I lay in bed tonight longing for my upcoming date with Spencer. I think about how wonderful the night could be with him. I hate to jinx myself because whenever I want something great to happen it falls through.

Spencer is a 24 year old, law student in Chicago. He and I met through mutual friends at a party several weeks ago. We called each other and have texted periodically. I found that we have similar interests and senses of humor, but we both can acknowledge our insecurities.

Although I saw him only once at the party, I remember his confident demeanor, his loving blue eyes and dark curly hair. He showed genuine interest in who I was and remembers details in the weeks since when we talked on the phone. He wasn’t flashy, just down to earth.

I look forward to him taking me to my favorite Italian restaurant and being able to enjoy a glass of wine and share a face to face conversation in an intimate setting. I already know what I will order- the Portobello mushroom three cheese ravioli. I may know what I’ll order but I don’t what I’ll wear.

After dinner, we can stroll back to the bar and enjoy an espresso and spumante ice cream. After that comes, playtime.

I’ll invite him back to my place. I’ll have scented candles in the room and light them when we arrive to set the mood. I’ll put on some light music and offer up some wine to relax his nerves.

After some small talk, I slip off his shoes and socks and kneel in front of him as he sits on the couch. I start by rubbing his hands; his strong and large hands feel wonderful in mine. I run my fingers down his palm and fingers and solicit a smile. Next I massage his feet, toes and calfs. Mixing firm techniques with gentle rubs. The touching strengthens our intimacy and relaxes Spencer.

I stand up and position myself behind him as he remains on the couch. He is turned sideways so I can rub his head, neck and back. He tells me how good it feels as I massage his neck and shoulder muscles. I tell him in order to be most effective, I need his V neck sweater and undershirt off, so I can make full contact with his skin.

He reveals a nice athletic body; a body that he has taken some pride in. He is well proportioned and not overly muscle bound. I lean forward and press my face against his bare back; I breathe in deep and breathe in his fragrance. I smile, sigh longingly, and wrap my arms around his mid section. He turns his head to the right and tries to kiss me. I reposition myself to kiss him fully.

We reposition again and he lays flat on the couch and I lay atop him. It feels wonderful and I feel his aroused penis in his pants- even more wonderful. As I lay on him I reach down and squeeze his unit through his jeans. He laughs it off with, ‘what are you doing?’ I sheepishly reply ‘is this for me?’ I kiss on his chest and abdomen and admire his body. Working my way down, I pull off his pants and shorts in one motion and his manhood is revealed. His circumcised penis is fully aroused and front and center. I can’t resist pulling myself toward him and beginning to stroke his shaft before I warp my mouth around it. Spencer shows no resistance as he gently plays with my hair. I mouth his cock momentarily before I lick his shaft and stroke his testicles. I look up and my eyes meet Spencer’s, his eyes tell me he approves and is enjoying this. I masturbate him for a few minutes with interludes of licks and sessions of wrapping my lips around the head of his ample cock.

Spencer draws me up from my position and we stand in front of each other. It is now my turn as he turns his attention to me. I help him pull off my shirt and slide off my pants. Not wanting to rush things, I stay in my bra and panties. He kisses my cleavage and grabs my ass as he pulls us together. The warmth and firmness of his body feels good against my nearly naked body. He steps back and admires my body with a compliment.

We kiss with our arms wrapped around each other. His penis is still fully aroused and I fantasize about how wonderful it will feel inside me. He unfastens my bra which reveals to him for the first time my 34B perky breasts. Gently he takes each breast, licking, kissing, sucking and squeezing them. His tongue darts across my left nipple in such a way that it becomes erect. His hands are now entering my panties which he eases down slightly.

He rubs his strong hands on my bare ass and squeezes my cheeks lovingly. It is his turn to lay me down on the couch and he smoothly pulls off my panties. I am not the least disappointed by his actions. He comments on my nicely trimmed bush and firm legs. I move my legs slightly apart to offer an opening for Spencer to dive into; he seizes the opportunity and begins kissing on my inner thigh. He moves my left leg further apart and masterfully licks my pussy as his fingers open my lips. He stops momentarily to comment on how wet my pussy is. I tell him it is all because of him and it is all for him.

He licks my clitoris, kisses my thighs and caresses my legs. Rubbing my hands on his head, I manipulate him into my most advantageous position. His darting tongue leaves me moaning and I begin u*********sly to rock my hips slightly. He looks up at me and he sees my look of pleasure. The pleasure is pure and wonderful. His tongue has found the spot as he uses the fingers on his left hand to spread my pussy lips apart and I feel one of his fingers now slide easily into my tight, but moist pussy. I let out a loud moan and rock harder. The pleasure is too much, I gasp and moan and gasp and grab my breasts as I climax amidst his arousals.

We look at each other and smile. “That was wonderful,” I say as I brush my hair from my face. I slide onto the floor and entice Spencer to join me. His penis is still rock hard as I maneuver it into my pussy. Despite his girth, he penetrates me with ease and begins to make love to me in the missionary position. We embrace and kiss as he slowly but methodical makes love. He kisses on my neck and on my breasts while pushing his love muscle into and out of my vagina. After a minute or so, he lifts my left leg up and continues to rhymatically thrust and the sensations of vaginal intercourse start to flow even stronger.

Knowing that he wants more, I suggest that he turn over and I will get on top. He is an easy sell and we assume the new position. I’m now in control and facing him. I straddle his manhood and slowly lower myself onto it. I feel every inch as it slides almost frictionlessly, but extremely pleasurably into me. He smiles and let’s out a sound of pleasure. I gyrate like a top on him as we match the motion and thrusts of each other. I am like a jockey in a race who is riding her stallion to the finish line. He lifts up his mid-section as I increase my ferocity. In my need for speed, I suffer a dismount as his engorged penis slips out. We laugh about it.

Spencer suggests that I get on my knees so he can penetrate me from behind. The brief hiatus from intercourse does nothing to stop our passion for the act. He quickly manipulates his cock into my eager pussy and he starts an inspired and loving rhythm of thrusts. He lovingly slaps my ass and tells me how cute it all is. He is so attentive.

His thrusts are faster and deeper and more sensual to me, especially as he reaches around with his hand to rub my clitoris. Once again he has hit the spot, the touching of my clitoris, the deep penetration of my pussy are enough to send me over the top again. I close my eyes and feel every sensation as my muscles tighten on his meat and I moan loudly through the orgasm.

I reach back with my right hand and touch his testicles which are still large and full and tender. Spencer twitches mildly as I rub his sack. I can tell ejaculation is only moments away. Quickly I pull away and turn over, repositioning myself back to missionary position with him in front of me. He reenters me and begins his lovemaking anew, I lift my left leg and his face lights up. I encourage him to let go and pleasure himself. He pulls out quickly and masturbates his throbbing penis and lets loose with gobs of cum which flies along the length of my body. His warm love juices land on my breasts and my stomach. He strokes himself a few more times and he f***es the last of his love juice from his cock and onto my pubes.

He lies down beside me; we laugh, smile, kiss, and embrace. Our sweaty bodies intertwined with love. That was so wonderful and well deserved. We fall asl**p there.

There is no pressure on Spencer. If he is half as good as this, I will be satisfied.

The preceding story is erotic fantasy. The places and people in this story are not intended to reflect actual places or anyone living or dead and any resemblance to anyone or any event is purely coincidental. Just enjoy.

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1 year ago
Finest Kind. And, of course, names have been changed to protect the in... nocent? I hope it WAS half as wonderful as you imagined! I think you deserve wonderful, and many, many of them!
1 year ago
very good
1 year ago
I love how you reach back and touch him after he comes -- mmmmm
1 year ago
Beautiful ! So intensely erotic and wonderfully written ! One of the best I have EVER read. Thank you. KHLO
1 year ago
Very well written. I will be looking for more! Thanks for sharing
1 year ago
Great story. Playgirl should hire your form literotica section!!
1 year ago
You can call me Spencer any time....or anything else for that matter. Lovely story, very well written and more importantly....very arousing.

Encore, encore.

xoxo from Canada
1 year ago
nice story.x