A Great Night at the ABS

A couple of nights ago I was horny and decided to go to the ABS to check out the action. I really needed to taste a big Cock and hopefully have one fill up my sissy fuck hole.I slipped on my favorite crotch less panties, some fishnets, and a pink lacy top, covering up with a sweatshirt and sweatpants.My ass was well lubed and ready for a good fucking.
The parking lot was full which made me so excited...I knew there would be lots of Cocks that needed service.I went into the seedy arcade which was quite busy, my favorite booth which has two big glory holes was being used so I just lingered around smiling at guys with lustful eyes. The door finally opened and a cute younger guy excited. As he passed by me I whispered how I'd love to play and I went in the booth, leaving the door unlocked as I like to do so guys can cumm in and use me first hand.
The booth was a mess, sticky cumm all over the floor and dripping down from the glory holes,used tissue s**ttered about and a few used condoms on the floor. I put some bills in the video player getting a nice gay gang bang flick on the screen and stripped off my sweats,and slippers, just leaving them on the dirty floor.I sat down lifting my legs up, resting my feet on each side of the video screen, with my throbbing cock in my hand and ass hole open wide to play with.Eyes peered thru the holes at me....one guy wanted to suck me, and the other stuck his big cock thru the hole for what I was there for,servicing cocks.
Suddenly my booths door opened and in walked the cute guy I had whispered to. I had just started to stroke and suck the cock presented to me thru the hole. I smiled as he quickly pulled out his throbbing cock rubbing it on top of my head as I sucked the other.I dropped to my knees on the filthy floor and he folded up the chair to give us more room.I stroked one and sucked the other back and forth loving the taste, size and sight of them.
I was lifted up and bent over so I could suck the glory hole cock as the other started sliding in my ass.My young lover was a master ass fucker, filling my fuck hole deep and leaving it in for a bit, then slowly sliding out not letting his cock head cumm out...then back in deep, making me wiggle my ass like a dirty slut, wanting, needing more, harder, faster, all the while slurping on the cock thru the hole.
The cock in my mouth blew it's load, filling my mouth as my young lover started to pick up the pace, moaning and groaning as he pounded my ass.As I now do I squirted cumm from my sissy cock on the floor while getting fucked, squealing like a lil' bitch. Another Cock popped thru the hole for my mouth and I gobbled it up.My young lover asked where I wanted his cumm, ans as I have been trained said where ever you want. After some strong deep thrusts he groaned and I felt his cock spasm and the warmth of his cock juice filling my slutty fuck hole.
He pulled out of my now juicy, gooey ass and grabbed my head, having me suck and lick his cock clean.I kept stroking the glory hole cock as I eagerly licked my ass juices off his cock. He then said he was done with me, pulled his pants up and left the booth leaving me to the glory hole cock.
I focused on it sucking it to rock hard....then turned and slid my oozing ass on it. This is a great feeling as I control how hard, fast I get fucked.
My booth opened and a older fat guy walked in.He watched me fuck the cock thru the hole for a bit, then smiled and said I looked hot dressed like a sissy and was just what he was looking for. I thanked him as he dropped his pants. He was fat, big belly, hairy, but what struck my eye as I grinded on the cock in my ass,was the big fat cock standing at attention he shoved down my throat making me gag to near puking.He locked the door as he mercilessly thrust his throbbing pole down my throat,with a mixture of cumm and saliva drooling out of my slutty mouth.My ass was on fire, I was dizzy from being throat fucked but loved it!
I felt the Cock in my ass spasm and pull out, spraying it's load all over my back and ass.I then dropped to my knees again to properly suck my fat lover.He grabbed my head and slammed it back and forth on his thick long pole as I tried to open my throat better for him. Two Cocks poked thru the holes and he pulled out of my mouth grabbing my head again leading it to one, then the other to suck,saying I was a dirty lil' cocksucker and to make these two new cocks cumm and drink it down.After much gagging and slobbering I did get them off, with him holding my face for them to cover with hot cumm.He rubbed it all over my face and had me lick his fingers clean.Then he told me to dress and cumm with him, he had plans for me and my sissy ass/cunt.
As I walked out with him people were staring at me and my cumm covered face. I felt humiliated but so excited. I wanted more and this fat man was going to give it to me.He had me leave my car at the ABS and had me get in his ordering me to give him road head on the way to his place.We arrived at his shitty trailer in a trailer park and he grabbed me by the arm leading me inside. It was about as filthy as the ABS booth we were just in. He pushed me down to my knees and stuffed his still rock hard Cock down my gagging throat. I just let him fuck my mouth and throat like the whore I am until he splattered my face with another huge load.He rubbed his cock in the cumm and had me lick it all off which I eagerly did.
After a smoke break where he belittled me as a faggot, sissy, cock sucking anal whore he brought out a huge dildo and a bottle of lube.He bent me over, lubed my ass, and shoved the dildo all the in in making me grimace.Fucking me deep and hard with it he maneuvered around to have me suck him hard. I licked his sweaty balls, asshole, and cock until it swelled to it's glorious size again. He said my sissy cunt was gaping and now his cock should slide right in....which it did nicely. My lil' sissy clit spewed out some more cumm on the floor as he fucked my hole with no mercy. On he went, pounding my ass as I again squealed like the lil' bitch I am until he filled my fuck hole with another big load.
He said he was now done with me and to get out. I went to get my sweats and he said no to leave them, grabbing me and pushing me out the door. I was asking for a ride back as all the lights went out, leaving me there in crotch less panties, fishnets, no slippers,and a lil' lacy pink top.My face and hair were cumm covered, cumm was leaking down my leg from my gaping asshole, and the taste of cock juice was intoxicating in my mouth.I was happy! I was excited about the idea of having to walk a couple of miles back to my car like this....but it was a good thing it was very late in the evening.
As I found my way back to my car, cars would slow behind me as I wiggled my ass down the sidewalk, and then stop. I'd hear the driver call out from the window asking if I needed a ride, then I'd walk up to the passenger door and they'd see I was a sissy, speeding off....except one, when I was nearly back to the ABS. I got in and it was my young lover from earlier in the evening. He laughed and said his Dad called him to go pick me up, that I was a great piece of ass that may need more cock.I was floored that I had been used like a dirty whore by a father / son tag team which made my lil' sissy clit hard, with precumm oozing.
We got to the parking lot and he parked a bit away in a dark spot where he ordered me to suck him off as payment for the ride. Just like his Dad he pushed my head down on his throbbing Cock working it up and down in total control of my gagging, sissy mouth.Soon his cumm splattered my face and he told me he was done with me and to get out. Off I wiggled to my car and drove home with many fond memories and as a cumm covered sissy slut.

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5 months ago
I love going to xrated book stores dressed like a sissy slut and sucking off total strangers I cant stop myself
5 months ago
Great story and while I was never a CD I did enjoy being a slut for older men and in particular at the ABS. Back when I was a boy toi the booths were painted black inside and there were no glory holes. I use to go into the booths, strip naked and just wait because it wouldn't be long before someone would push open the door a little and ask if the movie was okay. I would always invite them in because I knew all they could see was a dark outline of a person standing there. They would come in and it wouldn't take them long to find out I was naked and then the fun would begin.