaging his balls with one hand, and his cock the other. he just leaned back. his moans dulled in the breeze. wasnt long before he was stiff as a board in my hands.

I leaned up closer, peeling back his foreskin as I examined his penis. its been a long time since I've had a guy with a uncut dick. the smell of precum lingered around the foreskin and the overall cute as I played with the skin. as I closed my eyes and kissed the head of his cock. making out with it and rubbing my tounge between his pee hole.
I felt his hips push forward and his cock twitching erratically. I guess he never had a girl make out with his cock before. just as I wrapped my lips around his cock he put his hands on the back of my head and pushed it down my mouth. feeling his hot cum squirt several times.

I leaned back cuping my hand over my mouth letting the cum drip down. the thick heavy smell was a bit intoxicating at first. as I let it drop onto the cement. "th-thank you" he said in a huff holding his stomach up. I went back to his cock again but decided to put it down my mouth and suck on it before he got soft. massaging his sensitive cock with my tounge in my throat. he squirmed alittle. but after a while he was ready to go all over again.

I stopped and got up leaning over the car looking back at him as I pulled my bikini bottom with a finger. "give it a try" I wiggled my butt at him. he seemed a bit heated up in the moment, his hands gropped my butt all over, his cock sliding between my cheeks. "if you like, you can fill me up with your seeds" with those words all it took for him to push his cock inside of me. I bit my lip slightly to avoid letting out to loud of a moan.

the guy was generally bigger and his stomach laid on my lower back as he pushed closer and closer till I felt his balls rubbed against mind. one of his hands grabed my waist the other pushed my upper body flat against the car hood. he used his weight to trust at me, and each trust litterally rocked the car as I tried to get a hold of something. he was really rough about it. and it did hurt to feel crushed between him and the car. but I dont think he cared if I said anything or not, he just wanted to get off. but he diddnt cum as fast as last time.

each thrust felt stronger then the last that I almost wanted to cry a bit from lack of air being compressed so hard. suddenly he pulled me down on top of the blanket with his meat hook still deep inside of me. I diddnt squim untill I felt him put all his weight on my backside. felt like a sledgehammer was being pounded against my insides that I bit the blanket to keep quiet. I was powerless under him. he was surely three times my size and it was impossible to even push him off.

with a heavy last thrust he put all his weight on me, with the mix of pain and pleasure as his hot seeds rushed inside of me. he held me down firmly untill he finished his load. before just sitting on my butt with his cock still in my butt. "can I do it again?" he asked. I felt a bit numb from the waist down, but I nodded in compliance to his request. having alot of stamina for someone past his prime. I guess he liked guys more then he said he did.

he had got off a moment to turn me around. I felt him left my legs and I my body froze in realization of what he wanted to do. before I could react he grabed my ankles and pulled them to my ears his cock grinding back inside of me. I felt like I couldnt breath with all the weight over my lungs. he put a thumb in my mouth as I sucked it like a pacifier on occasion my teeth pinching at his thick knuckle.

it was relentless how strong he was and had me folded like a pretzel under him. his moans and groans were just open voice now. I was beginning to get a bit scared but at the same time. it was a rush thoughout my body that wanted more. he looked into my eyes and pulled me in and kissed me erotically with his tounge. which he would trust abusively as I moaned in his mouth. leaving me only to breath though my nose as he diddnt wanna unlock lips with me. when he cummed inside me again he hands squeezed my buttcheeks firmly. my back arched as I breathed hard and heavy as more of his seeds filled me more.

he pulled off as my body laid there with my ankles still next to my ears, my butt hanging in the air openly gaped. for a while he spanked my butt hole and played with it. but after a bit, he crawled over me he pulled my legs up from the ankles and laid me out. he squatted over my face and peeled back his fat ass my eyes went blank. "I wanna try this too"
before I could say anything and only enough time to close my eyes. he sat on my mouth and squished down upon my face with his huge ass. as my face was swallowed up between his cheeks he smothered down with his weight as I felt my lips pressed against his hole.

he diddnt move beyond wiggling his butt left and right. I knew if I diddnt play with his hole he wouldnt stop till i probably passed out. so I pushed my tounge inside of his hole, licking the edges of his rim.
i felt his thick hands roughly grab my cock and jerk it painfully. my yelp was all but muffled under his weight. His odor was rough to breath in as I continued.
I started squirming my hips as I felt myself cumming hard in his hands. wasnt for another few minutes he sat up only to sit down again. I started to feel light-headed from what little air he let me have. as it must of went on for another half hour. he continued to torture my dick and make me come again and again as he was on top of me.
when he finished he hovered over me again, but put his cock in mouth as I cleaned off his cum from his shaft and balls. I layed there a bit numb, some places more then others.

after a while of sitting next to me to make sure I was ok, he put something with my stuff and petted my cheek some and comforted me by cleaning me up and a bit apologizing for going alittle overboard. offering me a ride home. I accepted his offer, a bit to sore to really walk 15-30mins home on foot.

he seemed more open with guys after that point, but after he left and I got home and took a shower.... I crashed. my body hurt to much to do anything else.

I smiled a bit about it hugging my pillow.

I just turned a straight guy either gay or bi after that.
100% (9/0)
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1 year ago
Great story. Wish I could find you on a beach.
2 years ago
loved this story! straight into my faves:)~
2 years ago
what did he put with your stuff?
2 years ago
Good story. Thanks.
2 years ago
Really great story, thanks. thrust w/ an 'h' but really well-written!
2 years ago
i would love to find you on a beach :)