Taming a COUGAR (part 1)

I've always had a thing for older women and being in my mid twenties I'm well served by a large target market, so to speak. Whilst I have a girlfriend of my own age I still seek the sexual company of beautiful experienced women who are in their late 30's and early 40’s. Let's face it these women are generally married and as such aren't looking for a life partner, they know what they want in life and certainly in terms of the women I seduce they are generally financially well taken care of which means I have to provide nothing more than a hard cock and stamina their husbands no longer possess. There’s a very good reason these women are called Cougars, they have a voracious sexual appetite and efficiently dispose of a hundred “hopefuls’ until they find the prey that suits their needs. All of this suits me fine as I’m looking for pussy and nothing more.

It is with is this background that I now recount some of my experiences with the gorgeous woman I’m currently fucking. I met her online at a site called ‘Red Hot Pie’ and after a number of emails and sms’s she asked that I meet her in the city at a bar of my choosing, the only stipulation being that it was a ‘nice’ venue. Given I work in the city it was an easy task and I chose Siana as it’s always busy of a Friday after work, has a great atmosphere and afforded me the opportunity to have a good mate of mine check out my ‘date’. For the sake of her privacy and as Brisbane is not a huge city I’ll call her ‘Jennifer’. The Friday rolled around and I made my way to Siana with a degree of trepidation as the photo’s of this woman on the site were pretty breathtaking but from experience I also know that the pictures don’t always reflect reality. She was already there when I arrived and the photo’s didn’t lie, she was absolutely gorgeous! Long blonde hair, tall, slim but with large tits which were very evident in a tight fitting but sophisticated dress. She was chatting with a couple of guys who were clearly hoping to fuck her after a few drinks. I’m sure I was smiling somewhat smugly to myself as I made my way over to where she was standing, I put my hand on the small of her back and said “Hi Jennifer, it’s really nice to see you” and apologised to the would be ‘fuckers’ who were clearly unimpressed with my arrival. Jennifer excused herself from the guys and we made our way to a table, I ordered drinks and we exchanged some initial pleasantries. With our drinks now in our hands Jennifer got down to business and asked a number of quite direct questions about my sexual history and what I my impression of a purely sexual relationship was. She was and for that matter is captivatingly beautiful and sophisticated, she’s well educated and has a softness to her personality which I find very alluring and after perhaps 20 minutes of chat I want her badly. I order a couple more drinks and the conversation flows easily from one subject to another. She’s quite tactile and there is a lot of touching as we chat, if only she knew I was by this time sporting a huge hard on and wanted to take her to bed immediately, however that would have to wait as she’s arranged to meet some friends in the city and my ‘interview’ has come to an all too soon close. We kiss and part with the promise that she’ll email me to advise if I ‘have the job’. Once she's left my mate and I join up and he's got a smile ear to ear "Fuck mate she's hot, you've got no chance". We discuss her and the conversation and both agree it seems to have gone pretty well. We've double teamed some sluts in the past and plan to do the same with Jennifer if the chance ever arises.

The following day I receive an email from her asking when I might be free to go to her house, I respond that I can make time the following week and we arrange a date and time. As she is married and has c***dren she only fucks other people during the day and so I have to take time away from work in order to be with her, I expect she’ll be worth it so I have no hesitation in that respect.

I arrive at her large house and make my way to the door, I knock and before long Jennifer appears looking sexy in tight jeans a pair of black heels and a loose top. We make our way to her formal lounge room and chat over a drink before she leans in and kisses me, slowly at first but our tongues are soon in each other’s mouths and my hands quickly discover she’s not wearing a bra. Her tits are large and firm, fake as it turns out but I don’t care one little bit. Jennifer has a tight well looked after body despite having had two c***dren. Her skin is soft and supple and nicely tanned. She unzips my pants and is pumping my rock hard cock in no time at all. She leads me to a bedroom and we hungrily undress each other. Now naked and on the bed she straddles my face and in one easy motion swallows my cock, I pull the swollen lips of her pussy apart and lick her wet gash. She’s moaning and I take the opportunity to rub her anus with my index finger, applying more pressure bit by bit before my finger slips effortlessly in to her velvet arsehole. I know I can’t last too much longer before I cum and fear I’m going to blow in her mouth when she says “lick my arse baby, oh my god”, I do as I’m told and at the same time start to fuck her pretty face. I can taste the acidity of her puckered hole and I know that by now my pre cum is in her mouth. She knows how to suck cock and holds my dick at the back of her throat for a few seconds before releasing and pumping her head up and down a few times and repeating the process. I expect Jennifer can feel that she’s about to get a mouthful and says “cum on my tits”, she quickly rolls off and I pump a load all over her big tits. She however hasn’t cum and still has that ‘fuck the shit out of me’ look in her eyes but I’m spent and my raging hard on is now rapidly deflating. If I want a return visit I figure I’d better get her off soon so I roughly push her legs apart and aggressively start eating her cunt. She immediately goes wild, gyrating and arching her back which makes it near on impossible for me to eat her gash. I think that the quickest way to make her cum is to finger fuck her cunt and arsehole at the same time so I re adjust my position, slip two fingers her pussy and ease the other two up her arse. I start pumping her roughly and within seconds she cums in a shuddering and noisy orgasm. It was probably the hottest sex I’ve had without actually having my cock in a cunt. Jen looks happy with her big tits still covered in my semen. We kiss a bit but it’s pretty obvious that she’s done with me and it’s probably time for me to have a shower, get dressed and go. The Cougar has had her prey.

Before leaving she suggests that she’d like to see me weekly and thought that this was a really great start, “let’s see how much hotter it can be next time if you can control yourself long enough to fuck me” she says with a sexy smile. I leave spent but very satisfied, she was amazing and I have lots of ideas in mind to change the power dynamic and use her for my pleasure and share her with a mate or two.

Much more to come...

95% (9/1)
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