Katie the phone sex girl

Katie the phone sex girl.

I was 19 years old the summer I met her. I’d been in a relationship for the past year, and, like many 19 year olds, thought I’d seen and done it all. I was about to be proved wrong.

I had just finished my first year of college, and had headed down to Ft Lauderdale to spend the summer working, goofing off, and getting laid as often as possible. One Friday night, a couple of friends and I decided to go to the local bar, kick back and cool off. We got there a little too early in the evening, so there wasn't a lot of action going on yet; just a few une****ted girls, and several couples. We sat down, had a couple of beers, and started talking. I got up to go to the restroom, which was in the back, at the end of a long hallway that ended in a back door. Just as I got to the bathroom door, an incredibly beautiful woman walked in the back door. I stopped for a second to look her over, and she flashed me a half smile and went down the hall into the bar.

I hurried back to our table, and immediately started scanning the room to see where she was sitting. I finally spotted her up near the bar. I walked over to the bar and, shooting for casual, ordered another drink. I looked her over once more, and felt my pulse begin to race as she gave me the smile again, this time full wattage. Encouraged, I walked over to her, asked her name, and she told me it was Katie. “I'm Quentin” I said, and asked if I could buy her a drink. She looked at me intently for a moment, as if trying to judge my intentions, and then, evidently happy with what she saw, said she’d like a martini. I motioned to the bartender and sat down on the stool next to her.

We spent the next hour or so getting acquainted. I told her I was just out of my first year of college, and she told me that she was 45, and worked as a phone operator. I was floored, because she looked closer to 30. She had beautiful red hair cascading down her back, mesmerizing emerald green eyes, and a lovely athletic body. As we talked on, our body language betrayed our rising interest, and we were soon facing each other, rather than the bar.

Summoning my courage, I asked her if she wanted to go get something to eat. She shook her head, and said that she was going to have to go to work soon. I was more than a little disappointed, and it must have shown on my face, because suddenly, she kissed me on the cheek, and whispered “Don't look so down, this evening isn't over yet.” I pulled back so I could look into her eyes, and she smiled, got up, and squeezed my leg. “You don't go away. I'll be right back” and she headed for the restroom.

I watched her as she walked away, her red hair bouncing, and her heels clicking on the vinyl floor. It was a sight to see. She returned to the bar, took my hand, and said, “Let’s get out here.” I was happy to be going anywhere with her, but as we walked, I was wondering where this evening was going, since she had to work. Grinning slyly at me, Katie explained that she worked from home, and asked if I would help her out on a work project. I said yes, of course, and as we walked out of the bar, I’m sure I looked like the proverbial cat that ate the canary.

We barely got inside Katie's apartment before she grabbed me and gave me a warm, wet kiss, with a sweet hint of tongue. I held her tightly in my arms, and responded by slipping my tongue inside her soft mouth. She took my hand and led me over to the couch where I sat down at one end. She stepped between me and the coffee table, as if to move to the seat beside me, but instead, bent over, lifting the hem of her dress to show me her thong bikini panties.

Grabbing her cheeks with both of her hands, she gently squeezed them and gave a little shake. “Do you like what you see baby?” A croaking yes was all that would come out of my suddenly parched throat. She looked over her shoulder and giggled and shook her butt some more, slowly hooking her thumbs into her panties. She bent from the waist, and slowly slid them down her legs to reveal a beautifully trimmed pussy.

Katie straightened, then slowly slid her dress over her head, and naked before me was the most stunning woman I'd ever seen in my entire life. She turned around, put her hands on her hips and with a lazy smile, licked her lips and said, “I think I'm ready for you now. “ As I stood, she began removing my belt buckle, and I raced to unbutton my shirt. My pants were soon down at my feet, my shirt went flying across the room, and Katie's knowing green eyes went right for the rapidly growing bulge in my underwear. She reached for my balls, stroked them gently, and then her fingers trailed lightly up my shaft, teasingly. “Hold that thought, big boy. Remember that work project I told you I needed help with?”

Now I was really confused. What the hell had she gotten me all worked up for, if she now wanted to discuss work? Looking into those green eyes, though, I could deny her nothing, so I took a deep breath and said “Sure. I remember.” “Well, now’s the time. Come into my office,” she said, and pulled me by the hand into her bedroom. It was a beautiful room, with a four poster bed, but Katie quickly went to an armoire and opened it up to show me the most complete collection of sex toys I’d ever seen. “I’ve got a client calling in five minutes, and you’re going to help me put on a show.” With that she pulled out a set of handcuffs, and gestured for me to get on her bed.

I’d played the dominant role many times over the last year and a half, and thought “What the hell? This is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, and if this is what it takes to get between those legs, I’m game.” I lay down on her bed, and allowed Katie to cuff my wrists to the bedposts. Immediately I began to feel a little nervous, having never experienced this side of the game. Before I could think about it, though, she was pulling my boxers off, exposing a hard-on that had no qualms at all about its fate. She licked it once, gently, and then leaned up and whispered in my ear. “These are the rules. When I’m on the phone, you are not to make a noise. I am in charge. This is my livelihood, and I have to make these guys think I’m here all alone, masturbating for them. Can you do as I’ve instructed?”

At this point, I would have promised to jump out the window naked if it would make her continue, so I nodded my head. “If at any point, you begin to make noise, I will gag you, probably with my panties, so be a good boy.” Just then, the phone rang, and Katie picked it up, her already sultry voice becoming even sexier. “Yes, baby, I’m ready for you. Let me just get out my dildo,” she purred, reaching for my cock. “It’s eight inches long, lover, and while I’m sucking it, I’m going to be pretending it’s you.” With that, she began to noisily lick and suck my cock, with the phone right at her ear, moaning, and paying me no attention whatsoever. I was nothing but a tool for the performance, but I was loving every minute of it! “What? Pinch my nipples? Ooh, yes,” she purred, but to my surprise, grabbed my nipple, and twisted it hard. Unable to help myself, I let out a gasp, and Katie calmly reached for a pair of panties, showing them to me – a mute reminder of my purpose here. “Sorry” I mouthed, determined to cooperate. Any pain I had to endure would be worth it. I never wanted this show to end!

“Let me put you on speaker phone, Lover, I may need both hands free,” was Katie’s next communication with the mystery caller, and now I could hear both of their voices, him telling her what slutty thing to do next. The only twist was, whatever he asked, she did to me, instead. My nipples were both abused, and then sucked, and I was amazed to find that my cock kept on getting stiffer. Next, though, I was horrified to hear the man tell Katie that he thought she needed a good spanking. “Oh, baby, I have been such a bad girl” she moaned, and the next thing I knew, my right ankle was pulled up and across my body, and securely tied to a hook hidden underneath the middle of the bedframe. My backside was effectively exposed, and Katie grabbed a riding crop from her box of toys. “How naughty do you think I’ve been?” The man replied “Very naughty” and she slapped me with the crop. Hard. I’d never experienced anything like this in my life, but my cock had a life of its own. She hit me again and again, and I realized I liked it. Maybe not from anyone else, but something about this woman had me enslaved. “And I should probably have to suck your balls after my spanking, shouldn’t I? Just to prove that I’m really sorry?” The caller agreed, and Katie released my ankle, and took my balls into her mouth, one at a time, licking, and sucking gently. My ass was very sore, but it was nothing next to the incredible pleasure her hot mouth was giving me, and I cannot tell you how happy I was to hear her tell the man that she should probably be fucked now, just to seal the deal. “I’m using my vibrator again, baby, but you know it’s really your hard cock I’m fucking, right?” she purred, as she mounted my mammoth erection. She rode me slowly, beautiful breasts bouncing in time to her moves. She fingered herself as she rode me, coming quickly to a noisy climax, partly for the caller’s benefit, and partly for my own. That was all the signal I needed, and I finally let myself shoot what felt like quarts of semen into her tight pussy.
Katie finally concluded her business transaction, and then gently released my wrists. “What do you say, baby? Want to help me out? I’ve gotten really burned out, and tired of pretending to have great sex on the phone. Do you think we could help each other out?” I happily agreed, and the best summer of my life was on its way.

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needed some more.
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very good
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nicely written, sir.
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Very good,,hot to a point
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Epic! A very nice fantasy