The Twins

This is my story about my experience with twins; we were all 16 when this happened, Josh and Ben were identical twins. But Ben had gone through a growth spurt, and was a few inches taller than Josh and looked a bit older. They both had blonde hair and blue eyes with Josh’s hair a bit longer than Ben’s. Ben had come out of the closet to a few friends including me. The two of us were talking one day, just us two, no one else. It was then that he admitted that he thought I was hot, at that time though I had not came out of the closet to anybody, but I did think Ben was hot. When he said it I decided that if he thinks I’m hot and I think he’s hot too, what’s the worst that could happen? I said to him there that I felt the same about him. As soon as I’d said it his eyes lit up and he moved to kiss me, as did I it was only a short kiss, but he was the first boy that I had kissed, and I was his first too. He told me that he didn’t want anyone to know about us, that was OK as neither did I. That was all that happened that time as he had to leave for something or another.

A few days later he invited me to go to the cinema with him, the cinema was pretty empty and we got seats at the back away from everyone, (there was only a few other people in the cinema at that time). About twenty minutes into the film he started kissing me, properly this time, tongues and all. We made out for ages, then all of a sudden he shoved his hand up my shirt, rubbed my chest then down my pants, and started playing with my cock, I then did the same. Neither of us came during the film, we went back to my house and then to my room, my patents weren’t in at that time so we could do stuff. I suggested that we finish what we started at the cinema, he agreed, and we stripped off, it was the first time I’d seen his cock, even though he was still soft but it got me hard, and as I took my boxers off he got hard too. We soon started to jerk each other off; we both came about the same time, and both came buckets.
A few weeks later Ben’s parents were out of town for a few days so he invited me over to stay at his house, at first I thought it would be a chance to go further with him but then I found out that Josh would be there, still, I was friendly with Josh as well so it would not be too bad. About nine at night Ben went to the shop down the street a bit, leaving just me and Josh, Ben hadn’t been gone one minute when Josh asked me for some advice; I agreed to do my best, he seemed really nervous at that time, but he eventually came out of the closet to me and asked how and if he should tell Ben. I had no idea why he asked me as Ben was the only one who knew I was gay, and had agreed not to tell anyone, I wasn’t sure if I should tell Josh, as I’d promised Ben not to tell anyone, but he was his b*****r. I thought about it for a while and eventually said that he’d be better to just come out and not beat around the bush. When I asked him why he’d asked me, he said because he thought I was hot. All that went through my head at that time was, “Two hot twins, both gay, both think I’m hot this is a fucking dream come true!” Just then Ben came back from the shop, set the bag of stuff on the coffee table in the middle of the living room, and sat down. He then asked if he’d missed anything, in reference to the program we were watching.

That’s when Josh said, “Yep, I’m gay”, I’d told him to be blunt but not that blunt, all Ben was able to say was, “Um.. OK” and just sat there speechless for a few moments, Josh broke the silence by saying “You’re not going to kill me are you?” Ben replied “No, just that came as a bit of a shock.” He looked over to me and then back to Josh and back to me and said “Should I tell him?” I just nodded, and Ben began to explain to Josh. Josh was sitting on the same sofa as me, and as soon as Ben had finished, Josh turned to me and asked “So, if you think Ben is hot, then you must think I’m hot as well then?” I told him yes and the lent over and kissed me on the cheek. Then Ben came over and sat down beside me, with Josh on my other side. Ben said to Josh “He’s mine” smiled at him and then kissed me with tongues, it felt weird being watched as we kissed, when he stopped, Josh said “Aww, can’t we share?” Ben then said “You ok with that, Jamie?” “Why not?” I replied, as soon as I said that Josh threw his arms round me and kissed me on the cheek. We must have sat there and talked for about three or four hours, and of course the topic of sex did come up as did the suggestion of a threesome. It was Ben who brought it up; of course I was hoping one of them did, as I didn’t know what their response would be to it. Josh wasn’t as enthusiastic as either Ben or I, but he said that he’d think about it. After that the conversations turned to what we could do together, sexually of course, Josh suggested that we play strip poker. We all agreed and, me being crap at poker was the first to be completely naked, at that time Josh had only his boxers left and Ben had boxers and a t-shirt, Ben was next to get naked and then we both persuaded Josh to strip too. That was the first time I’d seen Josh’s cock, and naturally we were all hard, the one thing I noticed was that his cock looked pretty much identical to ben’s, but they were identical twins so what could I expect? Theirs were a little shorter than me but only by about half an inch. When Josh stood up and took his boxers off he asked “So, what do you think?” I looked him up and down and quickly replied “Nice!” After that he sat down really close beside me, to the point that he was touching me, he put his arm round my neck and kissed me. I’m not sure why, but when Josh kissed me it felt better than when Ben did. After Josh had been kissing me for a bit I started rubbing his cock and slowly started jerking him off, he quickly did the same, not long after Josh started I felt another hand on my cock, and then felt Ben sit down beside us.

That’s when I stopped kissing Josh to say that we need something we could do together, the best we could come up with was that Ben sucked me while I sucked Josh, Josh didn’t like the idea of sucking Ben, but did like the idea of sitting there not doing anything. So that’s what we did, it was a little awkward to start off with as none of us had ever sucked a cock before, we just kind of licked the tips but eventually managed to start sucking, Ben was quite good as he could almost deep throat me, but I couldn’t control my gag reflex that well, so I didn’t risk trying to put Josh’s cock too far down my throat. Just as I’m about to come Josh lets out a moan and I pull his cock out of my mouth just as he comes, with most of his jizz landing on my face. I came soon after Josh, but didn’t really moan and came in Ben’s mouth; he swallows a little but spits most of it out. We all get cleaned up and Josh and I get halfway dressed again. Ben was still quite horny so I agree to jerk him off, I managed to get Josh to do a bit, and he started to enjoy it, when Ben did come it was mostly over Josh with most going on his chest and arm, as he was only wearing boxers at the time. After Josh and Ben got cleaned up we decided to go to bed as it was getting late, they had a spare room with a double bed in it so we decided to all sl**p in it that night, in just out boxers. Nothing happened that night apart from a little hugging and me waking up to feel Ben pressing against my ass with his cock.

I have more stories about us three if you'd like to hear them...
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2 years ago
I would love to read more of the twins!!!
3 years ago
Really hot story. Would love to read more aboout you and the twins. Thanks for posting
3 years ago
Really fun story..very nice
3 years ago
HOT story! Would love to read more.
3 years ago
lets hear what he did with his cock at your ass