Me And My Real Life mom


This is actualy not a story but a fact of life- (a biaography){-))
Me and my mom have ben having sex since as long as i can remember...
Im 20+y.o. (something) and my mom is 50+ y.o.
We werent alsways like this ,,, This all stared when I was 15 y.o.
At that time i realy didn;t care about girls, but oticed that my dick would get hard,, at that time we lived alone.. i never seen my dad...
so from that day i saw something strange happed to my mom ... she started dreessing better, (we have our small income) and i saw on the balcny (hanging out to dry) new lingery,panties.. braw..
that was first time i see my mom Bra .. it was Huge (for that time) ...
40% (26/38)
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8 months ago
what a load of badly spelled bullshit. 8 lines long yet still managed to contradict yourself? but then you can't even remember your age 20+ (something) what does that even mean? as long as you can remember and then only two lines later you say it started when you were 15, so you can't remember the first 15yrs of your life?
10 months ago
Damn it all - more
3 years ago
a very short part ..!
4 years ago
interesting but no subtanence
4 years ago
i know right,i see my moms bra everyday and she always leaves me crusty knickers to sniff,tell us more
5 years ago
to short and really didnt say much