Head Games

You walk up to our house and knock at the door. I say "come in" and when you open the door to enter, I am naked. After greetings, I lead you upstairs and you kick off your shoes and lay on the bed fully clothed. I start with your mouth- passionately kissing, with our tongues darting in and out and gently nibbling on each other's lips.
You reach to fondle and caress my breasts through my shirt but I won't let you touch me. Then I begin kissing. licking, and caressing with my mouth along your strong jaw line. I can barely contain myself! I kiss down the side of your face to your neck and nibble and lick your neck. I still won't let you touch me.
I caress my way down to your shoulders, down your chest and to your belt line. I can hear your breathing becoming faster the more I massage and feel your chest, approaching your belt. You begin to talk but I just whisper, "Shhhhhhhhh- this first."
I start unbuttoning your first shirt button, and notice just how wet I have become; so wet that when I shift my legs I hear slight squishing noises coming from my puss. I want you to touch me so badly! I want your fingers feeling my juices, your hands cupping my breasts and your tongue in my mouth, but I wait.
After unbuttoning your shirt down to your belt I run my tongue along your bare skin. I nibble, lick, and kiss my way up and down your chest moving in slow circles until I reach your waist. You are shuddering with anticipation and I am so wet my juice runs down the insides of my puss the way cum will the morning after a night of fucking. I dip my fingers into my puss and put them to your lips so you can smell the muskiness and taste the sweetness. I return to your pants.
I softly place the palm of my hand over the obvious bulge in the front of your cords, and feel your cock and the rod it has become through your pants. I gently squeeze your shaft with my whole palm and then just pump the head in my fingers. I can't wait anymore; I must experience this magnificent cock's naked flesh! I slowly and carefully unzip your pants and your erection springs free!!! It is truly glorious!!
I bury my face in your crotch. I smell your heady fragrance and feel the soft downy of your hair. I lightly run my tongue over the head, of your cock, paying attention to your spot of extra sensitive flesh just under the plump top. You begin to moan and sigh which encourages me even more. My puss is throbbing and twitching and I'm going out of my mind with desire as I swirl my tongue around your cock and lick up and down the sides.
Finally the moment that I have been leading up to has arrived; I slowly push the head of your cock against my closed lips and lower my mouth down, surrounding your shaft with warmth and wet. I begin to moan almost as loudly as you. You scoot over to the middle of the bed so I may lay down while all my attention is focused on your beautiful column. My GOD I am dizzy with desire!
I continue to slowly push my mouth over your cock until your balls are on my chin. I hold there for a few seconds before I slowly lift my head up, swirling my tongue as I lift. I repeat this motion a dozen times, slightly more rapid than the previous time. I begin to fondle and squeeze your balls, while mouth- fucking your cock. I begin to lightly run my finger along the ridge from your balls to your anus, and then suck your balls into my mouth.
I return to your mouth so that you are able to experience what I am tasting. I finally let you fondle my breasts and you lick and suck on my nipples. You comment on how absolutely drenched I am as you, at last!!, push your fingers into my puss. I catch my breath with pleasure! I am so overcome with desire and excitement that I almost don't know what to do next!!
You ask me to lay on my back and you climb over me so that your rod is in my face and you are able to lick my juices. You flick my clit with your warm tongue while I suck on your solid cock. We are both moaning and breathing rapidly. Your tongue is driving me wild. Just as I am about to climax, you stop!!
You swing around and we kiss with all of our juices and smells combining in a wonderment of sensuous assaults! You begin to slowly circle a finger around my clit and then use your thumb. I feel the slow, sweet build throughout my body, and we continue to kiss. You slowly work my clit into a nub of sensitivity and at last I feel wave after wave running through my legs, my back, my arms and up to my head. I am just barely able to catch my breath as I continue to feel wave after wave of pleasure course through my body, while we continue to deeply kiss.
I just catch my breath before returning to you. I go back down on your ready-to-explode cock and begin to suck and mouth it again. You are totally vocal at this point and withholding nothing. I continue to suck and mouth, as I feel your body beginning to tense- you begin to push my head down so your cock is totally swallowed by my throat like it was a pussy! You pump a few more times, I hear a groan coming from you that seems almost primordial, and I feel pulse after pulse after pulse of your hot, sweet, sticky cum shoot into my mouth and down the back of my throat. I continue to swallow and treasure each gob as it comes pulsing out of your cock. You came so much that I was unable to hold it all, so then I had to gently and thoroughly lick all spilled cum clean from your balls and the base of your shaft.

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